Cushing Eells, Preacher Pioneer

Cushing Eells Matters

Cushing Eells, the pioneer preacher of the Northwest, was born almost directly opposite of his great achievements in Blandford, Massachusetts, outside of Springfield, Massachusetts on February 16, 1810. It was only serendipity, though the good minister would say the hand of God, that led him Westward, as his original intent was south east, and South Africa.

The Whitmans were one of the first pioneers, and missionaries to cross the Rockies.

Dr. Marcus and Narcissa Whitman

Cayuse warrior from Edw. S. Curtis.  This and other photographs Curtis caught in the late 19th century can be viewed and purchased here.

The Whitmans were early missionaries, who went over the Rockies with fellow Congregationalist to provide and schooling to the Native Americans.  Marcus Whitman and his fellows helped the Indians also in building houses, tilling their fields, and irrigating their crops. They also taught them how to erect mills for grinding corn and wheat, while the wives established mission schools.  This uprooted the natives nomadic lifestyle and made it settled and agricultural, so while they were more prosperous and better fed, it caused a natural antipathy to those who wanted to continue the traditional lifestyle.  Prior to the Whitman arrival, the Cayuse depended solely on salmon caught from the Columbia River along with trout and eels. 

But things turned south as Roman Catholic priests came into the area, and the natives preferred the rituals of the Roman Catholic church over the plainness of Congregationalism.  After much consideration, the Whitmans planned to move south out of harm’s way, but then in 1847  a measles epidemic spread through the area. 

Caught in the middle, Dr. Whitman and the other settlers stayed to help those who caught the disease.  But for some unknown reason, a greater number of Native American children died from the measles than adults, and the natives accused Whitman and other missionaries of using magic to kill them off to make room for the settlers. 

In retaliation, on November 29, 1847, Cayuse warriors killed Marcus and Narcissa Whitman and 12 other settlers. This event, known as the Whitman Massacre, sparked the Cayuse War, which was fought until 1850. 

Whitman Massacre Aftermath

  The deaths of the Whitmans and others at Waiilatpu signified the end of the missionary efforts and the US Army moved the Eells and others from Tshimakain to Oregon., There Reverend Eells taught at various schools in the Tualatin Plains, including the Oregon Institute, now Willamette University. Tualatin Academy, now Pacific University, was another achievement of his.. When in 1859, the “upper country” was re-opened, Reverend Ells and his family returned to the Walla Walla Valley.  

There Eells built a seminary in memory of Marcus, and Narcissa Whitman called Whitman College. On December 1859 the first classes were held at Waiilatpu, now Walla Walla. Dr. Dorsey Syng Baker, a physician like Marcus Whitman, but also a successful businessman, gave the money for the building,   For the first two years, Eells was the principal of Whitman while serving simultaneously as superintendent of schools for Walla Walla County. He traveled throughout the Washington Territory, founding Congregational churches and schools throughout, and continued to raise money for the seminary.   Whitman College charter  

On December 20, 1859, the Washington legislature issued a new charter for the seminary, while changing its name Whitman College.   Despite many hardships, Reverend made efforts to keep Whitman alive, giving 10,000 dollars during his life and in last will and testament willed much of his property to the College too. thus insuring its success. Whitman College survives today.  It is now a secular college acknowledged on their  founders page.

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C182 Skillful Michelle Obama

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama was a very well loved first lady, typical of Splay Temperament types, so much so that many of her fans who heard her speak at the 2016 Democratic Convention want her to run in 2020.  She has said she will not, but politics is fickle and as Yogi Berra would say “the fat lady sings”. 1 It ain’t over till it’s over”, a popular quip of baseball player Yogi Berra’s. This is similar in spirit to “don’t count your chickens before they hatch

The political Michelle Obama

 Young Michelle did not look to Washington for her heroes—she found them right at home. Her only sibling, a brother named Craig, was twenty-one-months her senior, provided an excellent example both inside and outside the classroom. Both their hardworking parents, Fraser Robinson III, a city water plant worker, and Marian Shields Robinson, a homemaker, pushed both children to excel.

Rejecting the easy option—to send their son and daughter to a convenient public high school—the Robinsons encouraged their athletic son to enroll in a parochial school with an outstanding basketball program and for Michelle, they decided the newly opened Whitney M. Young Magnet School offered a quality education that more than compensated for the daily three-hour commute.

As a racially mixed school, Michelle associated with classmates who came from all over the city, and she did well both academically and socially. She made the National Honor Society in her junior year and was elected treasurer of her senior class.

