C164 Sleeping with the enemy: Eric Swalwell

Why the Scandal Matters

California Representative Eric Swalwell, who is on the Foreign Intelligence Committee, is in the news for sleeping with a known Chinese spy, Christine Fong, her Chinese name is different depending upon the new source, but the anti-CCP run Epoch Times says Christine’s name is Fang Fang, and she has received lots of secret intelligence briefs from him.

This comes from Axios News Media, created in 2016 by former Politico journalists,  who broke the story saying Swalwell is claiming this a Trump ploy. This makes no sense because Swalwell was just re-elected, and if it involved the President, would not have Trump have released this before the election?


Logic does not seem to be Swalwell strength though, because another one of his arguments is he is so poorly under-funded he cannot do background checks on his staff. In the meantime, the Guardian says that Swalwell’s brother and father, the ex-police Chief of Sac City, have defriended Fong after five years of Facebook friendship (this predates his marriage in 2016). 

Another California representative, Rho Khanna, has defriended Fong too. There is no mention of Congresswoman Judy Chu’s friend status with Fong.

Christine Fang, also known as Fang Fang, pictured with Congressman Eric Swalwell, left, and then with California Congressman Judy Chu, right.

Swalwell has yet to deny the allegations of cheating on his wife with an aide (shades of Monica Lewinsky) just that he claims he never gave her any information; Nancy Pelosi is “shocked” by the Axios report. Whatever Fong’s official capacity in the Representative’s  Office, we know she is an employee of Red China, somewhat like Mata Hari in World War I, using sex  to get information to help her side, so no matter how happy Swalwell was in the relationship, and he must have been since it has lasted a while;  she is not in it for the sex.

If on the other hand, as he contends, he was not supplying her with intelligence, but just sweet favours, she would have moved onto another pigeon.  That is how espionage works.

Eric’s Charts & Natal lines

Eric Swalwell’s natal chart that was rectified to 17 Cancer 35, the symbol of a “hen clucking for her chickens in a bustling barnyard.”  Jones writes that this degree is about using things for one’s own agenda.

Swalwell is a bucket with a Moon handle in the ninth house of legislature. His father was the police chief of Sac City, Iowa, and with the fourth house filled to the brim with a large stellium in Libra one sees that justice plays a large part in Eric’s life.  In the neighboring fifth house of sex, and creative regeneration, Eric’s problem with women comes into play:  a rather fast Moon and very forward Mercury suggesting Eric relies on his good looks and charm to get him out of any difficulty instead of actually facing the issues head on.

The angle of the Moon

Swalwell’s Moon is problematic, hinting Swalwell is his own worst enemy, right there on the ninth house cusp in Aquarius.  This has more to do more with the Moon at 29 Aquarius 29, hovering near the eighth house  of other people’s money, sex and death.  It is also opposite President Trump’s ascendant on the third house cusp, showing how desire to curry favour with the Press, and do what was popular with them in attacking Trump and hopefully taking him down, he would in turn becomes the  front runner for  2024 Presidential race, but neither he nor his buddy Schiff delivered that fatal blow. 

For with so much air in his chart, Swalwell over thought the situation, and became arrogant.  That large stellium blinded him, as he relied too much on other people, not seeing how those relationships, while help get him into the limelight now, could  swiftly turn and shut him out, when someone better came along.  The backward thrust of the handle encouraged that shortsighted reliance to think only in terms of “now” and not realize what lay ahead. A good scenario of this aspect is Swalwell gets in bed with the Chinese to make a name for himself, never seeing that such a relationship could boomerang.  

That made me look to see if there were any major US political figures with so many air conjuncts.  I did find another,  with lots of conjunctions, also in Libra, but this time in the first house; that chart belongs to former President Bill Clinton.  Former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, also has a lot of conjunctions  but in the fifth and  Aquarius.  No one else from McKinley on came close to those two.

His Moon square the Sun on the cusp of the sixth house is also problematic, hinting that while he make not lose his seat,  he is a Democrat, he could lose his high profile position  on the Intelligence Committee (see the Transiting Mars to Jupiter in Capricorn in the seventh) where he was able to bully Trump with threats of a Russian collusion and fade into oblivion.

                 High Tech and the FBI

The representative’s  Sun’s proximity to Uranus in the sixth tells us that while he claims he has no money for surveillance, Swalwell is technologically savvy enough to take advantage of whatever low-cost information is out there like TruthFinder.com.  But frankly he does not even that, as the FBI provides those checks for members of Congress for free, under the Freedom of Information Act, if requested.   


Beware of Foreign Ambassadors

On another note, Swalwell’s transiting Venus conjunct natal Sun in the fifth suggests  sexual exploits with foreign ambassadors will come to light now

The sextile between his Mars and Venus (the Line of Efficiency) gives him  a sexually passionate nature, his tactile way of  faking an earth relationship,  most likely would lead to extra martial affairs.  This is  because Mars is on the seventh house cusp there but with Neptune nearby, dupes him, making him think he can fake his way of any problem, and keep his home life intact.

But despite Pelosi’s great protestations, this call is up to Brittany Watt Swalwell, and it is hard without her info, to know how she will proceed, though the marriage chart does provide some hints.

Eric and Brittany’s wedding day chart.

Brittany Watt, formerly of Miami, Florida, met Eric while she was the Director of Sales at the Ritz Carlton in swanky Half-Moon Bay; no dates.  The two  were married in the Oakland’s County Clerk’s office on October 14 2016 and here I made a guess that because it was at the Country Clerk’s office it was early in the day—basically they were prosaic and the marriage was a formality.  This created the chart above, the marriage as a transit to Eric’s natal chart and mirable dictu, we got the marriage’s  Part of Fortune 26 Aries 28  the same as his natal Midheaven.

