C164 Sleeping with the enemy: Eric Swalwell

Why the Scandal Matters

California Representative Eric Swalwell, who is on the Foreign Intelligence Committee, is in the news for sleeping with a known Chinese spy, Christine Fong, her Chinese name is different depending upon the new source, but the anti-CCP run Epoch Times says Christine’s name is Fang Fang, and she has received lots of secret intelligence briefs from him.

This comes from Axios News Media, created in 2016 by former Politico journalists,  who broke the story saying Swalwell is claiming this a Trump ploy. This makes no sense because Swalwell was just re-elected, and if it involved the President, would not have Trump have released this before the election?


Logic does not seem to be Swalwell strength though, because another one of his arguments is he is so poorly under-funded he cannot do background checks on his staff. In the meantime, the Guardian says that Swalwell’s brother and father, the ex-police Chief of Sac City, have defriended Fong after five years of Facebook friendship (this predates his marriage in 2016). 

Another California representative, Rho Khanna, has defriended Fong too. There is no mention of Congresswoman Judy Chu’s friend status with Fong.

Christine Fang, also known as Fang Fang, pictured with Congressman Eric Swalwell, left, and then with California Congressman Judy Chu, right.

Swalwell has yet to deny the allegations of cheating on his wife with an aide (shades of Monica Lewinsky) just that he claims he never gave her any information; Nancy Pelosi is “shocked” by the Axios report. Whatever Fong’s official capacity in the Representative’s  Office, we know she is an employee of Red China, somewhat like Mata Hari in World War I, using sex  to get information to help her side, so no matter how happy Swalwell was in the relationship, and he must have been since it has lasted a while;  she is not in it for the sex.

If on the other hand, as he contends, he was not supplying her with intelligence, but just sweet favours, she would have moved onto another pigeon.  That is how espionage works.

Eric’s Charts & Natal lines

Eric Swalwell’s natal chart that was rectified to 17 Cancer 35, the symbol of a “hen clucking for her chickens in a bustling barnyard.”  Jones writes that this degree is about using things for one’s own agenda.

Swalwell is a bucket with a Moon handle in the ninth house of legislature. His father was the police chief of Sac City, Iowa, and with the fourth house filled to the brim with a large stellium in Libra one sees that justice plays a large part in Eric’s life.  In the neighboring fifth house of sex, and creative regeneration, Eric’s problem with women comes into play:  a rather fast Moon and very forward Mercury suggesting Eric relies on his good looks and charm to get him out of any difficulty instead of actually facing the issues head on.

The angle of the Moon

Swalwell’s Moon is problematic, hinting Swalwell is his own worst enemy, right there on the ninth house cusp in Aquarius.  This has more to do more with the Moon at 29 Aquarius 29, hovering near the eighth house  of other people’s money, sex and death.  It is also opposite President Trump’s ascendant on the third house cusp, showing how desire to curry favour with the Press, and do what was popular with them in attacking Trump and hopefully taking him down, he would in turn becomes the  front runner for  2024 Presidential race, but neither he nor his buddy Schiff delivered that fatal blow. 

For with so much air in his chart, Swalwell over thought the situation, and became arrogant.  That large stellium blinded him, as he relied too much on other people, not seeing how those relationships, while help get him into the limelight now, could  swiftly turn and shut him out, when someone better came along.  The backward thrust of the handle encouraged that shortsighted reliance to think only in terms of “now” and not realize what lay ahead. A good scenario of this aspect is Swalwell gets in bed with the Chinese to make a name for himself, never seeing that such a relationship could boomerang.  

That made me look to see if there were any major US political figures with so many air conjuncts.  I did find another,  with lots of conjunctions, also in Libra, but this time in the first house; that chart belongs to former President Bill Clinton.  Former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, also has a lot of conjunctions  but in the fifth and  Aquarius.  No one else from McKinley on came close to those two.

His Moon square the Sun on the cusp of the sixth house is also problematic, hinting that while he make not lose his seat,  he is a Democrat, he could lose his high profile position  on the Intelligence Committee (see the Transiting Mars to Jupiter in Capricorn in the seventh) where he was able to bully Trump with threats of a Russian collusion and fade into oblivion.