After graduation in 1981, Michelle followed her brother to Princeton, and like him, majored in sociology. Although one of the oldest colleges in America, Princeton had only accepted women as undergraduates in 1969, and African Americans were only admitted after World War II and still comprised only about 10 percent of the student body.

Even the “little sister” of a basketball star felt like an outsider, and Michelle saw herself as a “visitor on campus, as if I really  don’t belong.”¹

Betty Boyd Caroli
At six feet one inch, those legs never end.

She found little on her background other than through her mother she is a direct descendant of a male slave owned by a plantation in Alabama.  Nothing on her father’s side, so we imagine that they were free folks. 

She went to Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey, for her Bachelor of Arts and then onto Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts for her Juris Doctor degree.  She met her husband as his Senior Legal Advisor at Harvard University.   

Later on, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright married them on October 3, 1992 in his Trinity United Church of Christ church, a social justice church, in Chicago; he parents raised her Methodist. The Obama’s joining TUCC makes sense, for it promotes universal health care, feeding the hungry, but also working to insure people are paid a living wage so they can care for themselves and their families; all hallmarks of her husband’s presidency.

After her husband’s election, Michelle Obama made more headlines because she was a Harvard-educated lawyer and former hospital executive, accustomed to bringing home a paycheck that exceeded her husband’s Senate salary, about $170, 000 per year, but now is a stay-at-home “mom in chief.” Unlike the only other attorney to become First Lady Hillary Clinton, Obama felt no need to feign culinary interests by talking about cookie baking, and instead used her first public event at the White House to celebrate a recent law extending workers’ rights.  This willingness to highlight one’s professional expertise made the 2008 election an important turning point for women and African-Americans as a whole.  ²

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    It ain’t over till it’s over”, a popular quip of baseball player Yogi Berra’s. This is similar in spirit to “don’t count your chickens before they hatch

The incredible Mr Limpett, Don Knotts

Jesse Donald Knotts has all the elements of a Splay Temperament Type — a Grand Trine in Fire, no oppositions and a charming personality. Asteroid Hebe partile Pluto shows how he imbued his characters, Barney Fife in the Andy Griffith Show with his fake bravado and child like wonderment that was as hilarious as it was embarrassing.

Asteroid Photographia (HS pioneers going west for a new frontier) conjunct his ascendant is surprising; Knotts was not a handsome man and the black moon Lilith nearby suggests this bothered him, but his plastic features took on a form and function of their own (Saturn at 27 Libra keyword Enchantment) that made him one of the most popular comedians of all time.

Haven’t a clue what time he died, this is just for study.

His ascendant 14 Gemini gets the Hyperion Climbers above the timber line, where his physical comedy (Terpsichore in Virgo) is enjoyable if not surprising like this scene from The Incredible Mr. Limpet (asteroid Poseidon conjunct his Moon in Aries in the eleventh) where his dreams and exasperation take a very unexpected turn.

Don had two children with his first wife, his college sweetheart. Daughter Karen continues the comedic line while sonTom became an electrical engineer. Born in Cancer, Don died from lung cancer in the sign of the fishes, appropriately enough, on February 24, 2006 in Los Angeles. Thankfully we have reruns.

Amy Klobuchar and the Farmer-Labor Party of Minnesota

Senator Amy Klobuchar is a member of the Minnesotan Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, founded by former Vice President Hubert Horatio Humphrey Jr. on April 15, 1944. Vice President Walter Mondale was also a member of the party. The keystones of the party’s platform are the right to stable employment with a fair wage, the importance of education, access to affordable healthcare, the right to live safely, and retire with dignity and security.

She is married to John D. Bessler an attorney and law professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law, and an adjunct professor at the Georgetown University Law Center, they have one daughter, Abigail. She and her husband are Unitarians.

Amy Klobuchar and husband John Bessler

Recently, Klobuchar was one of the candidates for Democratic nominee for the office of president of the USA. She resigned and gave her support to former Vice President Joseph Biden.

The Klobuchar Map

Klobuchar was born on May 25, 1960, in Plymouth Minnesota. Her father is Slovenian while her mother is Swiss-German.

We have rectified her chart to 8:22 am or 13 Cancer 48 with the Sabian symbol of a “woman facing a vast space to the northeast” that highlights her great ambition (Mars in the tenth house at 10 Aries 49 found in its exaltation and its domal dignity as Mars is exalted in Capricorn). It has the appropriate symbol of “sanction” because without both electoral and party support she will not get there. Her ambition is further confirmed by her Part of Fortune conjunct her ascendant in the first house.

Her chart pattern, a Splay Temperament Type with a Grand Trine in Earth unites her third, seventh and twelfth houses, but with a strong emphasis on the last house and her desire to acquire prestige through her shrewd sympathy of government reform.