The Sabian  symbol for this degree is  a panorama of events blended together trying to recapture a lost opportunity, and it gets the warning to beware self-pity.  I think that is  àpropos,  as the chart suggests she was pregnant with their son. The Mars in the seventh though suggests divorce, and conjunct Pluto from infidelity.

Eric and Brittany Watts Swalwell with their two children. 

It’s too early to say whether Mrs. Swalwell will agree, but since Pelosi already lost many representatives in California, she will undoubtedly put a lot of pressure on Mrs. Swalwell (transiting Sun conjunct transiting Mercury conjunct natal Neptune in the sixth) to do the right thing for the Party; Nancy cannot afford to let her majority shrink any further.

His Line of Motivation, Jupiter to Saturn, is conjunct, as is the current mundane configuration as it goes into the 2020 Great Conjunction next; on his current transit chart, this spans his seventh and eighth houses. As a replay of his birth aspects, it suggests the reason for the scandal coming out now is the CCP no longer needs him having run the well dry.

Finally, his Line of Culture, Neptune to Uranus, is a semi-sextile away, highlighting his self-willed nature that is alas also rather self-indulgent. That may explain his hubris in believing he will get away with scandal, but he is naïve if he thinks Fong was just there for his prowess.

Speaker Pelosi has renewed his position as head of Intelligence because in the current state of American politics, a Democrat can do wrong and as winds point these days, only in the East, surprising or not, does it matter if one is sexually lascivious.

C168 FLotUS Lady Bird Johnson & Rahu and Ketu

Claudia Alta Taylor was born on December 22, 1912 in Karnack, Texas that lies east of Tyler (see the map below where Karnac is the pushpin center, and the various points are Dallas to the west, Houston to the southwest and New Orleans to the southeast). She was named after her mother’s brother Claud but got the nickname lady bird because her black maid thought she was a “purty as a lady bird”; it stuck.

Her family was descended from of Rowland Taylor, an English Protestant who was martyred during the Queen Mary’s persecutions for those that supported the alternative Lady Jane Grey (“the nine days Queen”) ascension to the throne.  Taylor not only a contemporary of Martin Luther but through his wife, Margaret, the niece of William Tyndale, a near relation to the creator of the first non-Latin bible.

Alas, both Taylor and Tyndale were burnt at the stake for their support Protestant Grey over Catholic Mary. In an interesting turn of advents, Lady Bird’s second daughter, Luci Baines, converted to Roman Catholicism when she was 18 in 1964 when her father was running for President.

The Lady Bird Johnson map

Lady Bird Claudia Johnson’s astrological chart via Morinus Houses

Astrologically, the former first lady is a complete split see saw: half at the ascendant and the other half at the descendant, or so the official time and chart says (we did not rectify this one). What is striking here is has no planets on the bottom or top of her chart except for the two nodes in the nadir and midheaven of her chart.

The polarization of her chart suggests that her life was caught between her duties as daughter, wife and mother (the western hemisphere) vs. her own resourcefulness (on the eastern hemisphere). Despite that obvious break, she has only one opposition from Mercury in the twelfth house to the Moon in the sixth. That does give her a T-Square to the midheaven (also called the MC) at 18 Virgo 04, a symbol of “a colorful gallery on a warm summer day where a swimming race nears its decision, suggesting despite her overtly lady-like demeanor, Lady Bird was a competitive woman who encouraged others to excel.

This midheaven aspect is rather pertinent as conjunct her husband’s, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Moon and semi-sextile his midheaven. If ever a woman was aligned with her husband’s political aspirations, it was she. She wanted him to become President as much as he did, and between the two they could plan and strategize how best to get there.

The many mansions of LBJ

Marc Jones in his sixteen points discusses his idea of “nodes” and calls them the lunar equinox because they are the moon’s mansions with the Ascending Node, in Mrs. Johnson’s chart in the fourth house, being what she wants to bring forward into her outer life — i.e. being First Lady of the Land and then also sprouting wild flowers throughout it. This culminated in her Wildflower Center in Austin Texas that she co-founded with actress Helen Hayes that has over 900 species of native Texas plants in a garden landscape and natural setting.

For her work in wildflower repopulation and conservation, Lady Bird received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Republican President Gerald Ford. .

The south node is calling

While her north node in the fourth house gave her wildflowers, it was her south node at the tenth house in equitable Libra that made her a fortune and without which her husband may have never reached the pinnacle of US politics and become its president, for it was Lady Bird who provided the finances for LBJ to launch his career.

Jones writes that the south node the point of future opportunity. For Lady Bird, it is in her tenth house is essentially traditionally associated with Capricorn and ruled by Saturn. In the modern era Capricorn thought gets the co-ruler of Uranus — the electronics maven. That is a perfect blend for the sea goat native who with her Sun squared the South Node caused some amount of disruptions in her desire to exert herself. Despite those obstacles, or perhpas in spite of them, she ignored them and in 1943, against her husband wishes, made a superb forward call spending $17,.500 1 In 2020 dollars this purchase would be about 275K. of her inheritance by purchasing an Austin radio station that was by the time of her repose worth approximately $105 million.

It also, and this was the most important byproduct, the vehicle that propelled her husband into Texas politics as she able to finance their dreams through a media company that could be always informing the Texas voters of his latest causes.

If that was not enough, again over Lyndon’s protestations, she signed in 1952 a contract for a VHF franchise with the local CBS affliate that became the voice and sole news representative of south Texas, not to mention generating thousands of dollars yearly in cash dividends. Eventually, through her husband’s Congressional efforts, she was awarded a legal monopoly license that is still extant today and upon which those cable franchises base their regional hegemony.

