C117 Liberal’s voice, John Stuart Mill

John Stuart Mill was the most influential English language philosopher of the nineteenth century. He was logician, naturalist and an exponent of Utilitarianism. He was the foremost liberal who advocated for the delegate model of electoral rights and thus the consequences of John Locke’s empiricist (knowledge comes from experience) outlook.

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C159 Gillian Rolton, Australian Equestrian Olympian

Gillian Rolton, an Australian equestrian, died  Nov. 18, 2017 at a hospice in her native Adelaide, South Australia; she was 61. The Australian Olympic Committee said the cause was endometrial cancer, a type of cancer that begins in the uterine lining. This is unfortunately suggested by Uranus in the 5th house, or the dissolving of the womb. She was a tireless horsewoman, who despite several serious falls, and other setbacks, never gave up. We at Celestiology are impressed by that attitude, and so when I read her obit in the New York TImes, I knew we had to salute her. RIP Gillian.

A Dinky Die Ozzie

The national sport colours of Australia are green and gold.

Rolton had won an Olympic gold medal four years earlier at the Summer Games in Barcelona aboard Peppermint Grove (better known as Fred or Freddy) — the first Australian horsewoman to do so. She returned with the horse to Atlanta for a three-day competition featuring dressage, cross-country and show jumping event.

In cross-country, an endurance test for both horse & rider, Rolton was confident of her early progress. But at the five-minute mark, Freddy’s hind legs slipped on gravel as he made a turn, and he rolled over her.

“That’s where I broke my collarbone and ribs, he went sliding and I went splat.”

Rolton told The Horse magazine in 2010.

A spectator grabbed Freddy, and someone else helped Rolton back astride. They galloped up a hill hoping to make up for lost time, but as they came to a water jump, Rolton realized that her left arm, which had become difficult to move because of her broken collarbone, lacked the strength to control Freddy, and she fell into the water; she remounted once again.

Rolton said instinct had compelled her to continue despite her falls and injuries, but there was also a practical reason to keep going: as the third of four cross-country riders for Australia, she needed to post a score in case something kept the rider who followed her, Andrew Hoy, from completing his ride. Ironically, she was not needed, her fellow riders had no problems and secured the gold medal. The United States took silver.

Andrew Hoy

She was one of eight Australian Olympic champions to carry their country’s flag in Atlanta’s Olympic opening ceremony, because she did not qualify. In 2000, she was inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame.

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Trini Lopez: a trifecta of talents, singer-songwriter & Gibson guitar designer

A folk legend

Trini Lopez, died of the Wuhan (Covid 19) virus in Rancho Mirage, Calif in August 16, 2020. He was 83 and working at the time for benefit on a music festival to raised food for those afflicted. Born to Mexican parents in Dallas, Texas on May 13, 1937. 1 There is a discrepancy about Trini’s birth date. The NYTimes and the News wires say it is May 13th and that’s what I am using, but Wikipedia, not known for being very accurate has the 15th. I’m sticking with the 13th as the Times already updated the article on the 16th to reflect the home town in Mexico’s misspelling, but never corrected the date.

Trinidad Lopez III was born on May 13, 1937, in Dallas. His father, Trinidad II, was a singer, dancer and musician in the ranchera style but made his living as a manual laborer. As a teenager, the elder Mr. Lopez had married Petra Gonzales in their hometown, Moroleón, in central Mexico.

New York Times, August 11 & also their 16th update 2020, obit for Trini

I’ve pegged him to 04 Sagittarius 21 a critical degree in the zodiac, with the symbol, of “an owl is perched on high, deep in the shade of an old landmark of a tree,” and depicts the ingrained confidence of self,” and shows the independence of one’s spirit.

The cradle aspect is highlighted in the chart.

Independent spirit

And Trini did go his own way. He left high school and went out on his own after only having learned the guitar four years earlier as a birthday gift from his father. And neither did the prejudice he encountered stop him for when people recommended like Ritchie Valens (real name Valenzuela) he Anglicize his name. , Trini objected saying he would succeed or fail as a “Mexican-American”.

Year later talking about that decision he admitted racism in Texas at the time as rough, he also felt it should not dictate to him. “In Texas, we (Mexicans) were treated worse than the Blacks. But I had big dreams,” he in a 2007 interview with a Seattle radio station.

His Mars focal determinator as the lead planet in his Splash temperament type definitely helped him buck up his pride and encourage his determination. Like his mentor, Frank Sinatra, he was “going to do it his way”. Alas that Mars in the twelfth house hurt him when he dealt with the large Hollywood corporation because his impatience, made him leave the 1967 movie “The Dirty Dozen,” when the production teams worked too slowly.