While Senator Klobuchar has retired from this round of national presidential politics,we can be assured she return to the ring again for the run for the roses.

Looking at this chart we see how Klobachur and the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party are in sync with each. The Party’s chart is the founding by VP Humphrey on April 15, 1944, in Saint Paul, Minnesota at 12 noon, the approximate time of the announcement.

Defrocking Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

Theodore McCarrick was an Archbishop Emeritus of Newark New Jersey and part of the College of Cardinals that elected the current pope.

“The story ” related by a priest to Rod Dreher of the American Conservative and author of how Dante Can Save your Life, was that “McCarrick had a habit of compelling seminarians to share his bed for cuddling”.   These allegations did not involve sexual molestation, but were clearly unwanted sexual harassment. To refuse the archbishop’s bedtime entreaties would be to risk your future as a priest was the priest’s inference.

                                                   Mapping McCarrick

His father died when he was 3 years old of tuberculosis and he was raised by his mother in the Bronx, where he was born on July 7 1930. His birthtime is unpublished, but we have pegged him at slightly after midnight and gave him a 01 Aries rising.

His chart shows no AIR — headless actions –with a Grand Trine in Fire rather aggressive and impetuous. The setup is a Splash temperament type with an strong preponderance in the fourth house of Cancer because he does have a strong opposition from Mercury to Saturn in the tenth. Saturn is exalted there, in its essential tenth house and found in Capricorn.  

Near the midheaven, this setup suggests that he was well liked by older established men in the Church hierarchy. His Part of Fortune is in the eighth house that shows a strong upward momentum in his career but is marked by the ruler of Scorpio opposing it from the second. Here we see that the greater his ambitions the less he was checked in his appetites and with Mars in Taurus gives him a strong propensity for easy pickings in familiar surroundings.

It is an interesting chart for if was consider the Ascendant and Descendant as points, we get a Grand Square, though notice that McCarrick has no overt oppositions,  and thus does not have a natural disposition, making his Grand Square hidden and lurking under the surface.

                                 Do the transits expose McCarrick?

To see if our idea is correct, about the hidden grand square, let’s go fast forward to the date of Dreher article on June 20 2018. It came out on the heels of an allegation that the Cardinal sexually abused a teenage altar boy 47 years ago while serving as a priest in New York. The 60 year old man said that the priest had been a friend of the family and was called “Uncle Ted”.   The boy had been baptized by the newly minted priest at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Tenafly, New Jersey in June 1958.  

The abuse lasted nearly twenty years.

I don’t know where the American Conservative is published so we are setting the place for Newark were McCarrick served. Here in the transiting chart with McCarrick’s natal chart within the bi-wheel, we see that the hidden Grand Square becomes manifest, this time just using the Ascendant as the only point in the chart.

Marc Jones did not use the Ascendant for anything other than to pin down the all important first house of “Identity”, but plenty of other astrologers did like Vivian Robson, Charles Carter, and Alan Leo, and we agree with the British group finding that its absence in a chart often does not uncover as much information  as when it is used.

The two Saturns are almost exact, suggesting how long this took to be uncovered and perhaps McCarrick suffered from living too long. Saturn is squared the transiting Moon at 30 Scorpio that highlights this dramatic point in his life — the old lion honored and well respected suddenly has his worst fears “uncovered” by his subordinates (sixth house rules servants and underlings). It gets worse.

That Moon is now square 04 Jupiter in Cancer (many people) and 30 Gemini in the third, demanding justice and retribution because of McCarrick’s hypocrisy. But it’s a transiting chart and that means that this was going on, or could be for many others, how do we know that this is pertinent towards him? First transiting Saturn at 07 partile Natal Saturn at 08 both conjunct his Midheaven at 01. Second, everything goes rounds the circle at meets once again at his Ascendant 01 Aries, a seal rising up to embrace a nude bather.

McCarrick and “nephew” in 1973 at the boy’s family home in Teaneck. The embrace is ironic considering McCarrick’s ascendant.  The picture is from the family archives.  The boy was then 15.  It is very unusual for a man to hold his son at the waist, that is typically for husband and wife.  More typical would be a father embracing him at the shoulders, as though to infer, a beloved pat for a job well done.

The Ascendant for the transiting chart, highlighted in yellow at the bottom is opposite the twin Saturn’s on top showing public exposure,and conjunct his natal Sun. There is no doubt that the transits were pinpointing just one person right then, and it was Theodore Edgar McCarrick.

