C333 Richard Rorty is redefining the pragmatic

Richard Rorty, was an American pragmatist in favour of “bourgeois liberalism.”

It is a phrase that shows up everywhere from the Chinese Communists using this phrase derogoratily to expunge too successful shopkeepers to Newark Mayor Ras Barkara claiming getting rid of the police is a bougeous liberal ideal. Rorty was the son of nonacademic leftist intellectuals who broke with the American Communist Party in the early 1930s, sometime after Rorty was born in 1931 (noticed Pluto at the Ascendant). He attended the University of Chicago and Yale University, where he obtained a Ph.D. in philosophy.

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C167 Decanates & C110 Senator Krysten Sinema

Any house system can use decanates, but they are the hallmark of the Hellenistic whole house system. Decans, which is how one refers to an individual member, refers to the subdivision of a house into ten degree “triplets”, while decanates refers to the entire group. Decans always are in the same order for each sign no matter what sign starts the chart.

To make this easy to visualize, I am using Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona’s natal chart 1 Celestiology rectified this chart, and is unavailable elsewhere with decans in the natural house system, also called the zero Aries start system. Looking at the chart below, the decans are the second house from the outside, and are shown with the planets in chartreuse on a black background.

Mapping lords to rulers

The first house is Aries and its thirty degrees are broken into three triplets of ten degrees each. We assign each triplet the planetary lord of each sign within the same quadrature. For Aries, its ruler is Mars; rulers and lords are synonymous. The next decan belongs to the next sign in the fire quadrature: Leo and its ruler is the Sun, while the final decan of the fire quadrature is Sagittarius, whose ruler is Jupiter. They are always three signs comprising a quadrature and there are four quadratures.

The second house is Taurus. The first decan is Venus, the lord of Taurus, followed by Mercury, the ruler for Virgo and Saturn the ruler of Capricorn, thus all the lords for the earth quadrature are shown.

The third house is Gemini. Its lord is Mercury, the second decan is Venus for Libra, and the third is Saturn, the lord for Aquarius because this is a traditional setup and the Herschel’s did not discover Uranus until the eighteenth century long after they created this system. Many modern astrologers change this attribution to Uranus instead of Saturn, but the traditional association is Saturn rules Aquarius.

The fourth house is Cancer and the first triplet is the Moon who rules it. The second triplet is Mars for Scorpio. Like Saturn ruling Aquarius, Pluto is not shown, unless you choose to make that change. The third and final triplet is Jupiter for Pisces, because they did not discover Neptune until the nineteenth century. With Cancer, we have completed the first set of quadratures for the zodiac. We will repeat this three more times.

The Middle Four

The fifth house is Leo. On Senator Sinema’s chart that shows up with the number 9 on the outmost circle because had we used a typical natal system, the ascendant would have been the starting house, and Leo would be in the ninth house. All the houses have that dual numbering system on the chart above. The ruler for Leo is the Sun — remember this is the signs rulership not its exaltation, which for the Sun is Mars. That would not work because the luminaries only have one planet in exaltation, and the other ten have two thus it would leave us with a missing decan. The second decan is Jupiter for Sagittarius and the third is Mars. Notice that while Aries started with Mars and ended with Sagittarius, Leo starts with its own ruler with the second decan always being the next planet in the quadrature, which in this case is Sagittarius and not Aries.

The sixth house is Virgo. Like Gemini, its ruler is Mercury, but the following sign is Capricorn thus the next decan is Saturn. The final decan is Venus for Taurus. This is the second sign in the earth quadrature.

The seventh house is Libra, always opposite Aries. Its ruler is Venus, the next decan is Saturn for Aquarius and the third decan is Virgo for Gemini. This is part of the air quadrature.

The eighth house is Scorpio. On this chart its outer number is eleven, but following the Aries start or Natural House method, I show it as the eighth house. Scorpio’s ruler, like Aries, is Mars, the next decan is Jupiter for Pisces, and the third decan is the Moon for Cancer.

The Final Four

The ninth house is Sagittarius. Its ruler is Jupiter, like Pisces. The second decan is Mars for Aries and the third decan is Leo, as we work counter clockwise to fill in the lords. With Sagittarius, we have finished the fire quadrature.

