#J75 Among many Hollywood’s Firsts, Warner Baxter

  • Warner Baxter was the first American to win the Academy Award for Best Actor.
  • He was the first actor to portray the character of Jay Gatsby on-screen in The Great Gatsby (1926).
  •  By 1936, Baxter was the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, earning a record $284,000.

His best role is that of the doctor who treated Abraham Lincoln‘s assassin, in The Prisoner of Shark Island (1936). Sorry, cannot find that one. But the one below was directed by the great Frank Capra.  This one is rather amusing as Baxter had a fear of horses — Uranus (which rules the Equines btw)  20 Libra 25 in the twelfth house, large corporations, self-imprisonment and self-undoing,  conjunct his ascendant at 23 Libra.


Baxter was born on March 29, 1889, in Columbus Ohio but when his father died when he was nine, his mother moved the family West to San Francisco. Things according to his account were going well when in 1906, the Great Quake struck Frisco, and the Baxter family found themselves living in tents. They were lucky it was Spring. 

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg RIP


Ginsburg dies

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second woman to serve on the Supreme Court and a pioneering advocate for women’s rights, died of complications from metastatic pancreas cancer on on Friday, Sept. 18, 2020. She was 87.

Ginsburg had announced in July that she was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for lesions on her liver, the latest of her several battles with cancer. President Bill Clinton appointed her to the bench following Sandra Day O’Connor’s retirement.

The justice, who was not known to be overtly religious, also coincidentally died on Rosh Hashanah, the start of the Jewish New Year. This comes from the Old Testament and the book of Leviticus 23:23-31. Because religious Jews count their days at sunsets, Rosh Hashanah started at sunset on Friday, 1 Tishrei, 5781 and ended two days later also at sunset on Sunday, Sept. 20 or 3 Tishrei 5781. Chabad.org, gives greater information this.

Buried in Arlington Nat’l

She will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia at a private service next week. While Madame Justice is not a military veteran, Ginsburg is eligible to be buried at the largely military cemetery., next to her husband, an Army veteran, who died in 2010. Thirteen Supreme Court justices are also buried in Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s backyard.

Our original post on Justice Ginsburg took Lois Rodden’s Pisces Ascendant which I found did not work with most of her life event’s as noted in her autobiography, so I rectified her 20 Taurus or the Hyperion Symbol of “Time Zones in a Foreign Country.”

Consideration of Time Zones

That symbol seems strange for a US Justice but she made her self clear more than once that she thought the American Constitution was outdated and biased and preferred the South African Constitution. At the time, the quote is above, she was clear that the American was too vague on its expectations from its citizens while the South African precisely states the rights and duties of its citizens, as well as defining the structure of its Government. That attitude strikes me as a rather fixed personality; it definitely is not the hallmark of a mutable who prefers things to be open and flexible to fit the times and needs of society.

The outer chart above is about the time when the Justice died. It has been hard to get an actual time so I settled on this one — the earliest I could find of a major national paper announcing her death. Based on the aspects between the two charts, I think she died earlier that morning; possibly around 8:30 am.

This last chart is her rectified natal.

Ginsburg’s natal chart has no interceptions; she stated clearly who she was and what she believed, something she had in common with President Trump, also a rising fixed (Leo) sign. She was agreat friends with politically opposite, Antonin Scalia.

Our condolences to her family, friends and admirers of whom there were many.

This was updated on Friday, September 25th with further information about RBG’s interment. There still is no mention of the day, though I imagine it is today, based on reports that President Trump will announce her replacement on Saturday and he has said he would wait until she was buried.

C196 Dithering John Durham

U.S. Attorney John Durham may wait until after the 2020 presidential election to make his conclusions public on the Ukraine-gate scandal because as his ascendant shows, Aries 30, he needs to get his ducks all set up in a row. This meticulousness borders on procrastination and indecision — aka who can he afford to hurt more — is further shown by Venus in Aquarius in the tenth house — a constant gathering of information, and data so that his decisions and career remain unimpeachable.

John Henry Durham was born on March 16th 1950 in Boston and went the liberal arts college Colgate University in New York State and then Univ of Connecticut for his law degree after which he was a VISTA (a JFK created service organization i.e. Volunteers in Service of America) volunteer for two years (1975–1977) on the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana. He is a Red Sox fan and his wife Susan and he live in Groton, where his alma mater also is located.

