The First Film Sherlock

Clive Brook, a popular British actor, the first to play Sherlock Holmes on film. His bearing and elocution set the stage for the popular Basil Rathbone, and even the later, much later, Benedict Cumberbatch. Thatmakes sense as his chart has an incredible preponderance of Gemini spanning the whole of the tenth house, perhaps highlighting both his sardonic wit and acting career. This air preponderance suggests he was very communicative, enjoyed feedback, and probably read all his critical reviews. because he was interested in the ideas of people as they concerned him and his career. An air bias would be a good choice for the intellectual Holmes.

He studied at Dulwich College, one of the many public English schools for boys and then elocution, his accent is impeccable, at a technical school — his family ran into fiscal problems and he could not go to University and then of course there was the First World War that interrupted many man’s career. Still, he did rather well as he was one of the more highly paid actors at the time.

He was born June 1 1887, London. The Chart is based on that from Marc Jones in the Sabian Symbols; the year was changed to 1887 from the 1891 specified there.

A Western Bowl

Clive is a Western Based bowl suggesting his success was owed to his own merits aka the connection he made via school and circumstance. His chart is deviated between north and south showing he kept them separate. That makes sense as when his children’s lives were threatened after the Lindbergh case, he moved back to London with nary a look back. His ascendant, 07 Virgo 56 from the Hyperion Symbols is “trees in the distance near a church” showing how he was open to all possibilities in life and had an expanded awareness of them — which in turn fits his resume. McClung writes this is the “forerunner of what is in his field of attention gives him presage of what is to come.”

Clive’s Departments

  • His line of Vitality is trine.
  • Clive’s line of efficiency from Venus to Mars is absent showing that he gave great thought to his next line of action, but with his fast Mental Chemistry, once he committed to something, he was implacable.
  • His line of motivation is square showing he was a religious man and relied on his faith, his daughter’s name, for guidance.
  • His line of culture is absent.

Other notable aspects: Mars is accidentally dignified in the tenth house, which it is exalted in Capricorn. The Sun is accidentally in its fall in the eleventh house, showing he was not comfortable with public adoration, probably because he was a private man.

Later when he came to America this actually became a problem as his children were threatened with kidnapping : the Sun rules the fifth house and offspring and here opposing itself would make them vulnerable. Mercury in Gemini is in its rulership and exalted in Aquarius where it shows up as part of the Gemini preponderance highlighting his superb communicative skills.

Saturn in Cancer, in its detriment as Saturn rules Capricorn, in the eleventh and finally Uranus accidentally in its fall in the second house probably highlighting his tenacity in overcoming his humble beginnings by embracing something new and unproven–film.

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