                 High Tech and the FBI

The representative’s  Sun’s proximity to Uranus in the sixth tells us that while he claims he has no money for surveillance, Swalwell is technologically savvy enough to take advantage of whatever low-cost information is out there like TruthFinder.com.  But frankly he does not even that, as the FBI provides those checks for members of Congress for free, under the Freedom of Information Act, if requested.   


Beware of Foreign Ambassadors

On another note, Swalwell’s transiting Venus conjunct natal Sun in the fifth suggests  sexual exploits with foreign ambassadors will come to light now

The sextile between his Mars and Venus (the Line of Efficiency) gives him  a sexually passionate nature, his tactile way of  faking an earth relationship,  most likely would lead to extra martial affairs.  This is  because Mars is on the seventh house cusp there but with Neptune nearby, dupes him, making him think he can fake his way of any problem, and keep his home life intact.

But despite Pelosi’s great protestations, this call is up to Brittany Watt Swalwell, and it is hard without her info, to know how she will proceed, though the marriage chart does provide some hints.

Eric and Brittany’s wedding day chart.

Brittany Watt, formerly of Miami, Florida, met Eric while she was the Director of Sales at the Ritz Carlton in swanky Half-Moon Bay; no dates.  The two  were married in the Oakland’s County Clerk’s office on October 14 2016 and here I made a guess that because it was at the Country Clerk’s office it was early in the day—basically they were prosaic and the marriage was a formality.  This created the chart above, the marriage as a transit to Eric’s natal chart and mirable dictu, we got the marriage’s  Part of Fortune 26 Aries 28  the same as his natal Midheaven.

The Sabian  symbol for this degree is  a panorama of events blended together trying to recapture a lost opportunity, and it gets the warning to beware self-pity.  I think that is  àpropos,  as the chart suggests she was pregnant with their son. The Mars in the seventh though suggests divorce, and conjunct Pluto from infidelity.

Eric and Brittany Watts Swalwell with their two children. 

It’s too early to say whether Mrs. Swalwell will agree, but since Pelosi already lost many representatives in California, she will undoubtedly put a lot of pressure on Mrs. Swalwell (transiting Sun conjunct transiting Mercury conjunct natal Neptune in the sixth) to do the right thing for the Party; Nancy cannot afford to let her majority shrink any further.

His Line of Motivation, Jupiter to Saturn, is conjunct, as is the current mundane configuration as it goes into the 2020 Great Conjunction next; on his current transit chart, this spans his seventh and eighth houses. As a replay of his birth aspects, it suggests the reason for the scandal coming out now is the CCP no longer needs him having run the well dry.

Finally, his Line of Culture, Neptune to Uranus, is a semi-sextile away, highlighting his self-willed nature that is alas also rather self-indulgent. That may explain his hubris in believing he will get away with scandal, but he is naïve if he thinks Fong was just there for his prowess.

Speaker Pelosi has renewed his position as head of Intelligence because in the current state of American politics, a Democrat can do wrong and as winds point these days, only in the East, surprising or not, does it matter if one is sexually lascivious.

Alcabitius House System & Simone Signoret

Alcabitius is the Latinized version of  Al-Quabisi, a tenth century Christian Egyptian. He is notable because the house system that bears his name predates him, but he described it in his only extant work “Book of the Introduction to the Craft of Astrology” written in Arabic and Latin and two, he encouraged the scientific aspects of the craft without religious bias.

Janus 5.0 has Alcabitius with semi-arcs; Kepler only uses daily arcs; and they do make different charts. After viewing each, I think the semi-arc method is much better. I will show the differences ala Madame Signoret’s chart. In the beginning of this crazed enterprise, I used Koch and Alcabitius, and while I have been correcting the text over from SabianEarth, I have kept the charts in the same format.

Placidus and Koch are variants of Alcabitius’ s method but instead of a trisection of the quadrant onto the ecliptic and then projecting it onto the equatorial latitude, the latter two use the intersection method. Alas, there is little out there on the two different methods to fully understand the difference other than by observation and then you do not get the underlying nuances because unless you can find the math behind the method, you do not know what you are seeing: it may just be serendipity that something matches or not.