Rahu and Ketu

In Vedic Astrology the North Node (Rahu) is more favourable than the South Node (Ketu) , for the South Node bogs us down, and represents those things that we are unduly attached. In LBJ’s horoscope this would be that her attachment to money and the radio station because it retarded her potential and kept her tied to what was physical and concrete. Rahu, the North Node, would be what LBJ should have been striving for all long. The problem is, how do we know that she was not?

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  • 1
    In 2020 dollars this purchase would be about 275K.

C102 Alan Leo’s Welsh optometrist Dr. Aenon

Seeing Aenon

Alan Leo writes up this optometrist in his magazine way back over 100 hundred years ago,,, noting the preponderance of  Aries, Taurus and Gemini planets highlighting the head and throat area of person.  Of course, Mr Leo used the Placidus format  for all his charts; I have taken the liberty to update that format to a more modern Koch format, and you see that those preponderances all gather around the tenth house.   Obviously, Leo’s optometrist, whether his own personal physician or a friend is unknown, was a gifted physician.

First off,  for the nameless opto, I am calling him Aenon, Hebrew for “his eye”and pronounced EE-non. I think this is more respectful   than the impersonal “Opto”, while  also making him memorable and tangible as an  individual.

Dr. Aenon is a fanhandle pattern with the Moon and Saturn less than any major aspect pattern, but within the orb of a luminary conjunction.  This makes his Saturn his focal determinator — hard work and frugal — but in the fifth house next to the Moon inventive and daring in his work supported by his preponderance in the 10th house of aspirations.

The good doctor’s ascendant is 04 Leo 48, which is also tied to the first house in the Koch format.  Sepharial, an associate of Leo’s that the esteemed astrologer himself often used, gives the symbol of “a snake coiled around a tree, its head raised ready to strike.”  Sometimes, those symbols, any symbol really, while picturesque, are perplexing, so it is best to read the short definition below to understand it and the catch phrase becomes a shorthand to the more complete definition.

                         His  Subtlety

This degree Sepharial states  1 From The Aries Press, Chicago, Illinois,  copyrighted in 1943 but herein referencing the 1972 edition of the “Degree of the Zodiac Symbolized, pg. 76, that was published in  a small yellow book.   denotes

“a person of scientific powers and learning  capable of carrying out the most elaborate researches with patience and intelligence.  There is within the mind a certain degree of cupidity and cunning, which when wisely directed, can be of great use to his fellowman.  But there is also though a keen sense of rivalry and competition; a love of personal advantage and one-upmanship,  he will use subtly not easily discernible to his fellow.  Because, in spite, however, there will be a moderate success in life.  Above all, it is a degree of Subtlety.”

The ponds of reflection

Dr. Aenon has nothing in the first house, but his second house starts with Regulus at its cusp, suggesting some amount of financial success  in his chosen career.  In the fourth and tenth houses, Scorpio and the corresponding Taurus are intercepted.    While the eye-man  has nothing in Scorpio, and upon reflection Dr. Aenon has little in water overall:  just Uranus  19 Cancer 05 in the twelfth, suggesting work in a modern field, and with the North Node right next to it,  repeating the idea  he would be fortunate in the field.

Unfortunately, Uranus in the twelfth, like  in the chart of Reverend Martin Luther King, signifies confinement, working in small spaces, under restraints and difficult situations.  In both cases, this was not problematic for either man, and in Dr. Aenon’s case, as Uranus is  opposite the Moon in the sixth house suggests instead of being detain he would hold an official position there — like holding a prominent position  in an asylum, hospital, prison, work-house.  This aspect would include even  his working in  faraway places from home, remembering  that in his lifetime the 300 mile round trip from Cardiff to London, 2 This link, to a blog, documents Welsh travel and tourism through the 18th to 19th centuries.

                                                                            Neptune reshapes

Neptune, recently discovered just 20 years previous to his Dr. Aenon’s birth, is  closest to the Midheaven noting accuracy, while Mars part of the preponderance in the tenth house of aspirations and dreams at 12 Taurus 42 highlights his surgical mastery. This could mean, according to the College of Optometry’s site, that Aenon was on the forefront (remembering that Uranus) of opthamalogical science, which was just starting at the turn of the twentieth century.  It was a major break in the history of optical treatment, as they were the forerunners of what is now LASIK eye surgery to treat cataracts or just free people from the bother of spectacles by physically reshaping the cornea.

                                                          JONES LINES

  1.              The Line of Vitality — aspect between the two luminaries and suggests how a person deal with what gives the most interest i.e. what is vital to their being.  For Aenon, this aspect is sesquiquadrate,  suggesting he enjoyed high-pressure situations where his skill and ability were tested.
  2.             The Line of Efficiency  — aspect between Venus and Mars and tells us how they approach their daily life.  For Aenon this aspect is a semi-sextile, an associative aspect.  Most likely Dr. Aenon met his wife through his work.  Perhaps she was a nurse that worked under him.Overall Aenon associated with people who could help him succeed.
  3.            The Line of Personality  — aspect between the old guard of Jupiter and Saturn and shows how a persona presents himself to his milieu.  Here we find a triseptile aspect; a rather rare aspect, and suggests that he was charming.  People found him witty and engaging.
  4.        The Line of Culture  — aspect between Uranus and Neptune and shows how well the person adapts to modern technology.
        1. Square, which is also his closest square, that Dr. Jones called one’s Dynamic Aptitude because it is how a person reacts to the internal/external stimulation he receives in life and his reaction to it.
        2. Being an inharmonious aspect, it suggests that Dr. Aenon was very touchy about his work, he did not take criticism lightly and often flew off the handle when questioned.  This made him a rather impervious high-strung person, and why he sought a position, where he was in solely in control with rather autonomous authority.
        3. While his quest for optical scientific inquiry may have been noble, and he was daring in his approach, inquisitive and insightful in his field, his bad flighty temper gave him an off-putting reputation.
        4. But then most surgeons, inventors and opera divas  are not sought for the bedside manner and charming disposition but their expertise.


