C117 Liberal’s voice, John Stuart Mill

John Stuart Mill was the most influential English language philosopher of the nineteenth century. He was logician, naturalist and an exponent of Utilitarianism. He was the foremost liberal who advocated for the delegate model of electoral rights and thus the consequences of John Locke’s empiricist (knowledge comes from experience) outlook.

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#J326 Douglas Fairbanks – the original swashbuckler

Douglas Fairbanks sr was the original Hollywood swashbuckler in Mark of Zorro, thief of Baghadad and Robin Hood but his feats did not stop there, he was the founder of United Artists, that Michael Cimino ran into the ground with a stupendous budget overload with Heaven’s Gate, married Mary Pickford, America’s Sweetheart and considered the “King of Hollywood” until he retired and Clark Gable inherited it but it was Australian Errol Flynn that brought the pirate to talkies. It’s uncanny how much Flynn looks like Fairbanks, jr.

Fairbanks, not his real name, was born Douglas Elton Thomas Ullman on May 23, 1883 in Denver Colorado to a couple of immigrant Jews from Baden, Germany. His name Fairbanks, was from his mother’s first husband, after Ullman abandoned the family of ten in a huff. Like his mother, his first wife was the widow of a rich industrialist. They had a son, Douglas jr.– Fairbanks one and only — and then hearing of the silents going west decided to follow. Once there he fell in with the great D.W. Griffith and met Mary Pickford who was also married, so they had an affair, like mother like son. The chart is a slight rectification from Jones’s Leo 2. I went with Leo 11, “Character is destiny” because he was a person who carried the key to fortune within — warm-hearted, big dreamer and great smile. He was as he claimed himself, made for Hollywood, and it was made for him.

Everyone got divorced and Fairbanks and Pickford married, on March 28, 1920. They built PickFair in Hollywood the first mega mansion shortly after. In 1921, he, Pickford, Chaplin, and DW Griffith, again, , helped to organize the Motion Picture Fund to assist those in the industry who could not work, or were unable to meet their bills because back then few made buckyoo bucks. For fifteen years the happiness lasted and then both fell off the wagon and Fairbanks married Sylvia, Lady Ashley in 1933 and died in 1938 of a heart attack, saying almost in perfect form, “I’ve never felt better.” I betcha he did.

Cushing Eells, Preacher Pioneer

Cushing Eells Matters

Cushing Eells, the pioneer preacher of the Northwest, was born almost directly opposite of his great achievements in Blandford, Massachusetts, outside of Springfield, Massachusetts on February 16, 1810. It was only serendipity, though the good minister would say the hand of God, that led him Westward, as his original intent was south east, and South Africa.

The Whitmans were one of the first pioneers, and missionaries to cross the Rockies.

Dr. Marcus and Narcissa Whitman

Cayuse warrior from Edw. S. Curtis.  This and other photographs Curtis caught in the late 19th century can be viewed and purchased here.

The Whitmans were early missionaries, who went over the Rockies with fellow Congregationalist to provide and schooling to the Native Americans.  Marcus Whitman and his fellows helped the Indians also in building houses, tilling their fields, and irrigating their crops. They also taught them how to erect mills for grinding corn and wheat, while the wives established mission schools.  This uprooted the natives nomadic lifestyle and made it settled and agricultural, so while they were more prosperous and better fed, it caused a natural antipathy to those who wanted to continue the traditional lifestyle.  Prior to the Whitman arrival, the Cayuse depended solely on salmon caught from the Columbia River along with trout and eels. 

But things turned south as Roman Catholic priests came into the area, and the natives preferred the rituals of the Roman Catholic church over the plainness of Congregationalism.  After much consideration, the Whitmans planned to move south out of harm’s way, but then in 1847  a measles epidemic spread through the area. 

Caught in the middle, Dr. Whitman and the other settlers stayed to help those who caught the disease.  But for some unknown reason, a greater number of Native American children died from the measles than adults, and the natives accused Whitman and other missionaries of using magic to kill them off to make room for the settlers. 