I used the Alcabitius system for both the Battle of Karabala and the Death of Saladin, but did no house comparisons there. Perhaps that is something you can do. If so let me know how it turns out.

Predating Alcabitius

The Porphyry system predates Alcabitius and is named after the discipline of Ptolemy, though Ptolemy is thought to have used the Equal system and like the Alcabitius method is named for a man who did not invent it. We know this because Vettius Valens describes such a system in his works, and I guess it received Porphyry’s name because it would give the method his stamp of approval and validity.

The similarity between Alcabitius and Porphyry is they both divide the hemispheres into three, not four, equal parts, but Alcabitius then uses the right ascension while Porphyry uses the equatorial longitude (the ecliptic). The idea behind triangulation is you have to know at least two of the points to make a mathematical estimate of the third. Since knowledge of the earth’s sphericity was not yet proven, but speculated, that this works at all is rather remarkable.

Burnett-Yamamoto’s Al-Qabisi

Charles Burnett and Keiji Yamamoto wrote a book for the Warburg Institute, London, on Al-Qabisi: the Introduction to Astrology published in 2004 that is superb but a lot of the footnotes are in Latin; some in Greek and some even in Arabic. A full fifty pages is the Latin-Arabic glossary.

A more recent tradition, probably written because the Burnett-Yamamoto translation is out of print by Dr. Benjamin Dykes, that runs about $20.00. I have never read it, so I cannot comment. I would recommend inter-library loan, which is how I read the Burnett version, though based on the scarcity of the book, and the ridiculous price, AbeBooks is quoting $350.00, I doubt they will release it beyond their four walls.

In Burnett-Yamamoto’s book, Al-Qabisi says the Tetrabiblos and the Almagest 1 ibid, pp. 5-6 are required reading for an astrologer for they must understand how the earth and the skies interrelate: it is the crux of his science. I cannot disagree there.

Al-Qabisi then gives 4 stages of an astrologer:

  • the highest the one makes his own house system, orbs and aspects based on “rational demonstrations and experiments.”
    • This is the historical mundane astrologer who understands and can explain the world in which they live.
  • The next is the astrologer competent in his skills but does not understand the mathematical pretexts for it.
    • This is the genethlialogical (natal) astrologer who investigates how an individual lives within their world.
  • The third knows only one technique that they got from their master and no other
  • and the fourth relies on his instruments and dutifully recites them.

It is obvious though by all the writers, Al-Qabisi quotes, he was very well read. He cites Abu Masar, Vettius Valens and Dorotheus and their pronouncements on the Tetrabiblos — where they agree, disagree or expand but he himself makes no value judgements on their work because that is something the reader, the working astrologer, must do for themselves. This was the traditional method of teaching and journalism, and why old textbooks are back in style, since currently these institutions have thrown unbiased reporting out the door for political positioning.

On another note, valuable to those who follow Marc Jones’s idea of a high-focused planet, and that is Alcabitius strongly urges the astrologer to discover the most important planet in the chart and work for there. I believe that is where the similarity ends, for Jones always defaults to positional emphasis while Alcabitius uses aspectual. I tend to agree with the latter.

And now Madame Signoret…

Simone Signoret in Porphyry

The Porphyry system is far older than Alcabitius’s and dates from the 3rd century AD. It is named for the Porphyry, the Neo-Platonist philosopher, best known for his works on his mentor Plotinus Marc Jones loved the philosopher and wrote many “lesson sets” on his works.

Porphyry’s method, based on his notes on Ptolemy, was written in his “Introduction to Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos, ” (that I have never read), and uses the 10th House cusp for the midheaven. Therefore, many systems do still.

Kent McClung, an astrologer and author of the Hyperion Symbols, uses the Porphyry, probably because of the Plotinus connection, though to be honest I never asked. He did say how he tried to persuade his mentor and great friend, Marc Jones, to do the same, but Jones would have none of it and stayed with Placidus throughout his career.