  • 1
    From The Aries Press, Chicago, Illinois,  copyrighted in 1943 but herein referencing the 1972 edition of the “Degree of the Zodiac Symbolized, pg. 76, that was published in  a small yellow book.
  • 2
    This link, to a blog, documents Welsh travel and tourism through the 18th to 19th centuries.

No Name Maddox is Charles Manson

Young Charlie


            A boy with NO NAME



His mother, Kathleen Maddox, is often described as being a prostitute. According to Mr. Bugliosi’s book, Helter Skelter: the True Account of the Manson Murders, she was a heavy drinker who lived on the margins of society with a series of men.

Thus Manson never knew his biological father, if even Kathleen remembered his name.   She often disappeared for long periods — when Charles was 5, for instance, she was sent to prison for robbing a gas station — leaving him to bounce among relatives in Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. When she was paroled, Charles was 8 and she took him back,  but kept him for only a few years.  At some point she married William Manson, and it was from him he got the name that has become emblazoned in American pop culture:  Charles Manson.

                     The prison finale

On Sunday on November 19, 2017 a week after his 83rd birthday in a hospital in Kern County, Calif., north of Los Angeles, Manson died.  Unrepentant, bitter and angry, he has been behind bars for most of his life.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation announced his death in a news release. Under federal and state privacy regulations, they gave no cause but had been  hospitalized in January for intestinal bleeding.  Surgery was recommended, but Manson was ruled too frail to undergo it..

Mr. Manson was a semiliterate habitual criminal and failed musician before he came to irrevocable attention in the late 1960s as the wild-eyed leader of the Manson family, a murderous band of young drifters in California. Convicted of nine murders in all, he was known in particular for the seven brutal killings collectively called the Tate-La Bianca murders, committed by his followers on two consecutive August nights in 1969.

                  Killing Spree

Sharon Tate being carried out of the house

Shortly after midnight on Aug. 9, 1969 Susan Denise Atkins aka Sadie Mae Glutz, Patricia Dianne Krenwinkel aka Marnie Reeves and Charles Denton Watson aka Tex, entered the house at 10050 Cielo Drive, Bel Air, a wealthy suburb of Los Angeles where Sharon Marie Tate, age 26, and her husband Roman Polanski, 33, lived.  Tate was heavily pregnant and due at the end of August. 


Linda Drouin Kasabian waited outside. Through a frenzied combination of shooting, stabbing, beating and hanging, they murdered Ms. Tate and four others in the house and on the grounds:
  • Jay Sebring, a nom de plume, age 35 was a Hollywood hairdresser and a good friend of actor Steve McQueen.  Sebring, his professional name, had also been Mrs. Polanski’s former lover. 
  • Abigail Folger, age 25, an heiress to the A. J. Folger coffee fortune;
  • Voytek (also spelled Wojciech) Frykowski, age 32 Ms. Folger’s boyfriend and a friend of Polanski’s from Poland.
    • They had been house sitters while the Polanskis were in Europe
  • and Steven Earl Parent, an 18-year-old visitor.

Ms. Tate’s husband, Mr. Polanski, was in London at the time scouting for his next film, the Day of the Dolphin.  His business manager, William Tennant, called to tell him the news.

Before leaving, Ms. Atkins scrawled the word “PIG” in blood on the front door of the house, reminiscent of the Passover blood in Exodus that marked the Egyptians for doom and saved the Hebrews, and then tasted it in some mockery of Holy Communion.  There had been no sexual molestation on the bodies but plenty of stab wounds.  In Mr. Manson’s peculiar logic, the killings, the police said it was more like a massacre there was so much blood on the premises, were supposed to look like the work of black militants.  Nothing was stolen, but lots of victims drug paraphernalia abounded.

The next night, Aug. 10, Mr. Manson and a half-dozen followers drove to a Los Angeles house he appeared to have selected at random. Inside, Mr. Manson tied up the residents — a wealthy grocer named Leno LaBianca and his wife, Rosemary — before leaving. After he was gone, several family members stabbed the couple to death. The phrases “Death to Pigs” and “Healter Skelter,” misspelled in a perverse pun of HELL and HEAL, were scrawled in blood at the scene.


The seven murders went unsolved for months, during which Polanski thought Bruce Lee had done it. Then, in the autumn of 1969, the police closed in on the Manson family after Ms. Atkins, jailed on an unrelated murder charge, bragged to cellmates about the killings, and how she had stabbed Sharon Tate multiple times.

Charlie has no shame and faces the camera head on.
Charles Manson being taken to jail months after the brutal killings of seven people in Los Angeles in 1969. CreditBettmann

On June 15, 1970, Mr. Manson, Ms. Atkins, Ms. Krenwinkel and a fourth family member, Leslie Van Houten, went on trial for murder. Linda  Kasabian, who had been present on both nights said she had not participated in the killings, became the prosecution’s star witness and was given immunity. Mr. Watson, who had fled to Texas, was tried and convicted separately.

During the trial, the bizarre became routine. On one occasion, Mr. Manson lunged at the judge with a pencil. On another, he punched his lawyer in open court. Then  Manson appeared in court with an “X” carved into his forehead; his co-defendants quickly followed suit. Mr. Manson later carved the X into a swastika, which remained flagrantly visible ever after.

