Mr. Young and his brother Angus created AC/DC in Sydney, Australia, on New Year’s Eve in 1973. The group, known for its power-chord riffs, earsplitting vocals and raucous energy, found enduring popularity and great commercial success, a major departure from Oz’s previous best known success, Little River Band, but then times had changed and with it the taste in music.

The band got its name from the Young’s sister Margaret’s sewing machine, whose label was stamped “AC/DC” perhaps a joke on Malcolm’s heaving drinking and Angus’s teetotaling lifestyles.

From left, members of AC/DC pre 1982 Malcolm Young (in the blue Canarsie soccer t-shirt), Bon Scott (Hawaiian shirt), Cliff Williams (rear) Angus Young in the tie, and Phil Rudd. CreditFin Costello/Redferns

Malcolm Young’s last performance with the band was in 2010 in Bilbao, Spain. He was having cognitive problems but kept performing during the tour, often having to relearn guitar parts that he had written, Rolling Stone reported. Mr. Young’s nephew, Stevie Young, replaced his uncle in 2014..

                                                                                    Glasgow roots

Mr. Young was born on Jan. 6, 1953, in Glasgow, Scotland. His parents later emigrated to Sydney. His survivors include his wife, O’Linda; two children, Cara and Ross; his brother Angus; a sister; and three grandchildren, according to a statement on the band’s website. Mr. Young’s older brother George, one of the band’s producers and songwriters, died last month.

Ac/Dc/s most famous lead singer, Bon Scott, in what turned out to be his own dirge, Highway to Hell.

We have rectified Mr. Young’s chart to 15 Sagittarius, getting the Sabian symbol of “the ground rising up and looking for its shadow” revealing the pattern of life and its purpose, but with the warning of sacrificing the present for future. Indeed, Malcolm has more planets in succedent (future) houses than present (cadent) ones.

Black Humour

While definitely a talented rhythm guitar, his charisma (Mars conjunct Venus in Pisces, where she is exalted) was tough to beat. His mates loved him and he was definitely the life of the party, but with Uranus in Cancer, sextile Jupiter in Taurus in the Fourth, drank beyond reason. Mr. Young’s chart was one of wild abandon, and with Pluto in its natural eighth house, it was probably devastating to his health.

Still, Mercury is sextile Venus and what he could not say in words, he could evoke with his harmonic guitar. His lyrics were catchy and had a sense of humour, “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” and “Money Talks” are both splendid examples but so is his own rather quixotic anthem of “It’s a Long way to the Top, if you want to rock-and-roll.” But it was putting out an album after the lead singer and best friend Bon Scott died of alcohol poisoning, with “Back in Black’s” “Have a Drink on Me, ” a macabre take off of drinking at the wake; the song is so outrageous it is embarrassing.

And then there’s Irish Eimear Noone’s cover of the above with the Qatar Philharmonic. It’s seems she quite a fan.

The Sun in the Twelfth right near the First house tells he loved playing large arenas, lived for the challenge of playing or doing something different each time and giving his audience a memorable time for their concert dollar. He was no doubt a great showman, and a natural rhythm guitarist with Neptune (harmony) conjunct Saturn (the drum kit ) ensuring the band always was there for Angus’s lead (Uranus in Cancer in the sixth) to perform striking solos and wild riffs.

Malcolm has this in common with Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones, as his Moon at 22 Virgo 09 was conjunct the latter’s Neptune at 24 Virgo 54. Even the house placement, Charlie has it is the sixth, a working man, and Malcolm in the eighth, his expectation that the group should be a harmonic whole regardless of stray discordant outtakes.

His Sun is opposite Uranus, which is sextile Pluto in the seventh, showing the need for a band and not a solo act like producer, or free lance musician, that is in turn opposite harmonic Venus conjunct discordant Mars for hard rock in the second.. This configuration, a Hard Rectangle, shows up in the same configuration as Janis Joplin, showing how both pushed the boundaries too far and let their excesses ruin their life living up to the Scottish boast of “yer a long time Deid.” 1 This is actually an abbreviation of the full boast, You’re a long time dead, so make the most of it while you can. , while his ascendant is trine another showman’s Montgomery Clift, both whom share a Grand Sextile.

“Malcolm was the essential rhythm guitarist of the world’s greatest working class Hard Rock band. An irreplaceable loss.”

Miami Steve, of Bruce Springsteen’s East Street Band

If the rectangle made him difficult to deal with, the grand trine in Earth makes him charismatic, ambitious and hardworking while his cradle aspect from Venus to Mercury to the Midheaven-Neptune-Saturn trio to Pluto was his saving grace: he could write music and popular tunes that were international bestsellers. His determination to have AC/DC a major success and his ability to understand what made Arena Rock successful was formidable, no matter what the setback, how hard the journey Malcolm and the band were going to the best, and he declared as much in the groups hit single It’s a Long Way to the Top if you Wanna Rock-and-roll..


In the end, his decades of alcohol abuse led to his dementia, and it forced him to retire. Eventually, years of abuse took its toll like it did Eddie Van Halen a year later, and he died. Slash of Guns nurses summed Malcolm’s chart up well ” “Malcolm Young was one of the best ever rhythm guitarists in Rock n Roll. He was a fantastic songwriter, and he had a great work ethic too. I toured with AC/DC on their ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ tour. I found Malcolm to be a really cool, down to earth fellow. The entire rock n roll community is heartbroken by his passing.”

His funeral was on a sunny Spring afternoon in his adopted hometown of Sydney, Australia. Scottish bagpipes gave the dirge. Brother Angus put Malcolm’s guitar in the hearse with him;.and music, as far AC/DC fans are concerned, stopped.

His Funeral and chart are here download Young


This post was originally released on on November 29, 2017. Please note, as charts are updated for Celestiology, I am removing them on Sabian Earth.


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    This is actually an abbreviation of the full boast, You’re a long time dead, so make the most of it while you can.
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