                                              The Vatican Response

A month later, on July 28, 2018, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of the Cardinal and ordered him to a “life of prayer and penance.” The pope officially suspended the cardinal from the exercise of any public ministry after receiving his resignation letter Friday evening and demanded that the prelate remain in seclusion “until the accusations made against him are examined in a regular canonical trial.”

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has not responded to calls for broader reform since the allegations against Cardinal McCarrick were made public.

The president of the conference, Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo, released a statement saying that the pope’s acceptance of the resignation “reflects the priority the Holy Father places on the need for protection and care for all our people and the way failures in this area affect the life of the Church in the United States.” We can only pray that is true.

We constantly vet our posts for accuracy whether it be in grammar, typos or fact.  This one was revised on February 19 2019.

C126 The compass points to Tetanus! from CEO Carter

Sheffield Iron

Sheffield is a town, city, and borough in Yorkshire, England.

It derives its name from the local Sheaf River and is about 160 miles north by northwest of London.  It was known for its steel and world renowned cutlery. The local iron ore was smelted with charcoal got from the nearby abundant woodlands, and smiths and cutlers used the excellent local sandstone for grindstones. 

Our header picture is of a contemporary shot of Sheffield, featuring new and old architecture.  Sheffield itself is quite old and dates back to the day of Julius Caesar’s Roman Army conquering and then inhabiting Britain for the next 400 years.

During the 15th century, the streams that converge on Sheffield were used for power for grinding and forging operations. Mary Queen of Scots spent the greater part of her captivity in Sheffield castle there; an order of Parliament destroyed it under Cromwell, in 1648.

The smelting of iron dates from Roman times, and there is proof at least from the Norman Conquest that by the 14th century the town was a well-established smelter as is shown by allusions in Chaucer’s writings. The knife trade became quite prosperous under Elizabeth I, and the Cullers’ Company was incorporated in 1624.

While London tried to usurp Sheffield’s primacy as the main provincial cutlery town, by 1700 London had been defeated in the steel wars, and from then on, Sheffield enjoyed a virtual monopoly of the English cutlery trade. Originally all cutlery was made of blister or bar steel which was thin, with the steel produced by heating blister steel and then sheared into short lengths to high heat, while being welded by hammering or rolling or both, and then finally finished under greater heat.

All that ended in 1740 with Benjamin Huntsman of Handsworth, with the invention of double shear steel, where the shear steel, from the same process as single, was cut into shorter lengths, and then welded and re-hammered into a single bar. This made a stronger and heftier knife and the town grew exponentially from there beating out the rest of Europe. In 1800, invention struck again with the Bessemer process, which totally upturned everything, because it allowed for the mass production of steel from molten pig iron.

Enter Carter’s Sheffield Boy

The story of our Sheffield boy can be found in Charles E. O. Carter’s book, Symbolic Directions.  He says little about the boy other than his birth and odd death. 

sheffield boy.png

The chart above is striking in its bizarre affinity to popping, pricking, and picking things with metal [the Ascendant at 17 Cancer conjunct Neptune 20 in the second house is opposite Uranus in Capricorn (traditional lord) conjunct Mars (exalted in Capricorn) via a translation of light thus spanning the seventh through eighth houses]

This opposition is not a constant whirlwind, but has an outlet of a T-Square in the Fifth House of Libra with Juno conjunct the {unhealthy} Moon in a relationship best characterized as “affinity.”  Unfortunately, this is an unhealthy affinity, because the Moon and not the Sun is involved; perhaps it is bordering on a fetish.

Download the Sheffield boy’s natal chart.

He died at age 15, March 18, 1926, at 13:30.  His progressed chart does not show much difference, except Uranus has progressed into the fatal degrees of Capricorn, and is very close to the exalted ruler Mars while also opposed to Neptune conjunct the ascendant now in the second house. Juno has moved into the fourth house, suggesting a pre-occupation with his adolescent body, but it is also opposite the Moon in the eleventh house and Aries, trine its lord, Mars.

The Moon is the Boy’s lord of his Ascendant, and the eleventh House suggests something dirty because asteroid Hygeia at 14 Sagittarius 53 is right on the seventh house cusp, next to Arachne for crafting with things. This duo suggests that this little boy loved playing and bending steel but he was not particularly interested in the hygiene of his tools; he was more interested in the experimental side of metal. That’s a pity, as it was a dirty metal compass point that brought about his demise via that hideous disease, lockjaw. It devastated his mother, of course, Niobe at 13 Capricorn 09 is right in-between the eighth house cusp and Mars 12 Capricorn 03 suggests maybe he was an only.