No air in the cradle

That last move was a mistake, because between the cradle aspect & the no air in his chart, Trini probably showed have bit his tongue and been patient. Originally his part in the movie, and a box office hit, was much larger and integral to the overall plot, but it cut down when he had to make tracks. After that escapade, major roles just did not come his way.

But with Neptune at the Midheaven, movies probably were not what he wanted and perhaps he preferred playing music as an individual than being part of the Hollywood ensemble. He got a chance to design some acoustic guitars for Gibson, the electric company, during the sixties too when the company was trying to capture the acoustic folk market. Those guitars today are collector’s items, and based on the Jupiter in the second house I would think he did well from that deal too.

Hammering all over this place

Probably the most ironic thing about Trini who made popular the Peter Paul and Mary song “If I had a hammer” was that he had a grand trine in earth — always practical and hard-headed that he would become a success. Nonetheless, my all time favorite Trini song, is this one written by folkie Pete Seeger for him. The lyrics are on the site.


  • 1
    There is a discrepancy about Trini’s birth date. The NYTimes and the News wires say it is May 13th and that’s what I am using, but Wikipedia, not known for being very accurate has the 15th. I’m sticking with the 13th as the Times already updated the article on the 16th to reflect the home town in Mexico’s misspelling, but never corrected the date.

Pants on Fire, Raymond Burr

Raymond Burr is best known as Perry Mason, Erle Stanley Gardner’s, legal beagle and later Ironsides on television, always shedding light on lies and misdeeds and nary losing the fight. Perry existed before television, he was a radio favorite, but it was Burr’s intensity and drive for excellence that made the L.A. solicitor a household name, and running for a remarkable nine seasons before fading away into rerun history in 1966.

That, though, was not the end of Burr, for he returned as the wheel-chaired crime fighter in Ironsides, which ran for another 8 seasons. Television crime-detective series owe a lot to Burr and Perry Mason, who can easily be called the godfather of all honest lawyers which we know has no price.


The magic of Blarney

Burr was born in New Westminster, British Columbia, near Vancouver. His father, Joseph, was a hardware dealer, and his mother a pianist and music teacher.

Other Burr family members joined him, including his brother Benjamin and Hugh. Joseph settled in New Westminster, as it was the original capitol of British Columbia.The city, aka “The Royal City” was named by Queen Victoria after her favorite part of London, and is twelve miles southeast of Vancouver on the banks of the Fraser River. It became the hub for the Cariboo gold rush and business boomed.

Joseph Burr got a steady job at the new penitentiary and married Mary Jane. Their their eldest son William married Minerva Smith who was born in Chicago 1893, moving back to Canada for the gold boom. During WWI, the Smiths moved again, this time for California, after their daughter was married, and the Burr’s followed with their three children. Alas the California expedition did not pan out for Bill Burr and they were back in New Westminster.

Thus Raymond, conceived in America, born in Canada and made his name back in the States. By his own account he was a “big boy,” weighing twelve and three-quarter pounds at birth and “growing.”1

                    Burr’s Chart


Does his chart show us anything about Raymond, or why his portrayal of Perry Mason was so darned good? Well, that’s the thing, isn’t it?

There is no birth time for Burr, just the date on Astro.com of May 21, 1917. So reading Michael Seth Starr’s book 1 Hiding in Plain sight, Applause Theatre Book Publishers c. 2009 [\mfn] I have rectified Burr to 06 Libra or Esoteric Symbols on the blackboard 2 from Gavin McClung’s Hyperion Symbols. This symbol highlights how Burr’s public and private life were wildly discordant.

He has a preponderance in the ninth house, rather à propos for a man who played lawyers for the bulk of his career, and highlighting his own interest in justice and integrity.

Ray and Bob

His Line of Motivation is conjunct via the Ptolemaic orbs Marc Jones used, and so too is his Line of Vitality.

Because his ascendant is Libra and ruled by Venus, the green planet has a strong effect on his overall chart and here we see it conjunct his South Node, suggesting the importance of love and being loved meant to Burr. This was noticeable in his life because of his tendency to overindulge and feel “unloved” from his increasing size, thus Bob’s constancy in their relationship meant a lot to him.

Burr is a bucket with a Uranian handle found in its own sign of Aquarius. Uranus rules electronics and the airwaves and it was a natural for Burr, who struck out in the theatre, to make a splash in television. His preponderance in the ninth house made him naturally interested in the law and its effects on families. As Thomas Leitch in his “Perry Mason: TV Milestones” book notes,

The most obvious reason for Perry Mason’s prodigious popularity is the program’s most frequently noted feature: its dependence on a dramatic formula that varied remarkably little over its television life.