The tenth house is Capricorn. Its ruler is Saturn, the second decan is Venus for Taurus and the third decan is Mercury for Virgo. We have now finished the earth quadrature.

The eleventh house is Aquarius. Its ruler is also Saturn, and not Uranus. The second decan is Mercury for Gemini and the third decan is Venus for Libra. We have now finished the air quadrature.

The twelfth and last house in the zodiac is Pisces. Its ruler is Jupiter, the second decan is the Moon for Cancer and the third decan is Mars, and not Pluto, for Scorpio. We have now finished the water quadrature and completed all the decans for the signs too.

Sinema’s ascendant rising chart

Below is Senator Sinema’s traditional natal chart.


  • 1
    Celestiology rectified this chart, and is unavailable elsewhere

Look up! Jupiter in Opposition to the Earth

The largest planet in the solar system , Jupiter itself, will take center stage in the night sky and appears brighter than any other point in 2021 a telescope.

Stargazers that spent time outside last week to watch the Perseid meteor shower likely saw Jupiter as it was the brightest object in the sky after the moon set during the first part of the night.

Chart is based in Kabul Afghanistan, so it is a day after the article from Accuweather.
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C179 Scarlett gives birth to Cosmo

Scarlett Johansson and Colin JostScarlett Johansson and Colin Kelly Jost, both native New Yorkers; he born in tony Grymes Hill, Staten Island and she in Manhattan  have welcomed their first child together.  Wed in October 2020, ten months ago,  they dated for three years previously. 

The proud father announced the newborn’s name Wednesday on Instagram, writing, “Ok ok we had a baby. His name is Cosmo. We love him very much.”

Johansson also shares 6-year-old daughter Rose with ex-husband French journalist Romain Dauriac.  Previous to that her first marriage was to Canadian Ryan Reynolds.  This is Jost’s first marriage.  He was the head writer for Saturday Night Live , which, if this chart is right is rather serendipitous, as Cosmo’s Ascendant is the same as SNL valedictorian, Jane Curtin.

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C124 Banjo playing Appalachian Henry Reed

James Henry Neel Reed a master fiddler, banjoist, and harmonica player, he is the brother on the right of the header picture, had an amazing repertoire consisting of hundreds of tunes, as well as multiple performance styles all memorized by heart. He was professionally known as Henry Reed, and was born on April 28, 1884, in the Appalachian Mountains of Monroe County, West Virginia. As I do not have an exact location, I picked Zenith West Virginia as it is in the mountains and it has a propitious name: Henry Reed was the zenith of banjo playing.

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Regiomontanus & C115 Spiro T. Agnew

Regiomontanus’s  many gifts

Regiomontanus, (the King of the Mountain)) the alias Johannes Müller von Königsberg, is the creator of his eponymously named Regiomontanus house method.   He was in his time a well known astrologer and mathematician, and unleashed his method in 1490 positing it as a “correction” to the Italian Campanus Brothers.   The difference is supposed to lay in the cusps.  Glancing up ahead at Vice President Spiro T. Agnew charts, we find that is true, and thus cuspal planets fall into a different house as well as the interceptions.

He is a quite fellow. 

1 If you are interested in reading further see Regiomontanus, his life and work by Ernst Zinner published by Elsevier Science Publishers B.V. in 1990 on the anniversary of  Regiomontanus’s 500th birth

As friend of both the Roman Catholic priest Martin Luther and the printer Johannes Gutenberg, Regiomontanus published the first astronomical textbook in 1472 from his studies with Janos Vitez, the archbishop of Esztergom. After that success he went to Buda (as in Buda and Pest) Hungary and built an astrolabe, and was a paid reader of ancient Greek astronomical works in the original and where he saw the 1472 comet on Christmas Day.


In 1475 Regiomontanus worked on the Julian calendar reform in Rome for Pope Sixtus IV. It would still be another 100 years before Pope Gregory XIII released an  adjustment in the tropical calendar since Caius Julius Caesar’s (killed ides of March, 44 BC) original version.  They fixed the drift in by inventing “leap days,”  but they were already 1000 years behind the Mayan high priests who had a calendar 365.2420 days long, but was too slow.   Gregory’s boys would rectify Casear’s to 365.2425 days long which is still too fast so we have leap seconds to drop some time.[mnf] from Sylvanus Morley, Ph.D. The Ancient Maya pg. 47 [/mfn]

Since then scientists have added 27 leap seconds, all in the last hundred years because  the Earth’s rotation is slowing, meaning the length of our day is getting longer, and whether that also means it is going to get colder is still being debated.  In the meantime, scientists determined that no leap second was needed  in 2020.

