Some things about Sir Sidney

Sir Sidney Poitier died on 6 January 2022, and was confirmed by Clint Watson, press secretary for the Bahamas.   His cause of death was congestive heart failure, prostate cancer and Alzheimers. His parents were Bahamians who came to America for his birth,– he was the seventh and last of their seven children — which worked out very well, as he was born premature and needed a lot of medical care and returned to Cat Island after he was well enough to leave.

Celestiology pegged him as only just a Libra rising, — 7 Libra getting the Hyperion symbol of “Rebus in an unknown tongue.” Gavin McClung explains in the Commentary that “rebus” is Latin for “things”, res is a thing in Latin, and this symbol is picking up the idea the person with this symbol at a critical degree in his chart,  picks up things unsaid, unmentioned and  then in turn, gives them voice.

               The Roles

That idea works well for Poitier and his many Hollywood roles…Raisin in the Sun, Mr Tibbs in the Heat of the Night, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, and his finest role of Homer Smith in Lillies of the Field, an itinerant carpenter who resents the German nuns of trying to force him to put down roots,  and make him their personal slave-handyman. All these  roles tap into how his ascendant and his nearby Moon in the first house show his need to express that symbol via his relationship with others, and why he chose such controversial roles.

His first nomination for an Academy was in “The Defiant Ones,” co-starring Tony Curtis, as two convicts on the run.  After Lillies was the Heat of Night, where Poitier  did not garner a nomination but lost his co-star, Rod Steiger.  Here Steiger portrays the racist Mississippi sheriff obstructing the local murder investigation undertaken by visiting Philadelphia police detective Virgil Tibbs.  Steiger repeatedly calls Poitier “boy” and then when he does not respond says “What they all call in you up there in Philadelphia?”  And Poitier bellows, “They call me Mr. Tibbs.”

                   The Awards

n 1991 the Academy awarded him a LifeTime Achievement Award, and that started a round of honours, including in 2001 the NAACP Award for an Outstanding Actor, and culminating in President Obama, Presidential Award for Freedom.    Perhaps he was proudest of representing the Bahamas at the United Nations, and for which Queen Elizabeth II knighted him (the title cannot be inherited).

                                                                                           Personal Life

His first married was to Juanita Hardy, shown in our header picture,  who looks striking like Lesley Uggams, on April 29, 1950 and ended with his affair to Diahann Carroll in 1965.  His second marriage was to Canadian  Joanna Shimkus, on the right, on January 23, 1976.  She and his many daughters succeed him.

                            Astrological Patterns

Astrologically, he had Jupiter exalted in Pisces in his fifth house of children (hence the six girls) and creative endeavors.   He has a preponderance in Pisces, five out of ten planets,  spanning the fifth through sixth houses.  His Mars in the eighth suggests the chronic heart disease, but the only powerful aspect he has against it is Neptune and that suggests a tendency to be a warrior in his career. Hs lack of a Grand Trine makes him a See-Saw/Hourglass pattern  supported by his acting career and then as ambassador for Bahamas.

His Line of vitality is sesquiquadrate;  Line of Efficiency, absent.

His Line of Personality is square, showing how he defined himself by overcoming obstacles placed in his way.

Finally, his Line of Culture is inconjunct, the aspect between Neptune and Uranus, and showing his need to expand and eventually evolve, the idea of humanity.

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