Every episode began with a trouble family, or a quasi-family group (families are ruled by Cancer and for Burr it is in the ninth house of legal affairs) , an innocent threatened with expulsion from the domestic circle (Saturn ) and a murder for which the innocent was arrested (South Node in Cancer 8th house).

Each accused kept Mason (Uranus in the fourth for his courtroom appearance) whose wily legal strategies in and out of the courtroom won the client’s release and often a confession in the witness box to boot. (Pluto in Cancer in eighth house creating a total metamorphosis of the innocent, sort of Le Miserable like.)

Thomas Leitch, Perry Mason: TV Milestones, Wayne State University Press, 2005

Case closed

Reviewing the chart and looking over the role of Perry, Burr used his chart to its utmost, in fulfilling his destiny.

Burr’s Moon in Gemini gave him the ability to have a double life, but unlike the great comedian W. C. Fields who also misled his public about his feelings about boys, Burr is always a staunch ally of children in Perry Mason. He tells the young Billy Mumy “no matter the time or where I am, if you need me, call me” in the Case of the Shifty Shoebox, and the boy does run into the courtroom, interrupting the proceedings with important news.

As for Field’s famous quip in the Bank dick “here’s a nickel go play in traffic kid”, both Fields and Burr are notable for leaving a substantial amount of their fortunes to the welfare of foundling boys. It just was not much of a surprise for Burr but it is a happy ending.



  1. Starr, Michael Seth, Raymond Burr: Hiding in Plain Sight, c. 2009, Applause Publishing. 280 pp.
    1. Starr has done several of these exposes. His other works are on Art Carney, Ringo Starr and William Shatner. Most of the reviews complain of the poor writing; sorry to say that’s almost always the case in these books, see Kitty Kelly oeuvre.


  • 1
  • 2

John Brown Abolitionist

Surprisingly the Transcendentalists loved him

Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau thought he was “Jesus come to life,” such was the aura around John Brown abolitionist. Born on May 9th, 1800 in West Torrington, Litchfield County, Connecticut, he was the third of six children to Owen and Ruth Brown. The first having died in infancy, the second was a girl named Anna, and then John was named for Owen’s father and grandfather.1

The Sword is mightier than the pen

I have John Brown pegged to 18 Libra or the Hyperion symbol of a “Church in the Andes” because his elevated standard call for some degree of separation or isolation. The keyword is Adherence because of maintenance of a consistent loyalty and faithful attachment to something larger and greater than his self. His Part of Fortunate at 01 Taurus 04 is a Ship’s compass or his unerring sense of direction that others mouth but he works hard to manifest.

The Browns desolate after their first son’s death, felt that this was a sign from God, and in the aftermath of the “great awakening” joined the Torrington Congregational Church. In 1804 the Brown family left Connecticut and moved west to Ohio’s Western Reserve where others in their congregation had gone and settled in Hudson, Ohio. He married his first wife, Dianthe Lusk, on June 21 1820. After bearing six children, Dianthe died in 1832 and John remarried Mary Ann Day on June 14, 1833.

Brown was executed on December 2, 1859 in Charles Town, West Virginia for his raid on Harper’s Ferry with “General” Harriet Tubman and their planned slave uprising. Frederick Douglass and Wm. Lloyd Garrison had both against the plan and recommended he consider different tactics.

Truth to Power

Garrison in particular believed in a nonviolent crusade because he felt bloodshed was evil and ungodly. He sought to bring the slaveholder, whom he considered an unregenerate sinner, to his knees and unto God by the sheer moral force of abolition argument. Douglasson the other hand, believed that bloodshed was inevitable because “in their proud hearts they could never give up their slaves unless a big stick was over their heads” but after touring around the North, particularly throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio advocating insurrection, Douglass was stunned to find his Yankees audience did not support that idea at all. Most were horrified by his suggestions, so that by 1859 and Brown’s Harper’s Ferry Raid, he had changed his tune and counselled Brown heavily against it.

Brown did not listen. Instead he crossed swords with US General Robert E. Lee with JEB Stuart under his command and was captured. Slaves in the area did not rise up to join him as he had thought, and two of his sons from Mary were killed; his son Owen from his union with Dianthe and named for his father, escaped. Brown’s exploits in Kansas “Bloody” Kansas have been noted previously here.


