Defining a Dame

Dame Maggie, the female version of a Knight, was quite the beauty when she was young, and now in late 70s still a handsome woman.  Her striking looks are probably of Venus in Capricorn conjunct her Sun in the fifth house a strong placement for the orange globe, but it is her Uranus at 27 Aries 31 Rx, squared only to Pluto that was discovered shortly before her birth in 1930 that gave her staying power.

That duo makes her chart a wheelbarrow and the outer generational planets the handles to it with Uranus giving her an off-beat view of the individual in society, but also the ability to portray that originality electronically — on the screen — while Pluto makes a sultry seductress that appeals to both men and women who are captivated by her apolmb.

One only has to hearken by to her performance in the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie where she played a strong willed young teacher who romanticizes Italy’s Mussolini  and Spain’s Franco in 1930’s Scotland to her students, to see how that remarkable performance marked her as unconventional throughout her 60 year career.

                         Alluring by Interception


She has a close preponderance of planets in the fifth house of creativity with Mercury right next to Sun and the Sun a little over 10 degrees away from beautiful Venus.    The Sun in the fifth it at home, or domicile as they say, and so gets extra power from its position and that showers beneficence on her looks and sharp observing mind but they are all intercepted and hidden from the public, double compounded as they are in the northern part of her chart.

Being all in Capricorn, this gives Maggie and  innate love of order and classical tailoring; both of her brothers are architects and she originally studied to be one as well but the square to the Moon and Sun show that her individuality made conforming to academia , and architecture, difficult.

Of course her Neptune conjunct her ascendant, also made her a bit starry eyed and Neptune trine her Venus made everyone who saw her, think she was Botticelli’s Venus come to life:  both have flowing wavy red hair and fair pearlescent skin.

Her Sun has an opposition to Pluto ,she was born right after it was discovered,  but it probably was only in university where she discovered she was the life of the party and enjoyed getting out and about more than working out her drafts.

               Romantic at heart

In Dame Maggie’s chart, based on our rectification of 09 Virgo, which is the same as Sir Christopher Wren’s Sun, the great British architect of St. Paul Cathedral in the heart of London, and probably why she like her brothers, first went the architecture route.

But it was her rather romantic view of the world 1 her Moon at Libra 05 that changed her career aspirations, though her wheelbarrow handles of which only Uranus is public while the other, Pluto, is intercepted create desire in her to be useful  and so she has particularly on the excessive female nudity in film;  agreeing with many notable others it is often superfluous to the story and just there for enticement.

Maggie has two sons from her first marriage to Robert Stephens, whom she divorced, and none from her marriage to Beverley Cross, who died in 1998.

Her Departments

  1. Her line of vitality square, making her very self-willed and impervious to criticism.
  2. Her line of efficiency square making her very sensitive to her environment and prone to loss.  She has made the public comment since her husband’s death how lonely she is, and wonders the point of going on.
  3. Her line of motivation square suggests she is very much the control-freak and needs her life and home in perfect order.  This is shown in her work throughout her life.
  4. Her line of culture square making her high strung and intense.  She does resents obstacles and becomes very determined to overcome them.

Thus it is no surprise that Maggie has a preponderance of squares in her chart; she is attracted to perplexing things and tends not to fit into preconceived notions — like being an architecture and tends to put her energy into things that will give her identity like the other talented actress we profiled, the Great Ellen Terry, also a wheelbarrow, with whom her Ascendant is opposite the great lady’s preponderance in Pisces in the seventh, that in the Smith chart turns up empty.

Download the chart of Margaret Natalie Smith

This was posted on SabianEarth originally on  27 December 2017 and re-released on Celestiology on 18 April 2021.  It was updated again on 19 August 2021 to reflect new information.


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