As for Ms. Signoret’s chart, the time is from Amazon’s IMBD.com She has no interceptions though the fourth house looks odd, split with a full thirty degrees between Uranus in Pisces and the Sun in Aries. As it is a quincunx to the ninth, where Neptune lies, shows her strong devotion to the Soviet Union and Communism, while The tenth shows how her “Moon” made her receptive to how outsiders and avant-garde politicos thought. Her understanding and portrayal of them would lead to her career success, and since acting is a performing art, the combination the Moon and Jupiter represents the field, and the multitude of characters and people it deals with, well.

Simone Signoret- Yves Montand were known for its engagement with causes of social justice and human liberation. They campaigned publicly against the execution of the Rosenbergs, the Vietnam War and the Franco-Algerian War; [When Soviet Russia invade Hungary in 1956] they personally told Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev of their [disagreement].

Jewish women’s archive by Sandy flitterman-lewis

Alcabitius (Kepler) Daily Arc & Simone Signoret

This is a great disappointment, as only the cusps changed between the two and Ms. Signoret had no planets lurking near them. We did not even get any interceptions. Obviously, we must move on. Still, Saturn and Jupiter are now in the tenth, highlighting her cultural appeal and also her use of her status to push her Communist philosophy, with the Moon in Libra in the eleventh, for the ardor of her fans.

Venus in the fifth in Taurus, where she is exalted, highlights her beauty and great allure and charm, and it is hard to ignore her presence in any scene she appears in. Of course her size plays into that, but that is all part of the Bull’s majesty. Her fifth house is trine the ninth where we find Neptune in Leo and highlighting her many roles as either mistresses to married men, as in Diabolique, or as outright whores because of her political beliefs that whatever she does is above reproach. An idealistic attitude, but then this is Neptune, and that planet tends to impart both to person and philosophy a rosy glow.

Kamala Harris, who shares this opinion, has Neptune in Scorpio, a different fixed sign and in the sixth thus coming from a different angle: this time making her empathetic to women who work for a living and thus more fiercely protective. It is important to note, that it is not the Neptune that makes either woman sympathetic to prostitution, but it is Neptune that colours their eye when regarding their own sex regarding the circumstances that Neptune evokes.

The poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, for example, has Neptune in Sagittarius, and while I do not know her views on prostitution, I can say that with Neptune’s placement there in the third house in her chart, she wrote because while crippled and frail, her spirit would not be kept down and she demanded to be heard.

Alchabitius (Janus & Semi Arc) & Simone Signoret

Eureka! We have a difference, though no interceptions. Still, Signoret has a balanced chart in this layout, though lacking in air, showing how she was rather headstrong, practical and dynamic. Of course this fits her cinematic personality too because as the saying goes “no one acts that well” and having done enough film stars, the old saw is true.

Alchabitius is the British spelling of Alcibiades (Greek spelling).

Jupiter and Saturn have moved to the eighth house from the previous Alcabitius daily arc ninth and here depict her hard work and persistency in carrying out her dreams. Perhaps here is it also showing her desire to topple the capitalism of France and all of Europe, in the French Communard spirit.

Venus previously square it’s essential house of the second is now sextile, suggesting friends and reputation helped her career. Now conjunct Mars Venus highlights her great sex appeal.

Mercury and Uranus, for her personal resources, are in the second but square their own essential ruler and show how she was a woman who smoked too much. Unfortunately, that led to her poor health and premature death from a heart attack at 61.

Uranus is opposite Jupiter, highlighting both her performances and own personality, but also Montand and going to Moscow to visit the Premier to give him a piece of their mind. Amazing but true, and while this was all rather avant garde and shocking for the time, now does not surprise much.

Koch and Simone Signoret

We have a difference here as well, and the similiarities between Koch and Alcabitius semi-arc suggests Koch used the semi-arc method. Another thing I had been expecting was interceptions, because they typically come for German births, and Signoret, her stage name, was born in Wiesbaden. Here with Koch, her third and ninth houses have interceptions and so Jupiter and Saturn (also her Line of Motivation) hide in Virgo still showing us her hard work ethic and dedication to her craft, but as they are latent making it appear natural.