Outside the courthouse, a small flock of chanting family members, as the cult called themselves, kept vigil. One of them, Lynette Fromme, nicknamed Squeaky, became their spokesman and the new head of the family.  Later in 1975,  after Manson et alia were convicted, she tried to assassinate President Gerald R. Ford in a wild devotional act to show Manson that while he was not physically present; he was still very much a spiritual and romantic force in her life.

            No Sense Makes Sense¹

On Jan. 25, 1971, after nine days’ deliberation, the jury found Mr. Manson, Ms. Atkins and Ms. Krenwinkel guilty of seven counts of murder each. Van Houten, who had been present only at the LaBianca murders, was found guilty of two counts. All four were also convicted of conspiracy to commit murder.

On March 29, the jury voted to give all four defendants the death penalty, but in 1972, California outlawed capital punishment and their sentences were reduced to life in prison.

The Manson Family Girls
Patricia Krenwinkel, Susan Atkins, & Leslie Van Houten
Patricia Krenwinkel, left, and Susan Atkins, center, guilty of seven counts of murder each. Leslie Van Houten, right, was found guilty of two counts.  Years later, they admitted they were entranced by Charlie and totally addicted to acid, an extremely potent hallucinogenic.

Mr. Manson was convicted separately of two other murders: Gary Hinman, a musician killed by Manson family members in late July 1969 who had wanted to join the family,  and Donald Shea, a Barker Ranch stuntman killed late that August. This later death gets no publicity, and so why or how he was murdered is unknown.  Nonetheless, Mr. Manson and seven family members, six women and Tex Watson, were eventually convicted of one to nine murders apiece, but California never tried many others members as an accessory after the fact, and remained free disappearing in the San Francisco haze.

Incarcerated in a series of prisons over the years, Mr. Manson passed the time by playing the guitar, doing menial chores and making scorpions and spiders out of thread from his socks. His notoriety made him a target: In 1984, he was treated for second- and third-degree burns after being doused with paint thinner by a fellow inmate and set ablaze.

Mr. Manson was turned down for parole a dozen times, most recently in 2012. Most of the other convicted family members remain in prison. Ms. Atkins died in prison in 2009, at 61, of natural causes.  Squeaky lives outside of Syracuse, New York, having been paroled by federal parole commission after just 34 years.


                             Manson denies it all

To the end of his life, Mr. Manson denied having ordered the Tate-LaBianca murders. Nor, as he replied to a question he was often asked, did he feel remorse.

from the above 1986 prison interview with television journalist Charlie Rose

“So you didn’t care?” Mr. Rose asked, invoking Ms. Tate and her unborn child.

“Care?” Mr. Manson replied. He added, “What the hell does that mean, ‘care’?”

Charles Manson and Charlie Rose

I supposed Rose could have cited the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary and told him “CARE or Concern; anxiety; solicitude for another.”  But I doubt that would have mattered either.


Mapping No Name 


Charles Manson has an ascendant of 06 Taurus or the Hyperion symbol of a “pride of lions on the veldt, ” highlighting his capacity for organization. He has some rather interesting fixed stars that support that idea, like the fixed star Unukalhai whose aspect is akin to the marriage of Saturn and Mars and gives the individual a boldness and fierce nature conjunct his Sun at 19 Scorpio 50.  Alas Unukalhai also emphasizes a cruel nature and shows up heavily in criminals.

Charles-manson’s birthchart

The other fixed star, Albireo,  is conjunct his Moon at 04 Aquarius 00 and thus also conjunct his Midheaven, though wide, making him sexually appealing and alluring to women, while charismatic to men. That could explain how a man 5’2 had such a Svengali effect on his “family.”  

Geometrically though, it’s hard not to notice that his planets gather into small groups and have little relationship with anything else except that overarching Grand Square that dominates his chart.  Starting with Uranus in Aries, we go counterclockwise to Pluto in the fourth.  Another ninety degrees and we just get Mercury in the seventh house but in Scorpio and so out of quadrature but within orb.  Finally, we go the last ninety degrees and get to the Moon in Aquarius in the tenth.  As we do notice the squares are also the groups, Uranus and the Ascendant, Pluto and the Part of Fortune, Mercury and Jupiter and finally Moon and the Midheaven.  This makes the outside five, those not connected, striking in themselves, because each planet is paired but for Saturn, which gets paired in its own distorted way with its essential rulership in Aquarius.

Another way to view his chart is almost two grand squares competing for prominence, one cardinal and the other fixed highlighting his Svengali allure and then the fixed, his mental instability.  Then we look at his chart again, and everything is off, a bit skewed from normal, with the exact orbs all to minor points and parts, and that’s when you realize his chart is like Manson himself — distorted and dangerous.  

A Lion’s Pride by the painter Johan Hoekstra’s Wildlife Series. All rights reserved by Mr. Hoekstra and his beneficiaries. .

download the chart of charles-manson

No matter which of the methods you used to view’s Manson’s chart, Pluto in Cancer in the fourth is indicative of the hippie generation who created new “families” for themselves where they felt more comfortable and nourished. For Charlie because that Pluto right on the cusp of a fourth house of the father figure he never had, its trine to both Venus and the Sun make all women into caricatures of his mother, with Mary Theresa Brunner aka Mother Mary,  as mother of his son, had almost a deific position in the group and was most akin to his own mother, Kathleen with the rest of girls like a lair at his disposable. 