In retaliation, on November 29, 1847, Cayuse warriors killed Marcus and Narcissa Whitman and 12 other settlers. This event, known as the Whitman Massacre, sparked the Cayuse War, which was fought until 1850. 

Whitman Massacre Aftermath

  The deaths of the Whitmans and others at Waiilatpu signified the end of the missionary efforts and the US Army moved the Eells and others from Tshimakain to Oregon., There Reverend Eells taught at various schools in the Tualatin Plains, including the Oregon Institute, now Willamette University. Tualatin Academy, now Pacific University, was another achievement of his.. When in 1859, the “upper country” was re-opened, Reverend Ells and his family returned to the Walla Walla Valley.  

There Eells built a seminary in memory of Marcus, and Narcissa Whitman called Whitman College. On December 1859 the first classes were held at Waiilatpu, now Walla Walla. Dr. Dorsey Syng Baker, a physician like Marcus Whitman, but also a successful businessman, gave the money for the building,   For the first two years, Eells was the principal of Whitman while serving simultaneously as superintendent of schools for Walla Walla County. He traveled throughout the Washington Territory, founding Congregational churches and schools throughout, and continued to raise money for the seminary.   Whitman College charter  

On December 20, 1859, the Washington legislature issued a new charter for the seminary, while changing its name Whitman College.   Despite many hardships, Reverend made efforts to keep Whitman alive, giving 10,000 dollars during his life and in last will and testament willed much of his property to the College too. thus insuring its success. Whitman College survives today.  It is now a secular college acknowledged on their  founders page.

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C128 Oldest Woman dies at 117

The Transcendent Life of a Stoic

Signora Morano was one of eight children, had a spare diet and separated from her husband eighty years ago,.

In fact, we know more of her diet — she ate eggs and chicken solely;  no grains, no vegetables — than we do of her. Like Marcus Aurelius & the Roman Stoics of yore, Signora Morano felt that was the reason for her long life:  she ate sparingly, prayed often.

more emma.jpg

Emma Morano was born November 29, 1899 in Verbenia, Italy , northwest of Milano.  Our header picture is of this picturesque area s 25 miles from the Switzerland — one can see the foothills to the Alps in the background.

We do not have a birth time for her, so rectified it for about 10:30 at night for a late autumn day. This gives her a symbol of 23 Leo 33 or A unprepossessing & untidy figure, yet she is a nun of transcendent powers. This is a symbol emphasizing the qualities of inner excellence at the expense of outer.    An indifference to comfort so genuine that it sparks an inner awakening.  Implicit in the reversed symbolism are the values of an inner refining of self rather than hoarding either the physical or psychological possessions of being.

The Keyword for this symbol is Character and it has a positive note: self-abnegation. <mfn> Self-Abnegation is the setting aside of one’s self’s desires for a greater goal. It is akin to selflessness and self-denial. </mfn>

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Montgomery Clift unforeseen honors unfulfilled

Monty Clift and James Dean were the young turks of the 1950s Hollywood Scene. but only Monty made it out of the decade, though only just. James was the more petulant and angry of the two; Monty was the sensitive “artistic” type that women wanted to mother. Only when Monty got out of the 1950s was he able to play something against type, in Trial in Nuremberg,

Clift has several bios to his credit. One by Patricia Bosworth, and another by Robert LaGuardia , both who seem to to specialize in Hollywood bios. I read part of the LaGuardia the earlier of the two, by about 3 years and if one likes Monty and enjoys these type of books, his is rather good, though it has no pictures.

While nether Clift nor Dean won Oscars but neither did Marlon Brando, a third of this set, for Streetcar named Desire, but then again neither did Henry Fond for Grapes of Wrath, Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind, but if Monty had, it would have been for his performance in From Here to Eternity as Prew the bugler. His romantic lead, Donna Reed, is a rather Phyllis Thaxter look a like that his family expected him to marry 1 Robert LaGuardia’s Monty: a biography of Montgomery Clift; Avon Books, a division of The Heart Corporation, NY, 1977 and perhaps why the two work together so well on screen — they do have a certain romantic dynamic that is striking.