Mercury and Uranus hide in Pisces too, perhaps suggesting that she preferred to get success on her own terms but also why she was banned from coming to America and thus Hollywood because of Communist viewpoints that got on the U.S. State Department “do not enter list.”

**Frankly, I missed this as I could not find any real for this duo in the ninth, much less intercepted, M. K. Saladin pointed that one out., which I used in the pull-quote above.

Her being listed there is a bit of a misnomer because it was her father who was Polish Jew, not her mother, much like Roman Polanski. Since Jews trace their lineage through the female line, as explained in this article from the Jewish Telegraph Archive, she could not have a Jewish ceremony at the funeral, nor would the family sit Shiva afterwards.


As a reward, watch Diabolique and know why she is such a brilliant actress. Her many charts surveyed are below in one pdf package. Vera Clouzot, the director’s wife, is also a treat. Frankly, I think she steals the show.


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    ibid, pp. 5-6

Pants on Fire, Raymond Burr

Raymond Burr is best known as Perry Mason, Erle Stanley Gardner’s, legal beagle and later Ironsides on television, always shedding light on lies and misdeeds and nary losing the fight. Perry existed before television, he was a radio favorite, but it was Burr’s intensity and drive for excellence that made the L.A. solicitor a household name, and running for a remarkable nine seasons before fading away into rerun history in 1966.

That, though, was not the end of Burr, for he returned as the wheel-chaired crime fighter in Ironsides, which ran for another 8 seasons. Television crime-detective series owe a lot to Burr and Perry Mason, who can easily be called the godfather of all honest lawyers which we know has no price.


The magic of Blarney

Burr was born in New Westminster, British Columbia, near Vancouver. His father, Joseph, was a hardware dealer, and his mother a pianist and music teacher.

Other Burr family members joined him, including his brother Benjamin and Hugh. Joseph settled in New Westminster, as it was the original capitol of British Columbia.The city, aka “The Royal City” was named by Queen Victoria after her favorite part of London, and is twelve miles southeast of Vancouver on the banks of the Fraser River. It became the hub for the Cariboo gold rush and business boomed.

Joseph Burr got a steady job at the new penitentiary and married Mary Jane. Their their eldest son William married Minerva Smith who was born in Chicago 1893, moving back to Canada for the gold boom. During WWI, the Smiths moved again, this time for California, after their daughter was married, and the Burr’s followed with their three children. Alas the California expedition did not pan out for Bill Burr and they were back in New Westminster.

Thus Raymond, conceived in America, born in Canada and made his name back in the States. By his own account he was a “big boy,” weighing twelve and three-quarter pounds at birth and “growing.”1

                    Burr’s Chart


Does his chart show us anything about Raymond, or why his portrayal of Perry Mason was so darned good? Well, that’s the thing, isn’t it?

There is no birth time for Burr, just the date on Astro.com of May 21, 1917. So reading Michael Seth Starr’s book 1 Hiding in Plain sight, Applause Theatre Book Publishers c. 2009 [\mfn] I have rectified Burr to 06 Libra or Esoteric Symbols on the blackboard 2 from Gavin McClung’s Hyperion Symbols. This symbol highlights how Burr’s public and private life were wildly discordant.

He has a preponderance in the ninth house, rather à propos for a man who played lawyers for the bulk of his career, and highlighting his own interest in justice and integrity.

Ray and Bob

His Line of Motivation is conjunct via the Ptolemaic orbs Marc Jones used, and so too is his Line of Vitality.

Because his ascendant is Libra and ruled by Venus, the green planet has a strong effect on his overall chart and here we see it conjunct his South Node, suggesting the importance of love and being loved meant to Burr. This was noticeable in his life because of his tendency to overindulge and feel “unloved” from his increasing size, thus Bob’s constancy in their relationship meant a lot to him.

Burr is a bucket with a Uranian handle found in its own sign of Aquarius. Uranus rules electronics and the airwaves and it was a natural for Burr, who struck out in the theatre, to make a splash in television. His preponderance in the ninth house made him naturally interested in the law and its effects on families. As Thomas Leitch in his “Perry Mason: TV Milestones” book notes,

The most obvious reason for Perry Mason’s prodigious popularity is the program’s most frequently noted feature: its dependence on a dramatic formula that varied remarkably little over its television life.