While the pack may not have physically slept with Charlie, they were all by their own accounts in love with him and “totally bought into the idea” he was the living god.  Thus, as Uranus 28 Aries conjunct his Taurean ascendant had made Charlie believe in his own deluded exaltation of himself as god, “his women” agreed, metamorphosed by his tenacious self-belief that was skewed by the myopia of drug induced dreams where the family morphed into a lion with his pride.



  1.  No Sense Makes Sense, a Charles Manson aphorisms.  From Helter Skelter: the True Story of the Manson Murders by Vincent Bugliosi c. 1974 W. W. Norton & Company, NYC


Adam B. Schiff in the News

                           The making of Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff was born on 22nd of June 1960 in Framingham, Massachusetts, United States to Edward and Sherrill Ann (nee Glovsky) Schiff, both raised Orthodox, Jews. They raised their own sons in a looser strain. Politically though they were a mixed marriage — she was a staunch Republican and he a New Deal democrat .Rep. Schiff is proud of that and credits his parents’ differences for his own ” his own moderate politics.” (in an interview with the Bezos-owned Washington Post).

Besides differences in politics, Schiff’s mother’s family emigrated from Russia during the 1890 pogroms to Laconia, New Hampshire, while this father’s side is from Vilnius Lithuania, their arrival date is unknown.  When Adam was 10 and his brother Dan 12,  the family left Framingham and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona.  Later that year, the Schiffs moved again this time to Alamo, California, where his father purchased a lumber yard.

Adam became bar mitzvah at Temple Isaiah in nearby  LaFayette in 1973.  His older brother Daniel Mark is a financial planner in Silicon Valley’s tony San Jose.  There both boys attended Monte Vista High School in Danville, California and then to Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, where originally he was pre-med but bombed out and then turned to political science where he received his Bachelor of Science degree.  He went to Harvard for his law degree.

Rep. Schiff has not discussed these geographical changes nor any of his childhood, so most of this is from public records, we have discovered showing 




                                       Adam and Eve

He married Eve Marion Anderson Schiff ( who he met on a tennis court in Marina del Rey 1990. I married them on February 19, 1995, after her conversion to Judaism (she was raised Roman Catholic). They have two children, Alexandra and Elijah.

Despite that, the venerable LA Times reports his marriage is a cover for his gay lifestyle. In doing Schiff’s biography,  it is remarkable how well he is at covering his past (see the other article below on Robin Schiff marrying Soros’s son) though some things have got through, and overall we at Celestiology have noticed that many Democrats and Republicans had little information on their life when they first got into public office, but as time went on more and more came to light. 


                               Mother Schiff’s  obituary 

Schiff, Sherrill Ann, 75, of Boca Raton passed away peacefully on Tuesday, July 2, 2008. The beloved wife of Edward for 52 wonderful blessed years and the loving mother of Daniel M. Schiff and U.S. Congressman Adam B. Schiff.

Sherry’s blessings include her daughters-in-law, Amy Sporer Schiff, and Eve Sanderson Schiff. Her grandchildren, Rachel, Frank, Alexandra and Elijah Schiff were the delight of her life.

Burton Glovsky of Wellington is her brother.

A memorial service will be held on Sunday morning July 6th at 10 AM at the Rubin Memorial Chapel at 7340 Boynton Beach Blvd., Boynton Beach, FL.

Shiva will be held on Sunday, July 6th & Monday, July 9th at the Schiff’s home at 2176 NW 62nd Drive, Broken Sound, Boca Raton.

Sherrill Schiff’s Obituary


                    Schiff the Soviet Hawk

After graduation, Adam worked at the Los Angeles branch of the U.S. Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor, but it was his prosecution of Richard Miller, a former FBI agent who was convicted of passing secret documents to the Soviet Union in return for $65,000 in gold and cash, that made him perceived as an anti-Soviet hawk even though it took three times to get Miller convicted; the first two attempts failed [fmn] The first trial ended as a mistrial.  The second ended in a guilty verdict for Miller, but was overturned because it allowed polygraphic evidence the 9th Circuit frowns upon, so was overturned. [/fmn]

In 1996, he got elected to California’s 21st State Senate district after 2 previous unsuccessful forays. In 2015, he supported the Saudi Arabia-led intervention in Yemen. He also introduced bipartisan legislation to repeal the  2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists, which  forms the legal basis for the majority of U.S. military action in the Middle East.  The AUMF, as it is called in typical DC lingo, authorize the president  “to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons, in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States by such nations, organizations or persons.”

Congressman Schiff came to Congress with President Obama as a staunch supporter of the President.  Majority leader Nancy Pelosi has time and time again reaffirmed that Adam Schiff is a lynchpin to Democratic integrity.


A mockingbird in Spring

 We rectified his chart to a 29 Gemini Rising, the first mockingbird in Spring — a desire to rise above his station which makes sense as this chart is very ambitious and we believe that the Congressman would like to be the first Jewish President.

With a Grand Trine in Earth, Representative Schiff is a locomotive temperament, with a lead planet in Mars at 01 Taurus 28, a “brilliant electrical display” showing how much he likes to showboat political campaigns that bring him into the limelight.  We see this with his persecution of President Trump in the alleged Soviet hoax that piggybacked upon his prosecution history with FBI agent Richard Miller, making him look like not only an insider to understanding Soviet politics but also a strong anti-Communist Democrat.

He has a heavy preponderance in the first house with his ascendant wedged in between his Moon and Venus highlighting how much of what he does is for his own personal gain, particularly as Venus and the Sun are sextil Mars.

Mars is a strong focal determinator for Schiff, with only Saturn and Mercury not in aspect directly, but both via translations of light, make his whole chart keyed to that planet.  It is obviously raison d’etre, but also such a strong force that is never offset, his Achilles heel.