Elbert Benjamine has October 17, 1920, C.S.T., 41N15 95W57 for Monty Clift’s birth in Omaha. but the coordinates for Omaha are wrong. Jones does not list the 4 time Oscar nominee.

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    Robert LaGuardia’s Monty: a biography of Montgomery Clift; Avon Books, a division of The Heart Corporation, NY, 1977

The Topocentric House System and director Ingmar Bergman

Two Argentinians, Nelson Page & Walter Polich, created the Topocentric around 2000 AD based on the idea that a celestial object should be measured like the GPS system on earth. What that means is the altitude of an object, the angle between the horizon and its distance from it, and the azimuth, the horizontal plane the object is located on, become the celestial equivalent of latitude and the longitude. An excellent diagram of this is on Marcus Antoniu’s site, here.

As the key to the Topocentric is being born at the poles, like Sweden Norway and Argentina, to highlight its capability, i am going use director Ingmar Bergman, who is not related to actress Ingrid Bergman, though late in her life, she did star in one of his films. Of course Misses Bergman and Garbo are also eligible for this layout, be I already did them, and I do not like to retread my work and Liv Ullman, who he had a long affair with, and a daughter, Linn Ullman, was born in Japan and not Norway so I doubt her chart would be very enlightening.

The private life of Bergman

Bergman was born on July 14, 1918, in Uppsala, Sweden, home of historic Uppsala Cathedral, the son of a Lutheran minister. He attended the University of Stockholm, where he was an active member of the student theatrical group and in 1942, after debuting as a Shakespearean director, he was appointed to the Swedish Royal Opera.

Despite his many romantic entangelements, he was married five times, all but the last ending in divorce; she died. He had had nine children from his mistresses and wives, the eldest being Lena born in 1943 to his first wife, Else Fisher, a Swede born in Australia. Then there was Ellen Lundstrom who lasted 5 years. They had Eva, Jan and pair of twins, Mats and Anna. The third marriage in 1951 to Gun Grut for eight years, and they Ingmar jr in 1951.

Faro lighthouse
Faro Lighthouse By Axelode – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Number four was Kabi Laetei, an Estonian concert pianist, who left her husband for him and they had Daniel in 1962 during their ten year span. They must have been a modern couple for during their union, Japanese born Norwegian Liv Ullman had their daughter Linn in 1966 in Oslo. They split in 1969 and in 1971 he married Ingrid von Rosen, which was his last and longest marriage, after she and Jan-Carl Count von Rosen, nephew of Goring, parted ways. Bergman and von Rosen had Maria, but she was actually born in 1959 (shades of Wild Strawberries for this one ) when Miss von Rosen was married to the Count and her to Grut, who obviously divorced him though he did not Interesting isn’t it? Speculation is he never acknowledged Maria as his own but let her grow up with the Count’s other three children as his own.

Miss von Rosen was died in 1995 from stomach cancer, and perhaps that intercepted Cancer in his Campanus chart was portending not only a problem with motherhood and children but also her deep loss. Whatever, Mr. Bergman outlived her, and did not marry again, dying on on July 30 2007, at eighty-nine in his sleep (Uranus in the eighth house a long and eventful life) in Faro Sweden where they are buried together. Faro, an island in the Baltic Sea, of less than 500 people, incidentally has an asteroid named after it.

Bergman in Morinus

Morinus gives the fifth and eleventh houses with Scorpio and Taurus are interceptions but really affects no major planets. Mars in the fourth, in its fall, reminiscent of Bergman’s movie, Fanny and Alexander, while Uranus in the eighth house is shades of the Seventh Seal — chess with Death anyone? Well actually Bill and Ted’s Great Adventure did a spoof on that with Twister vs Death, but the original was classic.