The new “Gregorian calendar was released by the Roman Catholic Pope in 1582.  To get the days aligned with the Sun, the mathematicians dropped 11 days and then added a “leap year” every four.  It has remained the standard since, but other contenders always crop up.

Our header picture is the frontispiece of Regiomontanus’ “Epitome of the Almagest” depicting Ptolemy, the father of astronomy and astrology, and Regiomontanus sitting beneath an armillary sphere (now commonly referred to as an an astrolabe).

Now onto Regiomontanus.  First we will use the earlier Campanus, and compare it to Regiomontanus and then compare the Regiomontanus to our own default, Morinus, before comparing the same Spiro T. Agnew Regiomontanus chart to a modern Placidean variant, Koch.

2 The Koch house system format is slowly gaining ground on Placidus at least in American.  Europeans still tend to use Campanus probably because the famed British astrologer C. E. O. Carter  in 1930 endorsed it. 


Agnew with Campanus

In the Campanus method, Vice President Agnew has his 2nd and 8th houses have interceptions. This obscures Uranus 23 Aquarius 45 (second house) and then naturally, interceptions require that the two opposing houses both be intercepted, Neptune 09 Leo 28 & Saturn 27 Leo 24 (both planets are found in the eighth house).

Campanus does not really highlight the problems that Agnew experience, though with Saturn in Leo 28 intercepted does suggest that he would fall from his high position after obtaining it.

Agnew with Regiomontanus



Agnew’s Regiomontanus chart also has interceptions but now they are are in the ninth house where Saturn resides, thus moving the old man from the eighth house in the Campanus, and his modern equivalent Uranus into the third .

This chart gets more points than the previous Campanus. It is what I use when I am scouting for interceptions in American charts– I find that Regiomontanus works better with those. Here it clearly shows Agnew’s constant attack by the media, Uranus in its rulership Aquarius, and in the third house of public relations, newspapers and journeys as the ultimate cause of his Uranian downfall in the ninth. The press was nonstop in their attack against the man.

Saturn is in the ninth also highlights that Agnew was not part of a “large” and accepted religious and social class. Instead, he came from a working class immigrant family, was a self-made man, and not of any of the predominant religious groups that dominant America, though he did convert to Episcopalianism to help offset that.

This problem shows up again and again in American politicians charts, particularly at the presidential level. The only Republican Vice Presidents not to really get that kind of attack was Charles Dawes, Calvin Coolidge’s Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize winner, and Mike Pence.

Saturn by the way, returns to the Campanus eighth house.

Agnew with Morinus

Celestiology’ s default Morinus chart has the same take as Regiomontanus but surprisingly with a different emphasis. Here in this sixth house we have Gemini which rules newspapers and the media with the South Node, of undoing, ensconced opposite its own ruler in the twelfth. The tail btw is exalted in Gemini giving it incredible power.

The South Node in the sixth highlights work and service, but here opposite his ascendant in the twelfth shows how much Agnew was an “outside” and thus not part of the sanctum sanctorum (Latin for inner circle).

The tail of the Dragon, Route 129 Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina, twisting turning, thrashing about. Drive it or ride it and get the thrill of a lifetime, Unfortunately it is often crowded, and since it is unlit dangerous at night.

Bruno and Louise Huber believe that this is because they are more concerned on doing their job and ignore the social and political realities around them — there is a natural square between Gemini’s house, the third, and the Nodal house of sixth, and thus gossip will haunt them despite their work record. That was very true of Agnew, the Washington Post hounded with unfounded allegations until he pleaded “No contest” and resigned. Remember the tail does not stay still but thrashes and strikes about.

As in a game of chess, with the bishops (the Senate) not supporting him, the pawns (the House in tow), and the press on a constant attack (the knights) the queen fell leaving the King (Nixon) alone, and easy target.

