C356 Stealing bases, great fielding and God, Louis C. Brock

Lou Brock was an outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals. He was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1985 — his first year of eligibility, only one of twenty to do so, which dovetails well with his retired number for the Cardinals #20.. He was considered the consummate stolen base specialist surpassing the Georgia Peach, Ty Cobb’s record of 892 in the 1977 season. He was a solid clutch player and led the national League steals every year but one.

“The numbers can hardly tell the full story of Louis Clark Brock. They cannot tell you of the enthusiasm he possessed, the zest for the game, the excitement he generated, the joy of watching him. If you have not seen him play, you have missed one of the great joys of sport. “

 New York Daily News reporter Phil Pepe, 197

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Biden Finally speaks to the Nation

Joe Biden gives his FIRST State of the UNION 13 months after his Inauguration

Biden’s speech comes amid the biggest military crisis in Europe since the Cold War as Russia continues its assault on Ukraine after launching an unprovoked attack on the nation. It also comes amid record inflation and spiking consumer prices, and as many Americans feel fatigued during a pandemic that has stretched into its third year.

Biden’s remarks will provide an opportunity to tout his achievements from the first year of his administration — including the national vaccination program, the Covid-19 relief law and the bipartisan infrastructure law — while also addressing the challenges the nation is facing and lay out what comes next. The President is facing some of the lowest approval ratings of his presidency just months before midterm elections that will decide which party controls Congress. …from CNN.


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C167 Decanates & C110 Senator Krysten Sinema

Any house system can use decanates, but they are the hallmark of the Hellenistic whole house system. Decans, which is how one refers to an individual member, refers to the subdivision of a house into ten degree “triplets”, while decanates refers to the entire group. Decans always are in the same order for each sign no matter what sign starts the chart.

To make this easy to visualize, I am using Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona’s natal chart 1 Celestiology rectified this chart, and is unavailable elsewhere with decans in the natural house system, also called the zero Aries start system. Looking at the chart below, the decans are the second house from the outside, and are shown with the planets in chartreuse on a black background.

Mapping lords to rulers

The first house is Aries and its thirty degrees are broken into three triplets of ten degrees each. We assign each triplet the planetary lord of each sign within the same quadrature. For Aries, its ruler is Mars; rulers and lords are synonymous. The next decan belongs to the next sign in the fire quadrature: Leo and its ruler is the Sun, while the final decan of the fire quadrature is Sagittarius, whose ruler is Jupiter. They are always three signs comprising a quadrature and there are four quadratures.

The second house is Taurus. The first decan is Venus, the lord of Taurus, followed by Mercury, the ruler for Virgo and Saturn the ruler of Capricorn, thus all the lords for the earth quadrature are shown.

The third house is Gemini. Its lord is Mercury, the second decan is Venus for Libra, and the third is Saturn, the lord for Aquarius because this is a traditional setup and the Herschel’s did not discover Uranus until the eighteenth century long after they created this system. Many modern astrologers change this attribution to Uranus instead of Saturn, but the traditional association is Saturn rules Aquarius.

The fourth house is Cancer and the first triplet is the Moon who rules it. The second triplet is Mars for Scorpio. Like Saturn ruling Aquarius, Pluto is not shown, unless you choose to make that change. The third and final triplet is Jupiter for Pisces, because they did not discover Neptune until the nineteenth century. With Cancer, we have completed the first set of quadratures for the zodiac. We will repeat this three more times.

The Middle Four

The fifth house is Leo. On Senator Sinema’s chart that shows up with the number 9 on the outmost circle because had we used a typical natal system, the ascendant would have been the starting house, and Leo would be in the ninth house. All the houses have that dual numbering system on the chart above. The ruler for Leo is the Sun — remember this is the signs rulership not its exaltation, which for the Sun is Mars. That would not work because the luminaries only have one planet in exaltation, and the other ten have two thus it would leave us with a missing decan. The second decan is Jupiter for Sagittarius and the third is Mars. Notice that while Aries started with Mars and ended with Sagittarius, Leo starts with its own ruler with the second decan always being the next planet in the quadrature, which in this case is Sagittarius and not Aries.

The sixth house is Virgo. Like Gemini, its ruler is Mercury, but the following sign is Capricorn thus the next decan is Saturn. The final decan is Venus for Taurus. This is the second sign in the earth quadrature.

The seventh house is Libra, always opposite Aries. Its ruler is Venus, the next decan is Saturn for Aquarius and the third decan is Virgo for Gemini. This is part of the air quadrature.

The eighth house is Scorpio. On this chart its outer number is eleven, but following the Aries start or Natural House method, I show it as the eighth house. Scorpio’s ruler, like Aries, is Mars, the next decan is Jupiter for Pisces, and the third decan is the Moon for Cancer.

The Final Four

The ninth house is Sagittarius. Its ruler is Jupiter, like Pisces. The second decan is Mars for Aries and the third decan is Leo, as we work counter clockwise to fill in the lords. With Sagittarius, we have finished the fire quadrature.