Every episode began with a trouble family, or a quasi-family group (families are ruled by Cancer and for Burr it is in the ninth house of legal affairs) , an innocent threatened with expulsion from the domestic circle (Saturn ) and a murder for which the innocent was arrested (South Node in Cancer 8th house).

Each accused kept Mason (Uranus in the fourth for his courtroom appearance) whose wily legal strategies in and out of the courtroom won the client’s release and often a confession in the witness box to boot. (Pluto in Cancer in eighth house creating a total metamorphosis of the innocent, sort of Le Miserable like.)

Thomas Leitch, Perry Mason: TV Milestones, Wayne State University Press, 2005

Case closed

Reviewing the chart and looking over the role of Perry, Burr used his chart to its utmost, in fulfilling his destiny.

Burr’s Moon in Gemini gave him the ability to have a double life, but unlike the great comedian W. C. Fields who also misled his public about his feelings about boys, Burr is always a staunch ally of children in Perry Mason. He tells the young Billy Mumy “no matter the time or where I am, if you need me, call me” in the Case of the Shifty Shoebox, and the boy does run into the courtroom, interrupting the proceedings with important news.

As for Field’s famous quip in the Bank dick “here’s a nickel go play in traffic kid”, both Fields and Burr are notable for leaving a substantial amount of their fortunes to the welfare of foundling boys. It just was not much of a surprise for Burr but it is a happy ending.



  1. Starr, Michael Seth, Raymond Burr: Hiding in Plain Sight, c. 2009, Applause Publishing. 280 pp.
    1. Starr has done several of these exposes. His other works are on Art Carney, Ringo Starr and William Shatner. Most of the reviews complain of the poor writing; sorry to say that’s almost always the case in these books, see Kitty Kelly oeuvre.


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Meghan Markle return to Sussex roots

Meghan and Harry way back when

Markle’s great-uncle, Mike Markle was an amateur genealogist investigating the Markle line in the 1990s and he discovered their noble forefathers. Mike Markle discovered their paternal great-great-great-grandmother was New Hampshire landowner Mary Hussey Smith (1823–1908), herself a descendant of nobleman John Hussey, 1st Baron Hussey of Sleaford, who had been beheaded in 1537 at the order of King Henry VIII because of his closet Catholicism. The Baron’s genealogical chart is here and his gravestone here in Rockingham, New Hampshire. Thus in a very circuitous fashion, Meghan Markle has returned to her noble Sussex roots.

Having established her British paternal ancestry, recent genealogists have now further discovered that Meghan and Harry have a common ancestor tracing back to about 500 years ago in Elizabeth Bowes (1505–c.1572) and her husband, Richard Bowes, son of Sir Ralph Bowes of Streatlam Castle and High Sheriff of County Durham through Queen Elizabeth II’s mother (née Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon).

Meghan’s slave ancestry

As for her mother’s side, Meghan can trace back to a maternal great-great-great grandfather who was a slave on Georgia plantation before being emancipated with the abolition of slavery in 1865 by President Abraham Lincoln. Nothing more is publicly known about this man — his name or what he did after Emancipation.

Today, November 27, 2017 was officially engaged to Harry, the second son of the Prince of Wales. Her engagement ring was designed by Prince Harry was made by Cleave and Company, Court Jewellers and Medallists to Her Majesty The Queen.

Prince Harry, a well-known playboy like his father before him, announces his engagement to Meghan Markle, an American actress.
Prince Harry and Meghan announce their engagement

The pair, who became engaged quietly earlier this month, will marry in spring 2018 and live at Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace, where Harry currently lives. It is unknown if he will retain his Duke’s title or become the Earl of Sussex.  If he chooses the latter, Markle will return to her Sussex roots. 1 Which before he abdicated was the case, and they were the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Gym suits and showing off

Meghan was born Rachel Meghan Markle on August 4, 1981, the same day, twenty years after, former President Barack Hussein Obama, another person both of mixed racial parentage. As she does not have a public birth certificate, below is my proposed Markle chart. I believe it it works because of the preponderance of Ninth House planets, highlighting not only her long journey not only to meeting Prince Harry through mutual friends, but also her various religious changes: she was raised Baptist, converted to Judaism for her first husband and then became an Anglican for her second. This chart puts her leonine Sun in the seventh house conjunct her Mercury, the lead planet s her fellow Hollywood husband, Trevor Engleson, whom she met through the trade, while the second, her Sun, is Harry which is far more important because this marriage was done on like-minded philosophies.