  • Oates, Stephen B., Purge this Land with Blood, A biography of John Brown, New York, Harper & Row, Publishers c. 1970, first edition.
    • chapter 1, page 7.

Rara avis Ruta Lee

Last night Ruta Lee appeared on the Fugitive, the second part of the d episode ANGELS TRAVEL ON LONELY ROADS as a redhead. I remembered her from Hollywood Squares that my grandmother faithfully watched, so naturally I did her chart and went to her website, the eponymously named Ruta Lee, to learn more.

Ruta was born in Montreal Canada to Lithuanian emigres on May 30th 1935, time unknown but I have pegged her ascendant to 12 Cancer or the Sabian Symbol of “a Chinese woman nursing a baby who is a glorious nimbus of divine incarnation.” Marc Jones says this symbol highlights when the individual uses all of her talents (Ruta danced, sang, played dramatic and comedic roles) in becoming a star in her chosen realm (for Ruta that was Hollywood). Alas, in her chart it is square by Mars in Libra in the fourth , showing that instead of reaching her full potential she was thwarted, and frustrated at every turn by her own over-zealous ambition.

Looking at Ruta

Ruta Highlights

  • Ruta is a locomotive temperament type with a problem of trusting people.
  • She has a Grand Trine in water, Saturn in a Pisces to Venus in Cancer to Jupiter in Scorpio, making her a whirlwind performer who was always looking for the next role.
  • Saturn is also one arm to her yod, the other being Uranus in the eleventh, its essential house showing how her her telegenic looks, and God-given talents gave her the credentials to be a Hollywood star.
    • The head of her yod is at the centaur Hylonome (not shown), appropriate because centaurs area group of planet-crossing objects in the outer planetary region that are technically classified as asteroids but in reality are comets. Centaurs are rare in astronomy; only thirty five have been discovered.
  • Venus in her second house shows she was naturally curvaceous and probably has to work at keeping her figure slim but also that she is an excellent money manager whose weakness probably is collecting favorite things like Hollywood memorabilia.
  • She has a preponderance in Cancer, highlighting her expansive array of talents.
  • Her Mental Chemistry is perceptive.
  • Ruta’s Sun is inconjunct its essential house, the fifth, showing that most likely she would not have children because she would prolong them too long because of her innate workaholism (Venus trine Jupiter in the sixth), while also trine the seventh house whether the Galactic Center was then highlighting the possibility that a marriage to a very dynamic foreigner (he would be neither Lithuanian nor Canadian); she married a Texan.
  • She does not have any oppositions in her chart. Highlighting the personal responsibility in using her talents and creating opportunity.

Ms. Lee is still alive, married and according to her publicist loves fan-mail. Give her a shout and let her know we are one of them. Thanks.

Amy Klobuchar and the Farmer-Labor Party of Minnesota

Senator Amy Klobuchar is a member of the Minnesotan Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, founded by former Vice President Hubert Horatio Humphrey Jr. on April 15, 1944. Vice President Walter Mondale was also a member of the party. The keystones of the party’s platform are the right to stable employment with a fair wage, the importance of education, access to affordable healthcare, the right to live safely, and retire with dignity and security.

She is married to John D. Bessler an attorney and law professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law, and an adjunct professor at the Georgetown University Law Center, they have one daughter, Abigail. She and her husband are Unitarians.

Amy Klobuchar and husband John Bessler

Recently, Klobuchar was one of the candidates for Democratic nominee for the office of president of the USA. She resigned and gave her support to former Vice President Joseph Biden.

The Klobuchar Map

Klobuchar was born on May 25, 1960, in Plymouth Minnesota. Her father is Slovenian while her mother is Swiss-German.

We have rectified her chart to 8:22 am or 13 Cancer 48 with the Sabian symbol of a “woman facing a vast space to the northeast” that highlights her great ambition (Mars in the tenth house at 10 Aries 49 found in its exaltation and its domal dignity as Mars is exalted in Capricorn). It has the appropriate symbol of “sanction” because without both electoral and party support she will not get there. Her ambition is further confirmed by her Part of Fortune conjunct her ascendant in the first house.

Her chart pattern, a Splay Temperament Type with a Grand Trine in Earth unites her third, seventh and twelfth houses, but with a strong emphasis on the last house and her desire to acquire prestige through her shrewd sympathy of government reform.

While Senator Klobuchar has retired from this round of national presidential politics,we can be assured she return to the ring again for the run for the roses.

Looking at this chart we see how Klobachur and the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party are in sync with each. The Party’s chart is the founding by VP Humphrey on April 15, 1944, in Saint Paul, Minnesota at 12 noon, the approximate time of the announcement.

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