Charlie Watts, the Rolling Stone drummer

The Rolling Stones’ website eponymous website, not a single word of his demise, just a full-screen photo of Charlie Watts in a pea coat, wedding band and smirk. Charlie Watts was a class act. This August, Watts age 80, said he would not join Rolling Stones for their 2021 “No Filter Tour,”  a 13-date tour begins September 26th in St. Louis and wraps November 20th, right before Thanksgiving,  in Austin; but within the month Charlie was gone.

While not specified, the Watts’ spokesperson announced the drummer had undergone a successful medical procedure, but the drummer he needed time from which to recover.

Rock legend, singer, songwriter and former bassist for the Beatles, Paul McCartney OBE, said he knew Watts was sick, “but didn’t know he was this ill.”

“Condolences to ‘the Stones’ this is a huge blow to them because Charlie was a rock, and fantastic drummer. Love you Charlie. I always loved you… and great condolences and sympathies to his family.”

Sir Paul McCartney said in an Instagram post

Several more musicians offered their condolences on social media, from Axl Rose of Guns and Roses and Gene Simmons of Kiss to Elton John OBE and Billy Idol but there are no quotes, condolences from the Band.  No matter, for neither rhythm nor reason 1 from John Skelton, 1520, who in the 1520s wrote that ‘For reason can I none find/ or good rhyme in your matter.’ Borrowed by Wm Shakespeare many a time. can probably understand their loss.

The son of a lorry driver did not drive.

His father was a lorry (truck) driver and, while he collected many expensive cars, he never had a licence.  It is a striking note, though of course on his private track at home he could have driven them, but then based on his comment they “were beautiful things” we do not know for sure he did. 

Charlie gets from Celestiology the ascendant of 21 Taurus,  the same as Bob Dylan’s Mercury, showing how one many could speak rhythm the other felt and played it.  Another rhythm connect is his Neptune at 24 Virgo 54 Retrograde a degree and half away from AC/DCs Malcolm Young’s Moon.

                                          Loyal to the end

Charles Robert Watts was born in Bloomsbury, in the West End of London on June 2, 1941. He is a bucket with a Mars handle.  Marc Jones, who fashioned himself a cabalist, never used either the midheaven or ascendant for his temperament types, but if he had Charlie would get a Grand Trine in Earth and become a Splay.

  He married Shirley Ann Shepherd on October 11, 1964 and incredibly was still married to her 56 years later when he died on August 24, 2021 in his native London (Jagger, Wood and Richards all have emigrated to NYC) after surgery. They had one daughter, Serafina, who gave them their one granddaughter, Charlotte.

Our condolences to his family and friends, of whom Charlie had many.



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    from John Skelton, 1520, who in the 1520s wrote that ‘For reason can I none find/ or good rhyme in your matter.’ Borrowed by Wm Shakespeare many a time.

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