Stoolie’s and the Law

Durham has no planets in either their rulership or exaltation. He great talent in networking well (the eleventh house preponderance) and is sympathetic to those who wield power (Mercury to Midheaven) but it is his ability to resort to dodgy tactics to trap (or entrap) his victim (Mercury opposition Saturn in the creative 5th house) through the use of informants that makes him a prosecutor that is hard to beat.

Durham’s use of stoolies was so renown in the Whitey Bulger case that Martin Scorsese made it a movie starring Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg & Leonardo DiCaprio called “The Departed.” 1 Spoiler: Jack Nicholson plays Whitey in the movie and does a superb, if not unnerving, job. The main informants are Matt Damon, and Leonardo DiCaprio, though there are many others, known and unknown throughout the movie, making it a series of interconnected jigsaw puzzles .

While Durham’s methods may have been surprising, they were effective and Whitey Bulger, himself an FBI informant, was apprehended. The press hailed Durham as a hero for busting Bulger and President Clinton made him the U.S. Attorney General for the District of Connecticut.

Durham’s ascendant is opposite AG Barr’s and square President Trump’s.

This, and a few other high profile cases, led Attorney General William Barr tp picking John Durham to conduct an inquiry into the origins and conduct of the Trump-Russia investigation. Durham has recently said that he may wait until after November to reveal what he has found or to hand down indictments, according to sources cited by Fox News.

A source close to Durham said that he “does not want this seen as political” while Sen. Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and a longtime critic of the Trump-Russia investigations, warned waiting until after November’s contest might be too late and affect the election adversely. — the Washington Examiner. We argue that because of his over-cautious method he made dribble out convictions and leave the biggest when it counts least.

I updated this article on 1 September 2020 to reflect missing aspects and the latest news.

On August 14, 2020, Durham filed the first charge of his criminal inquiry against the primary FBI attorney assigned to provide legal support to the special counsel team led by Robert Mueller; this does not look too good for Mueller, but chances are it will not be making many headlines either.


  • 1
    Spoiler: Jack Nicholson plays Whitey in the movie and does a superb, if not unnerving, job. The main informants are Matt Damon, and Leonardo DiCaprio, though there are many others, known and unknown throughout the movie, making it a series of interconnected jigsaw puzzles .

J#140 How do i love thee? Elizabeth Barrett Browning


                              HOW DO I LOVE THEE?

(From Sonnets from the Portuguese)

by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

  •          HOW do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
  •          I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
  •          My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
  •          For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
  •          I love thee to the level of everyday’s
  •          Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
  •          I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
  •          I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
  •          I love thee with the passion put to use
  •          In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
  •          I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
  •          With my lost saints,- I love thee with the breath,
  •          Smiles, tears, of all my life!- and, if God choose,
  •          I shall but love thee better after death.



                A brief intro

Elizabeth Barrett Moulton-Barrett was born on Thursday, March 6, 1806, the eldest child of Edward Moulton-Barrett (1785–1857) and Mary Graham-Clarke (1781–1828), at Coxhoe Hall, County Durham, England.   Both come from families with extensive plantations in Jamaica, where Edward was born and lived until the age of seven.

EBB’s beloved brother Edward Moulton-Barrett (‘Bro’, 1807–40) is born 26 June 1807. The other siblings most important to EBB (there are twelve children altogether, eleven of whom survive infancy) are Henrietta (1809–60), born March 1809, Arabella (Arabel, 1813–68), born 4 July 1813, and George (1816–95) born 15 July 1816.

The Barretts left Coxhoe in the Autumn of 1808 and, after a period spent mainly in London and at Mickleham in Surrey, move at the end of 1809 to Hope End, near Ledbury, Herefordshire (purchased for £24 000).  This would be their home until August 1832. The original house is converted into stables and a new mansion in exotic Turkish style is constructed.

Her mother died from rheumatoid arthritis on July 7th, there has been a lot of conjecture that is what EBB had as it is a hereditary disease; here is one view.