The tenth house is Capricorn. Its ruler is Saturn, the second decan is Venus for Taurus and the third decan is Mercury for Virgo. We have now finished the earth quadrature.

The eleventh house is Aquarius. Its ruler is also Saturn, and not Uranus. The second decan is Mercury for Gemini and the third decan is Venus for Libra. We have now finished the air quadrature.

The twelfth and last house in the zodiac is Pisces. Its ruler is Jupiter, the second decan is the Moon for Cancer and the third decan is Mars, and not Pluto, for Scorpio. We have now finished the water quadrature and completed all the decans for the signs too.

Sinema’s ascendant rising chart

Below is Senator Sinema’s traditional natal chart.


  • 1
    Celestiology rectified this chart, and is unavailable elsewhere

C250 James F. Byrnes, presidential king maker

The many facets of Justice Byrnes

James F. Byrnes was a lawyer with no formal education, something you would never see today,  and so is remarkable.  More striking is he had an influential role in the political careers of presidents Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, and Richard Nixon.  Despite ending his scholastic career at fourteen when he left and went to work, FDR appointed him a Supreme Court Justic and if all of that was not notable, unlike most life-jurists,  he did not die in office, but resigned, and returned to political life,  and ran, successfully, as governor of his home state, South Carolina.

He was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on May 2, 1882 to a newly widowed mother. As the clerkship for Judge Aldrich required him to be 21 years old, he falsified his year of birth as 1879. This, while striking today,  was not particularly remarkable at the time, as many people did that to meet work requirements.

He represented South Carolina in the House (1911-25) and Senate (1931-41).  When he was really twenty-one,  they admitted him to the bar as a self-taught lawyer.  From there, he ran for the Senate, where he helped spearhead much of his friends’ Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s (FDR) New Deal legislation.  Like another Roosevelt faithful,  Frank Murphy, Byrnes was sworn in as associate justice of the Supreme Court in July 1941 right before the start of World War II.

Our header picture is color coded for this a very august body : the British UK Prime Minister Clement .R. Attlee (White), President Harry S Truman(Blue) , and Soviet Union General Secretary (Premier) Josef Stalin (red ) all seated from left to right. In the rear, standing are US Admiral and President of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, J.D. Loahy, UK Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, US. Secretary of State, J.F.Byrnes (green) and Soviet Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars (Prime Minister)   Vyacheslav Molotov at Potsdam, Germany.

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C155 Titanic Kate Winslet

Table of contents

Kate Winslet was born Kate Elizabeth Winslet to an acting family on October 5, 1975 at 7:15 am giving her the ascendant of 12 Libra, Miners emerging from a mine. This rising symbol shows her curiosity and indomitable self-confidence that is the real strength of her personality. Opposite her Jupiter in Aries making it rather difficult for her to keep weight off while her Mars in Gemini makes her high-strung, a true Hollywood prima-donna that is very demanding to get on with (she’s on her third marriage). 

Despite those drawbacks, her friendship with Leonardo DiCaprio is more the exception than the rule.  With  her Venus in Virgo, a steadfast earth sign, she is a loyal friend, particularly towards those she has met in her line of work and whom she has high regard — this setup also makes her rather choosy about whom to befriend. 

winslet kate

Riding the seas of inspiration

Her Neptune in the Second house shows that through her acting career, she will be successful — but what’s really insightful here is Neptune rules the seas, and Ms. Winslet started her career in James Cameron’s Titanic (see our write  up on the real ocean liner here).  It was truly a great career move.  Teamed with her Saturn in Leo, she works hard at learning and mastering her craft.


Her North Node in Scorpio is on the path of knowing and shows how much Ms. Winslet needs to explore the depths of relationship.  Perhaps that explains her several marriages, for once she really gets to know someone they hold no allure for her.

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Fibonacci, Julia Robinson and Hilbert’s 10th Problem

Fibonacci Day is November 23rd, and celebrates the work of medieval mathematician Leonardo of Pisa. We have no solid dates on Leonardo, but 11-23 was chosen as those are the first numbers in the sequence. In honour of the day, Science Magazine published an article on an American mathematician who utilized the Fibonacci series to solve German mathematician David Hilbert’s 10th problem of his original list of twenty-three.

Her name was Julia Robinson.

Who is Fibonacci and why do we care?

Leonardo Fibonacci, slang for Filius Bonacci, son of Bonacci, was a medieval Italian mathematician who wrote Liber abaci “Book of the Abacus” in 1202. He was the first European work on Indian and Arabian mathematics and discovered an intrinsic and self-evident algorithm that appears throughout nature.

This is called a “Fibonacci sequence” in his honour and is simple enough: the sum of the two preceding numbers make the next in the series. Thus 1, 1 = 2, 1+2 =3, 3+2=5, 4+5=8 and so on down the line. It is used everywhere including in technical analysis for analyzing stock market charts where lines on a price volume chart are drawn using Fibonacci Retracements, Fibonacci Time Series, and Fibonacci Arcs.

But the most common appearance of a Fibonacci series is in nature, as in the agave plants leaves below. It is a recursive  number sequence because to go forward you must go back, much like back stitch in blackwork embroidery.

