A direct descendant of Antonio Canova, the neo-romantic sculptor, who was famous for his Three Graces the English critic John Russell praised as being the epitome of beauty. That’s a a good joke for a gal who made a fortune looking ugly — I doubt great grandpapa would have approved. But her Sabian ascendant suggests she definitely learned a thing or two from him because it is ” a sculptor at work in his studio and under his skilled hands a lovely form takes shape, ” suggesting the ability of a woman to learn an eternal mark on the tablets of time; negatively reminding us that our pretentions could be too ambitious.

In Jones 1000, they have Jacksonville, but it’s really Starke, which seems to be a small town outside of Jax so the difference is minor. Born on November 20, 1916 she was the youngest of three children, all whom their mother pushed to go into show business. I’ve rectified her to 27 Scorpio, placing her ascendant right in the middle of her Sun and Mercury with plastic Sagittarius in her first house showing her ability to mimic all she heard — Jones did not have a time. Seems to have been a talented but difficult lady. Nevertheless she was married four times and that’s not counting the engagement to ventriloquist Edgar Bergen that Charlie broke up.

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Uranus is her guide

Her unaspected uranus in the third house gives her a genius for her a highly unconventional, brand of comedy; her nickname was Judy of the Ozarks. She got herself two awards, the Moon in the twelfth house shows her career would be varied, and it was. Her first award was for her screwball, slapstick comedy, Saturn in Leo is exalted and gave a lending hand, and it would seem Lucille Ball learnt alot from Canova. Her other award was her years on radio, that Uranus highlights, on the Rudy Vallee Show. But that kooky planet also made her career go in leaps and bounds and by the 50’s it was over–just when Ball’s took off. Still thanks to Neptune, semi-sextile Pluto, she got a nearly a forty year run, Pluto quarters the Neptune 165 year cycle.

Jupiter in the fifth in Aries no less, gave her a breezy and optimistic flare; she was a natural entertainer. The opposition to Venus was her secret her both in its rulership in Libra and accidentally exalted in eleventh house! While she didn’t mind looking ugly, or playing the fool to get a laugh, she was really multitalented and good-looking.

Her Moon in Virgo accidentally in its detriment suggests while popular she was uncomfortable in Hollywood who probably looked askance at her success — the elitist view that Canova played to the crowd. Mercury is in its accidental detriment in the twelfth suggesting she had to conform to the Studios rules and was not particularly happy about that and next to her ascendant this was very chaffing to her, the Sun completing this triad. This is probably why she had to go with smaller studios instead of the big MGM and Paramount megahouses. Of course this fed back to her sextile Moon in Virgo where the MGM/Paramount stars snubbed her and why she felt out of sorts with them.

Top the Heap, so what went wrong?

Judy Canova a blast from the past that most have neve heard from was a real trailblazer in 30's Hollywood.  Read this and find out why.
With a lot of planetary water planets in water signs, Judy’s earthly comedy was cathartic for her fans. She allowed them to laugh at themselves, secretively in a movie house. Thus in the thirties this was raucous good humour, as everything in water had progressed to mutable fire. By the fifties though, ; the progressions were now in elitist cardinal earth, are people were disowning low brow comedy and wanted something more ennobling like drama, at least at the box-office, or it could be as simple as she was getting old and the young Judy ingenue role stale. Probably it was bit of a both.

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