Ann Sheridan was a popular actress in the 1930s and 40s playing opposite such notables as Jimmy Cagney, Humphrey Bogart and Errol Flynn.   By the 1950s her health sidelined her and after that she was forgotten.  She was born in Denton, Texas on February 21, 1915 at 1 am (two times are given for her on 7 am and 1 am, I found that the 1 am time worked best so have chosen that for this article) the last of five children in what she called “a normal family”.

She was the great granddaughter of Philip Sheridan, the U.S. Cavalry General for Lincoln in the Civil War and who had been assigned for Reconstruction to Louisiana and Texas to bring them back into the “fold”. “

Ann” was her stage name taken from a character she played, but she was originally baptized “Clara Lou Sheridan.” Her ascendant at 26 Scorpio 54 gives her the symbol of ” Indians making camp” representing woman’s inexhaustible capacity for self-establishment and finding everything for success at hand — true she was quite talented. The keyword is Extemporaneous.

She has a preponderance in the third house for her many dramatic and singing roles but it is her high focus Venus in the second that marks her as a beauty, trine in the Moon in the sixth house, she easily became America’s dream girl with fans on both sides of the aisle and during the War became alongside Betty Grable, a favorite GI pinup girl and was cosmetic giant Max Factor’s “Girl of the Year” in 1939. Her film career was marked by playing against such notable male leads as Jimmy Cagney, Humphrey Bogart Ronald Reagan, & Errol Flynn.

But that Moon is also her nemesis and creates her dynamic square with Mars in the highly populated third, showing the flip side of the silvery goddess — bad health from the stresses and strains of work. It is possible this means alcohol to cope, (there is no record of this though), particularly as the Moon is sextile Neptune in the eighth.

Her high focus Venus gave Sheridan the ability to have an approachable persona with the audience. Unlike MarleneDietrich who was always hands off, Sheridan was personable and came across as the girl next door, even when the next door was on the shady side of town (the Dead End Kids series). Venus, the planet of acquisitions, paid off when her long-time partner, Steve Hannagan, died in 1953 and bequeathed her a cool 2.1 million dollars.

  • Her Line of Motivation is square.
  • Her Line of Culture is inconjunct.
  • Her Line of Efficiency is absent.
  • Her Line of Vitality is absent.

Ann died January 21, 1967 at 51, from liver cancer at home in San Fernando Valley, California. Her third husband, Scott McKay, this was also his third marriage, was by her side; they had been married six months. The funeral was private and held the following day according to the New York Times obit.



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