                     Schiff on the 2nd Impeachment of President Trump



               Schiff and Soros?

Melissa Robin Schiff, the daughter of Marlene S. Schiff of New York and the late Dr. Haskel Schiff of Lake Grove, Long Island, married May 5, 1992 to Robert Daniel Soros, a son of Annaliese Soros and George Soros, both of New York.

Mrs. Soros, 28 years old, graduated from New York University. She is a freelance photographer and filmmaker in New York.

Mr. Soros, also 28 and an N.Y.U. graduate, is an investor in New York. His stepmother, Susan W. Soros, is the director of the Bard College Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts.

His father is the chairman of Soros Fund Management in New York. He is the founder of the Central European University in Prague, and a network of foundations in Eastern Europe.


[cont’d] Her father was a renal specialist at the Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C and mother is currently the chairwoman of the advisory board of the entrepreneurial center at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (where President Trump graduated and received a MBA).  Rabbi Dr. David Posner performed the ceremony at Temple Emanu-El in New York.

from the wedding section of the New York Times.
P.S. After 22 years of marriage, the Soros’s divorced.

While often cited that Melissa and Adam are brother & sister, that is impossible based on his mother’s obit . They could be relations, but there is no proof of that either.  Obviously they are kindred spirits. If you can supply further information, we will gladly vet it. Thanks.



2.   Svetlana Ogorodnikov, who is being tried on charges that she recruited an F.B.I. agent to spy for the Soviet Union, burst into tears in court today when another former F.B.I. agent testified that she had invited him to have sex. ‘

‘Why you lie – liar!”  she cried  (quite a good actress isn’t she?) interrupting the testimony of the former agent, John E. Hunt, who had been describing a dinner meeting he had with her in June 1982.

Mrs. Ogorodnikov, age 34,  is being tried with her husband, Nikolai, on charges that they conspired with Richard W. Miller, who was then an F.B.I. agent, to pass classified documents to the Soviet Union.   She contends in court papers  her activities with F.B.I. agents had been in connection with her role as an F.B.I. informer. She said she had had an affair with Mr. Hunt when he was assigned to her case, and later with Mr. Miller. The Government though has denied that Mr. Hunt was involved in any intimate relationship with her.

If you appreciate the hard work that went into this essay,  please give us a like and think of becoming a member.  It costs nothing, and helps us.  Thanks.

C155 Titanic Kate Winslet

Table of contents

Kate Winslet was born Kate Elizabeth Winslet to an acting family on October 5, 1975 at 7:15 am giving her the ascendant of 12 Libra, Miners emerging from a mine. This rising symbol shows her curiosity and indomitable self-confidence that is the real strength of her personality. Opposite her Jupiter in Aries making it rather difficult for her to keep weight off while her Mars in Gemini makes her high-strung, a true Hollywood prima-donna that is very demanding to get on with (she’s on her third marriage). 

Despite those drawbacks, her friendship with Leonardo DiCaprio is more the exception than the rule.  With  her Venus in Virgo, a steadfast earth sign, she is a loyal friend, particularly towards those she has met in her line of work and whom she has high regard — this setup also makes her rather choosy about whom to befriend. 

winslet kate

Riding the seas of inspiration

Her Neptune in the Second house shows that through her acting career, she will be successful — but what’s really insightful here is Neptune rules the seas, and Ms. Winslet started her career in James Cameron’s Titanic (see our write  up on the real ocean liner here).  It was truly a great career move.  Teamed with her Saturn in Leo, she works hard at learning and mastering her craft.


Her North Node in Scorpio is on the path of knowing and shows how much Ms. Winslet needs to explore the depths of relationship.  Perhaps that explains her several marriages, for once she really gets to know someone they hold no allure for her.

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Meghan Markle return to Sussex roots

Meghan and Harry way back when

Markle’s great-uncle, Mike Markle was an amateur genealogist investigating the Markle line in the 1990s and he discovered their noble forefathers. Mike Markle discovered their paternal great-great-great-grandmother was New Hampshire landowner Mary Hussey Smith (1823–1908), herself a descendant of nobleman John Hussey, 1st Baron Hussey of Sleaford, who had been beheaded in 1537 at the order of King Henry VIII because of his closet Catholicism. The Baron’s genealogical chart is here and his gravestone here in Rockingham, New Hampshire. Thus in a very circuitous fashion, Meghan Markle has returned to her noble Sussex roots.

Having established her British paternal ancestry, recent genealogists have now further discovered that Meghan and Harry have a common ancestor tracing back to about 500 years ago in Elizabeth Bowes (1505–c.1572) and her husband, Richard Bowes, son of Sir Ralph Bowes of Streatlam Castle and High Sheriff of County Durham through Queen Elizabeth II’s mother (née Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon).

Meghan’s slave ancestry

As for her mother’s side, Meghan can trace back to a maternal great-great-great grandfather who was a slave on Georgia plantation before being emancipated with the abolition of slavery in 1865 by President Abraham Lincoln. Nothing more is publicly known about this man — his name or what he did after Emancipation.

Today, November 27, 2017 was officially engaged to Harry, the second son of the Prince of Wales. Her engagement ring was designed by Prince Harry was made by Cleave and Company, Court Jewellers and Medallists to Her Majesty The Queen.