The final blow in Agnew’s intercepted chart is Mars at 28 Sagittarius 37 also intercepted first on the first house cusp showing the antipathy towards the man, who unlike most Republican candidates for Vice President, was not a seasoned politician. The media and Washington D.C. prefer one of their own like Walter Mondale George H. W. Bush Lloyd Bentsen Al Gore Jack KempJoe LiebermanDick Cheney and  Joe Biden.

Agnew with Koch

The modern day, Koch, is in synch with his fellow German, Regiomontanus.


  1. Zinner, Ernst  Regiomontanus, his life and work by Ernst Zinner published by Elsevier Science Publishers B.V. in 1990, Netherlands. 
    • Zinner’s biography dispels a lot of myths  about Herr Mueller including his birth date and birth place, which was not in Konigsberg but technically outside of it in Unfinden. So why do we refer to him as Mueller von Konigsberg (Mueller of Konigsberg or a Konigsberger?
    • Because it’s close :  Konigsberg has the geolocation coordinates of  50.07 10.56 while Unfinden is 50.09, 10.568. Zinner thinks Unfinden  was  farming village outside of Konigsberg when Regiomontanus was born,   and now probably, suburb, where the miller (Mueller is miller in German)  and his gristmill was located  Possible, because even on maps of Konigsberg, Unfinden does not show up; you have to look for it, so it doubtful as Zinner admits that Regiomontanus would have mentioned this podunk as his hometown but would have instead deferred to the larger and more prosperous Konigsberg. 
    • Unfortunately Konigsberg turns up zilch when looking for information on him because in 1640 the town hall, where the records were stored, was burnt, and then in 1897 everything prior was chipped for wood pulp. 
    • What Zinner did discover was in statements from his grand niece in law, Katharina,  she  identified herself “the wife the son whose mother was the daughter of old Johann Muller of Unfinden who son was said to be the mathematician Johann Muller, known as Regiomontanus.
  2. Morley, Sylvanus, Ph.D.  The Ancient Maya, Palo Alto, California: Stanford University Press, c. 1947.
    1. Morley comments ” Pope Gregory’s correction is 3/10,000 of day too long, while the ancient Maya correction was only 2/10,000 of a day too short.”  Rather impressive for people who never invented the wheel, none of the Native Indian tribes of the Americas did surprisingly, and were still in the Stone Age.  This is just one of may examples  of what can be achieved by paper, charcoal and brains.


  • 1
    If you are interested in reading further see Regiomontanus, his life and work by Ernst Zinner published by Elsevier Science Publishers B.V. in 1990 on the anniversary of  Regiomontanus’s 500th birth
  • 2
    The Koch house system format is slowly gaining ground on Placidus at least in American.  Europeans still tend to use Campanus probably because the famed British astrologer C. E. O. Carter  in 1930 endorsed it. 

C168 FLotUS Lady Bird Johnson & Rahu and Ketu

Claudia Alta Taylor was born on December 22, 1912 in Karnack, Texas that lies east of Tyler (see the map below where Karnac is the pushpin center, and the various points are Dallas to the west, Houston to the southwest and New Orleans to the southeast). She was named after her mother’s brother Claud but got the nickname lady bird because her black maid thought she was a “purty as a lady bird”; it stuck.

Her family was descended from of Rowland Taylor, an English Protestant who was martyred during the Queen Mary’s persecutions for those that supported the alternative Lady Jane Grey (“the nine days Queen”) ascension to the throne.  Taylor not only a contemporary of Martin Luther but through his wife, Margaret, the niece of William Tyndale, a near relation to the creator of the first non-Latin bible.

Alas, both Taylor and Tyndale were burnt at the stake for their support Protestant Grey over Catholic Mary. In an interesting turn of advents, Lady Bird’s second daughter, Luci Baines, converted to Roman Catholicism when she was 18 in 1964 when her father was running for President.

The Lady Bird Johnson map

Lady Bird Claudia Johnson’s astrological chart via Morinus Houses

Astrologically, the former first lady is a complete split see saw: half at the ascendant and the other half at the descendant, or so the official time and chart says (we did not rectify this one). What is striking here is has no planets on the bottom or top of her chart except for the two nodes in the nadir and midheaven of her chart.