Bergman in Placidus

Brother Placidus is similar to the Morinus at Uppsala. Here Venus in Gemini is intercepted. This shows up in several layouts but notice how the Placidus cusp layout changes Bergman’s Jupiter in Cancer, where it is exalted, from the twelfth, where it was in domicile, to the eleventh though on the cusp of the twelfth so by angle it sorta gets there.

Bergman in Campanus

Campanus for the director makes the sixth and twelfth houses intercepted i.e. Capricorn and Cancer and also the the eleventh and fifth house. This layout makes the Sun, Neptune and Jupiter all intercepted, and interesting aspect of such a strong willful man. Perhaps Scenes of a Marriage is represented in this chart, though his last wife Ingrid was a Capricorn and so two should be noted here, thus Wild Strawberries appears fleetingly as well, see above for rationale.

Bergman in Equal

The Equal of course has no interceptions and does resemble the Placidean in many ways, at least planetary. Cuspally, it is close to the Placidean as well, and this could account for some favoritism towards the monk’s method. This layout seems to sing Autumn Sonata.

Finally, Bergman in Topocentric

Finally, the Topo. It follows the Morinus and Placidus layout but the house cusps are very different with the twelfth house being very small with just his Moon in Cancer there. And while the fifth and sixth are intercepted. Now Venus in Gemini is intercepted, and interesting take on his sexual liaisons. Cuspally, it is similar to the equal but with interceptions — that seems to be a popular motif. Let us finish our tour with the superlative Winter Light.


At one point, early on after abandoning the Koch, I went to the Topocentric and some charts on the old site are still in that format; they and their essays are being converted over to the Morinus when they get moved here. All the Charts referenced are here in one pdf.

On the wings of eagles, Ross Perot

Ross Perot, ran for president in 1992 and 1996 as a populist who wanted to restore Norman Rockwell’s America. He was born on June 27, 1930 in Texarkana, Arkansas. I have rectified him to 7:28 am and an ascendant of 07 Leo 55, or a “Bolshevik propagandists” — he would have howled at that one — or the indomitable spirit of man’s enduring spirit to rise up against social and political crises. This symbol, Jones, continues, is the individual’s need to galvanize his community to see the potential of good.

Being Ross

Born Henry Ray Perot on June 27, 1930, to Gabriel and Lulu May {Ray} Perot. His father was a cotton broker and a horse trader.

As a teenager he changed his name to Henry Ross Perot in honor of his brother, Gabriel Ross Perot Jr., who died, as a toddler, before he was born. The family pronounced the surname PEE-roe, but in his 20s he changed that, too, making it puh-ROE, because, he said, he got tired of correcting people. He called himself Ross;, the media added the initial “H” at the beginning of his name, but he never liked it.

1996: American industrialist Ross Perot, he ran for President on his Reform Party ticket in 1992 and won nineteen percent of the vote but failed to win any electoral votes. (Photo by MPI/Getty Images)

His Venus in the first house shows how considerate he was towards public sentiment; being seen as agreeable was important to him.

An Eagle Scout, and like President Jimmy Carter a Navy officer from Annapolis, though he started at Texarkana Junior College for two years.. He was commissioned in the U.S. Navy in 1953, got married in 1955, and served until 1957, after which he worked as a salesman for International Business Machines Corporation (IBM).

Founding EDS

 The founding of EDS to Ross Perot's

When Perot saw he grossing more than any other salesman in the country, he left IBM to found Electronic Data Systems, originally in West Texas and then in its expansive headquarters in Plano, Texas; most of his clients went with him.

EDS Headquarters on Legacy Drive.
EDS HQ on Legacy Drive in Plano, Texas was sold by Hewlett Packard to Dallas Highland Capital in 2018. HP bought EDS in 2008.

The Perot Ticket

Perot was a tireless crusader for education and vehemently against drugs, instituting drug and alcohol testing for his employees long before it became the norm. In 1969, he became a national sensation when he tried to fly medicine and food to American prisoners of war in North Vietnam. Ross repeated that feat in 1979 he staged a commando raid against Iran after the fall of the Shah for the hostages kept there by the Ayatollah Khomeini.