Rachel Meghan Markle's proposed birthchart -- I could not find one with its Sagittarius rising.
Meghan’s birthchart

Her ascendant is 27 Sagittarius 20,, sextile to her Midheaven displaying Meghan’s ambition, With Neptune right near by she is very much the “actress” she loves the stage and the attention it brings her, but as the first house cusp is exact to her Midheaven this leonine extroversion also bring problems, for she becomes a lightning rod crystallizing not how people react to the Royal family but to her and Harry.

While the acting career was obviously an issue with the Queen, it was nothing like Harry’s uncle Prince Andrew romance with actress Koo Stark, nonetheless her Midheaven conjunct her Pluto shows her popularity which sextile the vagaries of Neptune and Mercury may at times seem a bit too mercenary for many people’s tastes, while others will embrace her in your face bravada.

Andrea Carelli writes about this degree:

I should be tempted to say that everything depends on the native. This much can be said anyhow: there is a lot the subject can do, but it will be no easy task, A woman worthy of the name will not stoop to the tactics of a despised enemy and should count her blessings; because she can make herself very much liked; if she only wants. She has an inborn nobility and sweetness of manners that may win him many sincere friends. Let her be above provocation and not stoop to squabble with those unworthy of her.

Andrea Carelli, The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac c. 1950, Italy.

Her first house cusp, that is how the public sees her through the lens of her ascendant 2 This is a reason we have chosen to go with a house method that separates the two as it gives you more depth to the person’s personality than just the ascendant alone. While the ascendant will show you how the person thinks and reacts to life, the first house will demonstrate how the person is perceived by others thus giving more dimensionality to the chart. has the Sabian degree of “the high school grounds are alive with fresh enthusiasm as the girls appear donning their gymnasium suits” highlighting their exuberance in showing off their physiques. Jones writes it shows the joy in challenges with others and more established methods but negatively warns of being daring just for daring’s sake and therefore lacking judgment.

A Martial Bucket

Meghan though is a bucket with a Mars 11 Cancer 49 (the symbol here is a “clown making merry caricaturing those around her with grimaces and pantomime” and gets the warning of excessive self-gratification). I doubt though whether Meghan will heed this warning, because Mars is in its fall in Cancer, for Mars is far too tough a planet to be in such a harmonious place. It is also opposite her first house, and chances over time more of her willfulness be on display and since it square her Moon, again plays in the rising and falling tides of her personality: sometimes she will be loved and others hated. It all depends upon how the viewer sees her, for Meghan is who she is — it is only the viewer who changes.

Another bit of irony, is Mars is in the house of servants and service, and that is not something Mars can do easily. The Asteroid Hygeia is nearby to Mars, and while Hygeia finds herself welcome in the sixth, also the house of sickness and healing, Hygeia’s emphasis is on “prevention” not “cure,” reinforcing the rest of the chart.

The wedding is announced for the Spring. We wish the happy couple all the best.


I constantly vet my essays for completeness and accuracy. This was originally published November 27, 2017, but updated on March 27, 2021 because of some missing photos that are now links.


  • 1
    Which before he abdicated was the case, and they were the Duke and Duchess of Sussex
  • 2
    This is a reason we have chosen to go with a house method that separates the two as it gives you more depth to the person’s personality than just the ascendant alone. While the ascendant will show you how the person thinks and reacts to life, the first house will demonstrate how the person is perceived by others thus giving more dimensionality to the chart.


  • 1
    Which before he abdicated was the case, and they were the Duke and Duchess of Sussex
  • 2
    This is a reason we have chosen to go with a house method that separates the two as it gives you more depth to the person’s personality than just the ascendant alone. While the ascendant will show you how the person thinks and reacts to life, the first house will demonstrate how the person is perceived by others thus giving more dimensionality to the chart.