The polarization of her chart suggests that her life was caught between her duties as daughter, wife and mother (the western hemisphere) vs. her own resourcefulness (on the eastern hemisphere). Despite that obvious break, she has only one opposition from Mercury in the twelfth house to the Moon in the sixth. That does give her a T-Square to the midheaven (also called the MC) at 18 Virgo 04, a symbol of “a colorful gallery on a warm summer day where a swimming race nears its decision, suggesting despite her overtly lady-like demeanor, Lady Bird was a competitive woman who encouraged others to excel.

This midheaven aspect is rather pertinent as conjunct her husband’s, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Moon and semi-sextile his midheaven. If ever a woman was aligned with her husband’s political aspirations, it was she. She wanted him to become President as much as he did, and between the two they could plan and strategize how best to get there.

The many mansions of LBJ

Marc Jones in his sixteen points discusses his idea of “nodes” and calls them the lunar equinox because they are the moon’s mansions with the Ascending Node, in Mrs. Johnson’s chart in the fourth house, being what she wants to bring forward into her outer life — i.e. being First Lady of the Land and then also sprouting wild flowers throughout it. This culminated in her Wildflower Center in Austin Texas that she co-founded with actress Helen Hayes that has over 900 species of native Texas plants in a garden landscape and natural setting.

For her work in wildflower repopulation and conservation, Lady Bird received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Republican President Gerald Ford. .

The south node is calling

While her north node in the fourth house gave her wildflowers, it was her south node at the tenth house in equitable Libra that made her a fortune and without which her husband may have never reached the pinnacle of US politics and become its president, for it was Lady Bird who provided the finances for LBJ to launch his career.

Jones writes that the south node the point of future opportunity. For Lady Bird, it is in her tenth house is essentially traditionally associated with Capricorn and ruled by Saturn. In the modern era Capricorn thought gets the co-ruler of Uranus — the electronics maven. That is a perfect blend for the sea goat native who with her Sun squared the South Node caused some amount of disruptions in her desire to exert herself. Despite those obstacles, or perhpas in spite of them, she ignored them and in 1943, against her husband wishes, made a superb forward call spending $17,.500 1 In 2020 dollars this purchase would be about 275K. of her inheritance by purchasing an Austin radio station that was by the time of her repose worth approximately $105 million.

It also, and this was the most important byproduct, the vehicle that propelled her husband into Texas politics as she able to finance their dreams through a media company that could be always informing the Texas voters of his latest causes.

If that was not enough, again over Lyndon’s protestations, she signed in 1952 a contract for a VHF franchise with the local CBS affliate that became the voice and sole news representative of south Texas, not to mention generating thousands of dollars yearly in cash dividends. Eventually, through her husband’s Congressional efforts, she was awarded a legal monopoly license that is still extant today and upon which those cable franchises base their regional hegemony.

Rahu and Ketu

In Vedic Astrology the North Node (Rahu) is more favourable than the South Node (Ketu) , for the South Node bogs us down, and represents those things that we are unduly attached. In LBJ’s horoscope this would be that her attachment to money and the radio station because it retarded her potential and kept her tied to what was physical and concrete. Rahu, the North Node, would be what LBJ should have been striving for all long. The problem is, how do we know that she was not?

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  • 1
    In 2020 dollars this purchase would be about 275K.

C195 New to NBC: Megyn Marie Kelly


Megyn Kelly,  previously the Kelly File, on the cable network FoxNews, had a major run in with Presidential candidate Donald Trump.  When asked if this was “political” attack, she said No,  but I did not agree, so I did her chart. I am not sure why I bothered, for while she claims her political slant is “independent“, like most talking heads, it would be better to phrase it as “opportunistic.”

Ms. Kelly has been married twice. The first time to a Daniel Kendall, M.D.  The divorce was acrimonious and ended in 2006 with him claiming Megyn did not want a husband but a “role reversal.” Her second marriage to Cybersecurity analyst turned writer, Douglas Brunt, has been far more successful with three children, 2 boys, and a girl. Megyn is a graduate of the Albany Law School and is half Italian and Irish.

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                           Where were you born?

Astro.com says that Megyn was born in Syracuse.  Wikipedia OTOH says Champaign Illinois.    We did the charts for both and found the Illinois birthplace implausible, so we are going with the Syracuse one.  It makes more sense all around as all her schooling is in New York State, and her father, Edward Kelly taught at SUNY.

Kelly.pngThe Chart

Download Megyn-Marie-kelly‘s chart here.