I suspect the boy was warned of his dirty ways though, Asteroid Kassandra is exact his Sun at 27 Aquarius 46, but Asteroid Icarus, that other disobedient boy of Daedalus, is also there, thus I suspect he was warned but never listened. Perhaps with Venus in the tenth house at 17 Pisces 31, he was trying to get her attention by showing off his latest creation, Cupido at Pluto 25 Gemini 58 Rx, in the second rather supports that idea.


Tetanus Connection

A Louis Pasteur student in  Paris, in 1893 discovered the vaccine for tetanus, but not highly publicized and it is doubtful that it vaccine was commonplace except in its native France. At the turn of the century in England, doctors were still recommending chloral hydrate, a nerve system sedative, as a cure, but I could not find any statistics of “cured cases.” I think the idea was to slow down the system from “locking up,” and thus check the “disease’s” progress. The problem was they did not know it was a bacterium, but thought it was its own disease, based on its medical name “idiopathic tetanus,” and so were treating it incorrectly.

The CDC recommends immunization every ten years and while it claims 20 percent of all lockjaw cases are fatal, my Uncle Arthur, the retired head of internal medicine at Pontiac General disagrees and puts the fatality closer to 100%. 

Ever since I read David McCullough’s book “Brooklyn Bridge” where he details the building of the magnificent structure and how its chief architect and engineer John Roebling died from tetanus after getting a nail stuck in his foot. I have never missed a shot — and neither should you.

C108 Azzedine Alaia “King of Cling” fashion

Tunisian Azzedine Alaia,  died on Saturday, November 18, 2017  in his adopted home of Paris where he was one of the couture fashion doyens.  His company said the cause was a heart attack.  He was eight-two years old.  Alaia was called a sculptor of the female form, notably worn by  the First Lady Michelle Obama   who once wore an Alaia sweated to Buckingham Palace (much to Oscar de la Renta’s horror) to Madonna and  Lady Gaga and then in the 1995 comedy Clueless Cher, opposes a robber’s demand to hit the pavement, saying her red dress “is an Alaia. It’s like a totally important designer. You just don’t do that to him.”

He “changed my conception of fashion,” said Nicolas Ghesquière, the artistic director of Louis Vuitton, in a documentary on Mr. Alaïa made by the stylist Joe McKenna and released this year.   Diminutive in stature, he just made five feet. His models called him “Papa,”, and like our header picture he always word a black Mao style tunic with pajamas because he “renounced bourgeoisie style”.

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Wonderful Ann Sothern


download Ann-sothern‘s chart

Her real name was Harriette Lake.  She took Ann from her mother and Sothern from the great Shakespearean actor, E. H. Sothern.  I happened to catch her last night on a Alfred Hitchcock Present TV program with John Cassavettes called “Waters Edge. annsothern She was a solid actress, a good comedienne — she was best friends with Lucille Ball and in a two year period made eighteen films.   She died in Ketchum, Idaho March 15,2001 at 92.

You can read her whole obituary over here at the New York Times.  All of this reminded me how much I adored her when I was young, so after seeing the Hitchcock show, I rectified her chart.  Sometimes you cannot help yourself, it is such a fun hobby.  I heartily recommend it.

hariette lake.png   
                      What the Chart says

Her Ascendant at 26 Pisces according to McClung’s Hyperion Symbols is “School boys kicking a soccer ball” and suggest creative resources that motivates the native to undreamt goals.  Despite her Pisces ascendant, she is heavily Air and Earth, that gives her a cool practicality.

She has a Splay/Tripod Temperament Type that also helps keep her grounded; she looks more to her own sense of fulfillment in her work than applause.  She has a strong Line of Vitality that makes sense because of her great health and long life.  Her Line of Personality is in opposition that according to Mark Edmund Jones suggests she   acts responsibly and has no problem with hard work.0iykt5w946h849ht.jpg

Her acting persona tapped into her need to search for truth in expression (Pluto 24.10 Gemini, third house).  Sextile her Neptune in the fourth, she found that this career, Venus in the tenth opposite her Neptune in the fourth, was taxing to her normally happy self, and probably resulted in her drinking.  Billy the Kidd, the famous outlaw, has a similarly afflicted Neptune.  Her Mercury in the twelfth house,  that silvery lord of Gemini, suggests that her work lives beyond her:  adventure writer Jack London has a similar Mercury but no corresponding Line of Vitality and drank himself to death at half her age.


You can see more of Anne and other vintage Hollywood beauties over here on Photobucket.  Makes me think I will watch the Ann Sothern Show today; I have never seen it, but the episode Touch of Larceny looks promising. Click here and you can join me.

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