                                                                                 The Neptunian Sprite

Mrs. Browning is not esteemed in literary circles to be a great poet,  except for Sonnets from the Portuguese which thankfully her husband Robert Browning encouraged to her publish. Prior to that most of her poems were sweet but lacked depth.  but her chart tells us that Neptune’s  discovery during her lifetime and she married four years later,  had a monumental effect on this lovely lady and its conjunction in her chart exactly to the then Galactic Center (24.14 in Sagittarius that fell in her Third House of short communications (unlike her husband she wrote no long poems) was just about to change everything.

So, if anyone epitomizes Neptune in the Arts and the Spirit of this planet, it is this delicate lady, who wrote extremely popular, well-paid and well-loved verse all from the confines of her couch.

That Neptune centered in the part of her bowl emphasizing Personal Expression is square her Sixth House that owns a flurry of planets working busily to make her, during her lifetime, the most Popular and Well-Paid Writer in Victorian Britain — and for a woman no less.

                                   Elizabeth and Emily

Often it is said that Emily Bronte, who shares much in common with Mrs. Browning is the Neptunian Definition, but the problem is this is more because of movie on Wuthering Heights with Merle Oberon and Laurence Olivier and not on its own merits.  Mrs. Browning, on the other hand, needs no movie, no Hollywood send-up, her Sonnets are one of the most well-loved, highly regarded and memorized set of poems in modern times.

barret browning.png

An invalid, Saturn in the Second House, may have had HPKK but it also resembles what was called then “neurasthenia” or what is now referred to a fibromyalgia — sensitive neural pathways that overreact to stress, exercise, and fatigue.  As the disease typically overwhelms the victims, it is hard for them to manage daily existence and as stress is a strong contributor, and her father’s overbearing manner (Saturn in the Second sextile the North Node exact to Jupiter in the Fourth House of the Home and father) did not help there.

As Poet

She found great comfort (Jupiter in the Fourth House sextile the stellium in the Sixth) in her work.  Mercury and Mars show her vigour for writing and self-expression.  Pluto separates that pair — and was yet to be discovered for another 70 years — from the Sun conjunct Venus just sitting proud and regal on the Seventh House of Relationships cusp — they met through her work.

It was the relationship that fueled gossip rags, angered people and gave hope to the love lorn:  infirm and quite wealthy Elizabeth left all to be with her great love, the nascent poet Robert Browning, in Italy.  They hoped that the warm of the Mediterranean rays would help her health.  She lived another fifteen years, so who knows if it did, but it was Browning that disciplined her mind, broke her from her father and made her create great passionate verse that made Shakespeare’s sonnets look pale in comparison.

Her ascendant at 30 Virgo, Dr. Henry J. Gordon (he was a medical doctor who took up astrology after World War I) writes that this degree gives one an “eccentric nature” that is in tune with mysticism, and will tend towards mental work.  He cites that this is a tragic degree because they are too attuned to their own body.

For Mrs. Barrett, the Mercury trine to Saturn conjunct Uranus (the individual breaks out from structure and demands through sorrow) semi-sextile Neptune/the Galactic Center (extreme sensitivity to a new mode of expression) was just that extra push that she needed.  But let us not think that her father was her only impression; her mother’s death (Saturn inconjunct Venus and just missing a conjunction to the Moon) started her poetic career with Aurora Leigh, telling us how sorrow, love, and partings were all melded into one beautiful whole in her writings.

Her part of Fortune is at 25 Aries in the Seventh, suggesting that Marriage would allow the potential within to be unlocked….and we most definitely agree.  Go to Gutenberg.org and download the Sonnets, or go to Poemhunter read them.  Either way, you will not be denied.

You can read a little more about her from this essay here.

“First time he kissed me he but only kissed
The fingers of this hand wherewith I write,
And ever since, it grew more clean and white,
Slow to world-greetings, quick with its ‘Oh, list,’
When the angels speak. A ring of amethyst
I could not wear here, plainer to my sight,
Than that first kiss. The second passed in height
The first, and sought the forehead, and half-missed
Half falling on the hair. O beyond meed!
That was the chrism of love, which love’s own crown
With sanctifying sweetness, did precede.
The third upon my lips was folded down
In perfect, purple state; since when, indeed,
I have been proud and said, ‘My love, my own!’


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