Ms. Kelly is a bucket temperament type with a Saturn handle in her fifth house of creativity & speculation. Saturn is the protector of the zodiac at nineteen Taurus, & as her handle creates the symbol of a “Newly formed continent, ” suggesting the raw substance of existence and that her experience shapes and develops her character more than her education.   He allows her to see opportunities that others miss and gives her the revolutionary potential to recreate her image and her environs.

Mrs & Mrs Douglas Brunt

But this handle is under stress from the very benevolent Jupiter that also constituents the Line of Personality that makes her gravitate towards hubbub of turmoil and upset, and explains why she attacked candidate Donald Trump to such a great deal — she loves the attention.

Jupiter at 18.34 Scorpio is rather accurate for an interviewer, “A parrot listening and then talking.”  Dr. Jones writes this gives her the inherent sensitivity to reworking reality in the service of her own “personal aspirations,” and with not T-Cross to allow for a fuller expression, it forces to recreate herself and her career almost chameleon-like.

Her Midheaven at  20.15 Libra is conjunct, within two degrees, to fiercely ambitious Mars at 18.31 Libra.  Here found in her ninth house of travels, writing and long distance communications, it suggests that she has had many disruptive moves as she directs her consciousness towards her new visions.  Mars has the symbol is a “gang of robbers in hiding” emphasizing her need to express her personal freedom, a vital ingredient in her various transformations and supports her first husband’s comments about her wanting a  role reversal marriage.  Luckily, her second husband, Douglas Brunt, found a second career as a writer that would tolerate that.

                                    Network? Networking?


With a stellium of planets in her ninth house, Ms. Kelly has a Rolodex to die for.  She is networked, connected to everyone.  She swaps business cards immediately upon meeting someone, and then dutifully keeps in touch so that the connection does not go stale.

Her Sun at twenty-six Scorpio is square as her Part of Fortune, the symbol of Indians making Camp, encourages that, as she makes the least promising situations turn around to her benefit.  There is no doubt, Ms. Kelly is a hard worker.

That Part of Fortune is found in her intercepted eighth house, so she also spends a lot of time making it look good and effortless.  The changes in makeup, hairstyle, clothing, and networks are all part of her desire to run up a significant image and bank account, eventually allowing her to write her own ticket.  Ms. Kelly’s Midheaven at twenty-one Libra is probably a run in the political arena as it has the symbol of a “Crowd gathering on a beach” to hear important revelations.  Watch her pick up the Hillary Clinton mantle in the next ten years.

                                                             What’s your Line?

Ms. Kelly’s Line of Vitality 1 is squared.  This aspect is determined by the aspect between the Sun and Moon.  Dr. Jones says that this native uses her physical energy to focus her will and the houses where the planets reside are those where she put the most effort into.


For her, this is the eighth house of legacies and the eleventh house of networking and friends.  She feels strongly about impressing her personality upon the sphere in which she operates & needs to be a high-profile person on television, as well as traditional & social media.  As she is exerting her physical will here, she will work tirelessly for that to happen.

Her Line of Personality, the aspect between Jupiter and Saturn, has an opposition.  Her Saturn is also her High Focus planet,  and this point agrees with the Line of Vitality about her conscious decision for her personal place in the scheme of things.

Her Line of Culture, sextile Uranus, and Neptune is the third of the four lines that Dr. Jones created.  This aspect as these are outer planets happen generationally and tend to define age groups, so the houses are more important than the character itself.  For Kelly, Neptune at 1 degree Sagittarius, tells she appreciates her family, both past, and present, in supporting her.  Her eldest son named after her late father, Edward Kelly, as well as her on-air mentioning of her children and spouse are examples.

Ms. Kelly has the final Line of Efficiency as well. This is not common, and we have noted in our studies that those who tend to be a bit more self-centered than the general populace.  For her, that Line, determined by  Mars and Venus, is sextiled.  We find the two planets in the ninth and eleventh houses suggesting that moving and being nimble-footed is part of the desire for success.  She may be at NBC New York now, but like many other of her moves, she will be elsewhere in the future when opportunity strikes.


1.  Discussion of the personality pairs are in the Guide to Horoscope Interpretation.  Philadelphia:  Quest Books c. 1972.  Search for a copy here &   Astrology How and Why it works available over here on Amazon owned Alibris.

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