In 1992 and 96, Perot ran for president to get a look “at what’s under the hood” of the government. He felt he could pare it down, make it more efficient and responsible to its citizen. He was unsuccessful both times but some attribute Trump’s successful run as a populist candidate owes a lot to Perot’s initial attempts, though that’s rather dubious as Perot and Trump did have fairly different agendas. All they had in common was outsiders running against the Washington bureaucracy, for the Deep State agenda, that is enough.

Like Trump twenty years later, this article in the American Thinker tells how the Washington Establishment attacked Perot because he questioned Bush Family politics, a real no no amongst entrenched mainline Republicans. But the article does hint at what Perot had to fight against. That understood, Perot struck a real chord in many Americans, particularly veterans.

Ross Perot and wife Margot, son and four daughters.
Ross with his wife Margot and their children, Nancy, Suzanne,
Carolyn and Ross Perot, jr.

The Ross that Roared

Perot is a bucket with a Saturn handle in the sixth house of work and service. Saturn as his focal determinator gives Perot the ability to see the forest for the trees and think long term; his Mental Chemistry supports this long range vision he implements with a meticulous almost tactical approach.

His Line of Vitality, the luminary aspect, is vigintile giving Ross an innate understanding of how he can self-affirm his dreams and goals.

Chemical Efficiency

His Line of Efficiency, Venus and Mars, is square giving him a hair-trigger temper, he did not suffer fools gladly, and had an explosive reflex to events around him. This was seen in two attempts to bring humanitarian relief to American POWs chronicled in Ken Follett’s On the Wings of Eagles or even his decision to leave IBM and start his own company when he became the top salesman for the Southeastern district. With Efficiency squared, Perot got irked by not doing anything, and so did.

His Mental Chemistry is how he will act upon this itch. For Perot, his Moon is very fast but his Mercury is very slow, so while the itch wants scratching, Perot starts scouting out a solution and then after coming up with one, looks for support.

Ross Perot's homes in Dallas and Bermuda
from the RealDeal. Upper left the n 8,200-square-foot mansion on a 16-acre estate worth a reported $21 million in Dallas on Strait Lane. The bottom left is their home in Bermuda , Tucker’s Town, Bermuda where his neighbor was r New York City mayor and fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg who also this year decided to run for president.

The Line of Motivation, Jupiter to Saturn, is in opposition and the Line of Social Significance (Uranus to Neptune) is inconjunct.

Medically, Neptune in the Virgo in the second house is trine Saturn in the sixth, with a sextile to the eighth house cusp Aquarius. This does suggest that he would live an old age and contract some vague blood cancer; Ross died July 9th, 2019 in Dallas Texas from leukemia. His wife of 65 years, Margot, and their five children survive him.

Discovery of icy cold Sedna

Asteroid Sedna named for the Intuit myth, is farther away from the Sun than Pluto, thus making it one of the coldest known asteroids. How cold is cold? Well Sedna never gets above 240 degrees Celsius or minus 464 Fahrenheit according to NASA where our header shot comes from.

senda discovery.png

We are assigning the asteroid Sedna the tentative keyword of Life Lessons Learned or Remembered, based on its preponderance in Sagittarius in the fifth house. Often we have shortened this to Learning or Learnt, but the implication must always be that what is learnt is the person’s overall life mission. In it’s own chart is found conjunct its North Node, in the tenth house, giving this aspect the meaning of “The Life Lessons Sedna learnt through patience, gave it the Confidence to aspire for public discovery”. We have used Sedna with this meaning a few times and found it works well.

discovery of sedna

Sedna in some charts:

As Sedna is slow you will find it in the same sign for many people over a period of time, so it is the circumstance, house, that matters most. If your program does not give you positions for Sedna, CafeAstrology via Solar Fire, printed an ephemeris for use, see here.

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