Prince Harry, a well-known playboy like his father before him, announces his engagement to Meghan Markle, an American actress.
Prince Harry and Meghan announce their engagement

The pair, who became engaged quietly earlier this month, will marry in spring 2018 and live at Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace, where Harry currently lives. It is unknown if he will retain his Duke’s title or become the Earl of Sussex.  If he chooses the latter, Markle will return to her Sussex roots. 1 Which before he abdicated was the case, and they were the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Gym suits and showing off

Meghan was born Rachel Meghan Markle on August 4, 1981, the same day, twenty years after, former President Barack Hussein Obama, another person both of mixed racial parentage. As she does not have a public birth certificate, below is my proposed Markle chart. I believe it it works because of the preponderance of Ninth House planets, highlighting not only her long journey not only to meeting Prince Harry through mutual friends, but also her various religious changes: she was raised Baptist, converted to Judaism for her first husband and then became an Anglican for her second. This chart puts her leonine Sun in the seventh house conjunct her Mercury, the lead planet s her fellow Hollywood husband, Trevor Engleson, whom she met through the trade, while the second, her Sun, is Harry which is far more important because this marriage was done on like-minded philosophies.

Rachel Meghan Markle's proposed birthchart -- I could not find one with its Sagittarius rising.
Meghan’s birthchart

Her ascendant is 27 Sagittarius 20,, sextile to her Midheaven displaying Meghan’s ambition, With Neptune right near by she is very much the “actress” she loves the stage and the attention it brings her, but as the first house cusp is exact to her Midheaven this leonine extroversion also bring problems, for she becomes a lightning rod crystallizing not how people react to the Royal family but to her and Harry.

While the acting career was obviously an issue with the Queen, it was nothing like Harry’s uncle Prince Andrew romance with actress Koo Stark, nonetheless her Midheaven conjunct her Pluto shows her popularity which sextile the vagaries of Neptune and Mercury may at times seem a bit too mercenary for many people’s tastes, while others will embrace her in your face bravada.

Andrea Carelli writes about this degree:

I should be tempted to say that everything depends on the native. This much can be said anyhow: there is a lot the subject can do, but it will be no easy task, A woman worthy of the name will not stoop to the tactics of a despised enemy and should count her blessings; because she can make herself very much liked; if she only wants. She has an inborn nobility and sweetness of manners that may win him many sincere friends. Let her be above provocation and not stoop to squabble with those unworthy of her.

Andrea Carelli, The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac c. 1950, Italy.

Her first house cusp, that is how the public sees her through the lens of her ascendant 2 This is a reason we have chosen to go with a house method that separates the two as it gives you more depth to the person’s personality than just the ascendant alone. While the ascendant will show you how the person thinks and reacts to life, the first house will demonstrate how the person is perceived by others thus giving more dimensionality to the chart. has the Sabian degree of “the high school grounds are alive with fresh enthusiasm as the girls appear donning their gymnasium suits” highlighting their exuberance in showing off their physiques. Jones writes it shows the joy in challenges with others and more established methods but negatively warns of being daring just for daring’s sake and therefore lacking judgment.

A Martial Bucket

Meghan though is a bucket with a Mars 11 Cancer 49 (the symbol here is a “clown making merry caricaturing those around her with grimaces and pantomime” and gets the warning of excessive self-gratification). I doubt though whether Meghan will heed this warning, because Mars is in its fall in Cancer, for Mars is far too tough a planet to be in such a harmonious place. It is also opposite her first house, and chances over time more of her willfulness be on display and since it square her Moon, again plays in the rising and falling tides of her personality: sometimes she will be loved and others hated. It all depends upon how the viewer sees her, for Meghan is who she is — it is only the viewer who changes.

Another bit of irony, is Mars is in the house of servants and service, and that is not something Mars can do easily. The Asteroid Hygeia is nearby to Mars, and while Hygeia finds herself welcome in the sixth, also the house of sickness and healing, Hygeia’s emphasis is on “prevention” not “cure,” reinforcing the rest of the chart.

The wedding is announced for the Spring. We wish the happy couple all the best.


I constantly vet my essays for completeness and accuracy. This was originally published November 27, 2017, but updated on March 27, 2021 because of some missing photos that are now links.


  • 1
    Which before he abdicated was the case, and they were the Duke and Duchess of Sussex
  • 2
    This is a reason we have chosen to go with a house method that separates the two as it gives you more depth to the person’s personality than just the ascendant alone. While the ascendant will show you how the person thinks and reacts to life, the first house will demonstrate how the person is perceived by others thus giving more dimensionality to the chart.


  • 1
    Which before he abdicated was the case, and they were the Duke and Duchess of Sussex
  • 2
    This is a reason we have chosen to go with a house method that separates the two as it gives you more depth to the person’s personality than just the ascendant alone. While the ascendant will show you how the person thinks and reacts to life, the first house will demonstrate how the person is perceived by others thus giving more dimensionality to the chart.

RIP: Astrologer Donna Cunningham

Astrologer Noel Tyl has announced on his eponymous website that astrologer Donna Cunningham has reposed on her 75th birthday in Portland, Oregon. He gave her details on July 5, 1942, at 7:40 in Onawa, Iowa, a town found on the outskirts of Decatur, Iowa north of Omaha, Nebraska.  Mr. Tyl’s data is similar to the Vedic AstroSage. Since we published this, Mr. Tyl has reposed too, as has her friend Donna van Toen.

See the source image

 Our sympathies to her friends and family and many readers.  I could not find an online obituary.  A list of her books are at Alibris.com; we recommend at least The Consulting Astrologer’s Handbook, though we are partial to her 1983 book, Healing Pluto Problems.

In this latter book, she discusses Amelia Earhart,  Mohandas Gandhi, Sigmund Freud, Madame Marie Curie, the discoverer of plutonium, several abuse & incest cases and finally psychologist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.  Many of those people Celestiology did too, but we did not use her research.  I think they are just popular people to analyze.

Her website is at Skywriter.


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