According to Britannica, John Dillinger was born

John Dillinger, in full John Herbert Dillinger (born June 28, 1902, or June 22, 1903, Indianapolis, Ind., U.S.—died July 22, 1934, Chicago, Ill.), most famous of all U.S. bank robbers, whose short career of robberies and escapes from June 1933 to July 1934 won media headlines.

Conflicting dates do muddy the waters, but  Astrotheme’s 03 Leo Ascendant is no more a help than E.C. Chamber’s 01 Aquarius.  Seems Mr. Dillinger is as elusive as ever escaping capture.  While we have four possibilities for our notorious gunmen, naturally, only one is right.


We agree with Mr. Chamber’s analysis that he is cold-blooded towards others, though not to family.  We are relying heavily on three sources:’s report of Mr Dillinger, Encyclopaedia Britannica and clips from the New York Times.

Rectification can be akin to detective work.

First Chart:  June 22, 1903, Indianapolis

dillinger 1.jpg
Dillinger #1 Astrotheme

I am going to break down the four charts by number.  Looking at Dillinger #1 we have 04 Leo Ascendant and Venus in the First house.  Typically, when Venus is situated there, it bestows a well put together body — athletic and graceful.  This works for JD because of his athletic prowess jumping over police cars, department store stiles and climbing ladders like a cat.

Opposite Venus is Saturn in the Seventh House of Aquarius, that is its ruler.  This would give him good mechanical ability.  His Midheaven in Aries would tell us he wanted to be the best in his career and  proud to be Public Enemy #1.

There is a problem right there.  Public enemy was something that J. Edgar Hoover created for his FBI, to make his nascent agency important.  Dillinger, from his letters to his father, claims he never understood his importance & was unhappy with it.  Of course, that could be that he was always in the limelight and this Leo ascendant  was frustrated by that, but it may have also irked his Pluto in the Twelfth House.

That raises another problem,  the amount of planets in the Twelfth House, a sector of large institutions, imprisonment and self-undoing.  This is sticky because JD was not in a prison for long when he craftily turned a spoon into a gun and escaped.  The self-undoing works if we think that his date with the Lady in Red was stupid mistake i.e. trusting her at all and under the circumstances you have to wonder about his poor judgement,  but he has no square to emphasise that in this chart so here we would have to rule that out — we would be reading too much into the chart with not enough supporting evidence.

Verdict:  possible with questions.

                                      Same Day, Different Time via E.C. Chambers dillinger 2.jpg

This is the E. C. Chambers chart at 01 Aquarius. Nothing is opposite his ascendant  — Venus is too far away. The Midheaven is now crafty Scorpio and Mars is in the Eighth House in Libra a sextile away but it does suggest a violent death.

Uranus is in the Eleventh House, telling us he had a rather poor set of friends that he ran into and that he was atypically portraying to the public.  Those two ideas work for PE (Public Enemy) #1.  In this chart, he remains a see-saw and the emphasis, the sign qualities, have the same setup 5-Air, 5 Common but a change in Neptune occurs:  in JD#2 Neptune is in the House of Recreation, in JD#1 Neptune is the House of Imagination.

Newly discovered Pluto is in Gemini on the Fifth House Cusp telling us that going out for recreation is a mistake, he should work harder.  This gets emphasis from a trine to Mars, its fellow Lord of  Scorpio.

Verdict:  As JD was captured and killed while going to a movie parlor, JD#2 is a better fit than JD#1.  JD#2  has supplanted JD#1 as the front runner.

JD#3 Same time different date:  June 28th via Britannica dillinger 3.jpg

June 28th while almost a week later looks similar to JD#2 except that Jupiter is in the first house.  That is problematic as Jupiter would give him a lucky life and he has neither oppositions nor squares to harden it.

Verdict:  Impossible.  JD was not a fortunate fellow.  JD#3 is out.

JD#4            Same day, different time:  7:05 June 28dillinger 4.jpg

Uranus is now in the Fifth House of crafty ingenuity and Neptune in the Twelfth again next to the Sun.  I suppose if he was a fantasy writer this would work, but not for a bank robber.  The Eighth House has Jupiter calling for a peaceful death and Mars in the Third, violent in his family.  His ascendant in Leo is aspected by nothing — Venus and the Moon are out of the orb — too far away and if none of that convinced you, Mercury in the Eleventh conjunct newly found Pluto would give him some sort of acclaim.

Verdict:  June 28th is impossible.

Round UP

I would go with E. C. Chambers for Dillinger’s chart, JD#2,  but of course YMMV.  Either way, send in a note and let us know where you disagree.  Thanks.  Another clue, that I did not think of earlier was Find A Grave. His father naturally wrote the correct date there:  June 22nd —  it seems we agree 🙂

From the New York Times:

Dillingers Letter To His Father

John Dillinger Body

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