Marty Robbins may have been born in the mountain deserts of Arizona on September 26, 1925 , but with a Grand Trine in Water the Navy was a sure bet. Neptune in the eighth is the key to the great love song of El Paso, his greatest hit, not only because it highlights the fatal love song but also as the fishy planet receives no major aspects, thus making it an unaspected planet.

This makes Neptune, the planet of fantasy, romance and music and song, very important in Marty’s chart and that he was highly inspired by the songs of the South Seas during his Naval stint is not surprising. Neither is it that he married his high school sweetheart after finally gaining some success in music, and remaining married to her for the next 38 years; Marty was a born romantic. His Sun, the only air in his chart, also plays into how much songs must have just come to him inspired by thoughts and feelings and then how he could easily transcribe them into something everyone would enjoy.

Marty died at 57 years old from a heart attach in Nashville, Tennessee on the Cumberland River on December 8, 1982, but thanks to the magic of black vinyl we can be enchanted still.

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