Who is Kristen Welker?

Kristen is a half black, half white Jewish-American, and the only child born to Harvey and Julie Welker on July 1, 1976, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, coming into the world just in time for the bicentennial.

Her father is Harvey Welker, who originally hails from Mansfield, Ohio. He went to Ivy league Dartmouth University, where he played football and got a degree in engineering and is now working for Icarus Consulting.

Her mother Julie is a Philadelphia real estate agent. The Welkers were major donors to Emily’s List, a pro-Choice women-centric Democratic political action committee (PAC), and the Obama Campaign. In the latest election, her parents are strong Biden-Harris supporters.

Kristen and John were married in a traditional Jewish ceremony.

Kristen graduated from another Ivy League institution, this time the Boston Harvard University in 1998 with a history degree. She soon turned to TV reporting in California and then Rhode Island before returning to Philadelphia to work for the NBC station there. Eventually she graduated to NBC’s national reporting crew, becoming a White House correspondent and then co-anchor of “Weekend Today.”

Kristen married John Hughes, whom she met on a blind date, on March 4, 2017, at the Hyatt at the Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia. The New York Times reported their wedding program included the crossword puzzle Hughes had made for Welker on their second date. Their first dance was to the evocatively romantic “At Last” by Etta James.

Mapping Kristen

Her ascendant is 20 Sagittarius 55 getting the keyword of Presentation, who is good at “analyzing people and their motives” (Neptune in its ruling house of the twelfth helps here) and is typically “well-connected.” Sagittarius 21 was also the ascendant for Japanese Emperor Hirohito and King George of Great Britain.

It is also near the Galactic Center, and this aspect encourages her career ambition, setting up a grand trine in fire created by theoretical points like the Galactic Center and the Black Moon but culminating in the all too real planet of aggressive Mars in the eighth.

Her Jupiter handle to her bucket is inconjunct her ascendant and sextile her Venus, she is a charming woman comfortable around wealthy people (Jupiter in Taurus). The head to her yod is 21 Gemini, that is also her descendant, and is where the fixed star Capella and Bellatrix reside.

Strange Bedfellows

Capella has the nature of Mars and Mercury, mixing the inquisitiveness of Mercury with the stature of Mars and makes their life easier their life easy particularly because Neptune is nearby. Bellatrix is more belligerent and less temperament but suggests that Kristen trusts to luck that things will turn out just right for her because for the most part they always have.

But who knows what the stars hold? In the meantime, her star is certainly rising. something even President commented on (see his ascendant next to her Saturn in the first house). He congratulated her as being the fairest moderator, and since that Saturn is opposite her preponderance in the seventh begetting a T-Square at her part of fortune (27 Taurus 28) with the fixed star Alcyone nearby, Kristen’s career is certainly looking brilliant.

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