Microsoft Bing’s wallpaper honoring the nature of the Fibonacci series.

Fibonacci numbers in botany

Fibonacci numbers are also exemplified by the botanical phenomenon known as phyllotaxis where the whorls on a pinecone , pineapple, or petals on a sunflower follow a sequence of Fibonacci numbers or the series of fractions

David Hilbert poses a problem; Julia responds

Julia Robinson wanted to know the answer to Hilbert’s 10th problem. She worked on it, and found no solution. Just after her 50th birthday, in 1969, twenty two year old Soviet mathematician Yuri Matiyasevich announced that he had solved the problem and acknowledged her paper on how to algorithmically compute functions (also called the recursive functions) as key.

Her paper uses not only the Fibonacci sequence but the Turing wheel for support.

Hilbert’s 10th Problem
Find an algorithm to determine whether a given polynomial Diophantine equation with integer coefficients has an integer solution.
Result: Impossible; Matiyasevich’s theorem implies that there is no such algorithm.

Julia’s Genethetical Chart.

A bucket with a Uranus handle. Her Ascendant is 28 Scorpio.

Julia was born on December 8 1919 in Saint Louis, Missouri to Ralph Bowers Bowman and Helen Bowman who died when Julia was two. Her father remarried and moved the family out to California where Julia got both rheumatic and scarlet fever. In 1936, Robinson entered San Diego State University at the age but transferred to UCal Berkeley in 1939 where she met Raphael M. Robinson, her mentor and later husband. Her specialty was game theory and she was the first female mathematician to be elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

Her Ascendant is 28 Scorpio, [HS] a book about memory techniques or the ability to bring into being a state of accord a system. Her Moon is incredibly fast at 15.07 and then while her Mercury is just 4 degrees away, it is in another sign at 03 Sagittarius 21, making it unfettered. Thankfully her Mercury is also retrograde giving Mrs. Robinson the ability to jump forward in her thought process and visualize what she was looking for, and then be able to trace that process back and write it in mathematical notation. We have not run into this configuration previously.


  • I saw this article in Science News and was captivated, so I did her chart. That’s usually how it works.
  • Julia’s sister, Constance Reid, wrote a biography on both Julia and German mathematician David Hilbert.

C378 Circus Girl

Remember when you had to got o the Circus get the oddities of life?  Then there was television and now YouTube.  One doesn’t have to travel too far to see super large giants, and little tiny midgets.  This chart, mentioned in E.C. Matthews’ Fixed Stars and Degrees of the Zodiac struck my fancy.  Maybe it was because he threw it down as a challenge, maybe it was the connection with the Circus. Perhaps it was both.

Well this is the chart. The question is Why was she in the circus?

circus girl.png

I am using his information with the Koch layout.  I imagine he used Placidus, though he does not say.  He may have been an Equal House man.  Nevermind…

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#16 Albert Victor, King Edward's heir apparent

We start off our grand parade with Prince Albert Edward Victor (Eddy), the eldest son of the eldest son of Queen Victoria, and thus the Prince of Wales, heir apparent. He, as the heading shows, is #16 in the Jones 1000 found in toto at the end of Marc Edmund Jones’s book, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.

During Eddy’s life, there were a lot of rumors about his wayward lifestyle and whether he was the notorious Jack the Ripper. Royal records, of course, place him outside of London during the first of the murders, and his premature death coincided more or less with their abrupt halt. We will explore in this astrological essay if there is any validity to that claim.

Frogmore Castle. Eddy was the first Royal to be born here. The Mausoleum of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert also stands on the west side of the gardens at Frogmore House, chosen by the Queen after her beloved Albert reposed.

The heir apparent

Prince Albert Victor was the first-born son of Albert Edward (known as Bertie), Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) and Princess Alexandra (called Alix) formally Alexandra Caroline Marie Charlotte Louise Julia of Denmark. Eddy,  as he was familiarly called,  was born at Frogmore House on 8th January 1864 at 8:58 PM, two months premature, weighing less than four pounds at birth. Grandmother Queen Victoria named him Albert Victor Christian Edward, and they christened him, as was the custom, 40 days later in the private chapel of Buckingham Palace on Thursday, 10th March 1864.

His Royal Grandmother’s indulgent hand was all over his rearing. She chose the Reverend Neal for the education of both grandsons, but the tutor found Albert Victor’s interest in his studies lacking.  That may have been attributed to his inherited deafness, that ran on his mother’s side, but we do not know how much his hearing impacted him.


Every zodiacal sign rules a part of the body, and Taurus rules the neck and throat, and thus essentially the second house rules the neck too. But in the Prince’s chart, Taurus appears in the ninth house suggesting that “hearing” effected his studies, as traditionally no universities used textbooks — school attendance was just a series of lectures or as the British call it “readings” and students were expected to take good notes. That scenario would make Eddy dismissive of his teachers — oral transmission does not work if they student cannot hear it and prior to Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller lip reading was unknown. Both Cambridge and Oxford still refer to their professors as “readers.”

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