C103 Adams & Crowley’s Congenital Idiot

Astrologer Evangeline Adams has this chart first in her 1927 book, “A Place in the Stars.” Aleister Crowley, who helped edit the book, also has the chart in his Compleat Works. It is for an unknown woman whom they give the epithet, “Congenital Idiot” i.e. someone who was born with developmental, but not necessarily hereditary, disabling mental disease. Historically, this was called Mongoloidism.

Then in  1959, thirty years after the original book was published, the French physician Jerome Lejeune discovered that an extra copy of chromosome 2 caused Down’s syndrome. Since people with  named after Dr. John Down  have three copies of this chromosome, instead of the normal two copies, the condition is called trisomy 21 and is now recognized as the cause of Down’s syndrome.  The disease is associated with many facial malformations, such as a slight flattening of the face, a low nose bridge and a fold of skin over the corner of the eye, but more seriously  major deformations such as heart defects and a smaller brain size.

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                           Rectifying the Young Lady

We rectified the chart from an Ascendant of  #5 Libra that Adams and Crowley had  to Libra #1 or the Sabian Symbol a person frozen in time like a butterfly with a single dart – the image seems fitting.

 Our house system is different from them as well; we use Morinus while they chose the ever popular Placidus.  No matter, either way she is a Bowl Temperament Type with all her planets in the Southern or upper hemisphere of her chart, giving her a public persona despite her private personal life.

The lack of a rim opposition suggests there is no closure in her life — things happen and disappear without cause or meaning, at least from her point of view.

Download Miss CI’s chart.

                      What we know about her

Miss CI was born on September 1st, 1880 in London, England. Neither Adams nor Crowley make any comments about her family background, but her Arabian Parts suggest that she came from a wealthy family with possible Royal Connections (Juno is conjunct the part of Royalty). That the family had money makes sense, as it is doubtful that a poor miscreant would have gotten good care, and thus be brought to their notice.

Astrologically, she has a multitude of earth planets in her chart — six are in Virgo alone and those are in the twelfth house of confinement. Two more are trine them in the eighth house in Taurus, thus she has a Sabian preponderance of earth signs — one of the six is Venus in the house of her fall, Virgo, thus casting a cold pall upon our gal, and making her emotions stifled; she would be hard pressed even without her developmental problems to show great warmth as her natural emotional proclivity is reserved and standoffish.

What’s her line?

Venus is also part of the Line of Efficiency that Marc Jones re-termed the Ptolemaic planetary pairing of Mars and Venus, and here so closely conjunct (less than a four degree orb) highlights her outward demeanour being so at variance with her inner turmoil.

 Like the Alice in Wonderland writer, Lewis Carroll, whom Marc Jones wrote profusely about in his Alice in Wonderland series, her Line of Efficiency depicts the fundamental adjustments she had to make within her world around her.  Conjunct, it is conjunct suggests she does not but prefers to remain alone and insular; complete and unto herself as well “little discrimination in petty things” — her intense reaction against things in her environment being changed or moved.

Her conjunct Line of Vitality and the other planetary pairs that Dr. Jones created as a shorthand to understand how a person inter-reacts with themselves, their environment & their outer world show that she puts a lot of value on how she acts and reacts to the world; she is aware of it whether she can capably interact with it.

The Line of Culture, oddly named in this case, but actually referring to how a person reacts to their times and the milieu in which they live, is trine. Helen Keller, born deaf and blind, also has this aspect, suggesting a total communicative independence in both their cases from their environment. How these ladies converse and interact with others and their environs is their own devising. Thus, both our gal and Miss Keller did not bond with the outside world but developed their own language that their parents did not understand. For Miss Keller, it was not until Miss Sullivan came along and helped her, was she was able to communicate with anyone outside of herself; our gal was not so lucky.

Finally, and perhaps Miss C.I. also has Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in Aries in her seventh house, which Marc Edmund Jones calls the Line of Personality. 1  He writes that this gives a person an “outsized” consequence to their life.

And so it has been.


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