C134 Congresswoman Liz Cheney, no more

Congresswoman Elizabeth Lynne Cheney is running as an incumbent.The odds she loses right now are 90% according to CNN. Our header picture shows her campaigning in blue to get Democratic voters in Wyoming — crossover votes are allowed there.

Cheney was born on July 28 1966 in Madison, WI to her Richard Bruce Cheney and mother Lynne Cheney. Her grandfather worked for the Department of Agriculture as a soil agent, which explains the agriculture aspects showing up in her chart.

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C361 Moe Drabowsky, relief pitcher w 6 ½ to win

Relief wins Game 1 of the Fall Classic

Myron Walter Drabowsky was as a baseball pitcher. He is best-remembered for throwing 6+2⁄3 scoreless innings of relief to win Game 1 of the 1966 World Series between the Baltimore Orioles and the Los Angeles Dodgers. He batted and threw right.  He played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Braves, Cincinnati Reds, Kansas City Athletics, Baltimore Orioles, Kansas City Royals, St. Louis Cardinals, and Chicago White Sox.

Immigrant Success

Drabowsky was born in Ozanna, a small village in southeastern Poland to a Jewish family. They left before Hitler invaded in 1939 when he was four — good timing you have to admit.  Moe was a known practical joker. One that also made people laugh was his coming to the dugout with a Sporting News in one hand and and the Wall Street Journal in another.

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J895 Electrifying Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, date unknown.

Tesla was a Serbian American inventor and engineer .

He is credited with discovering and patenting the rotating magnetic field, the basis of most alternating-current machinery

Marc Jones has July 10, 1856 in Smiljian Austria-Hungary Empire, now Croatia, but Tesla was not Croatian as widely believed but was an ethnic Serbian and his father was an Eastern Orthodox priest.

Though he was famous and respected, he was never able to translate his inventions into long-term financial success—unlike his early employer and chief rival, Thomas Edison. Tesla died unfortunately penniless at the New Yorker hotel in Manhattan letting others make billions off his name and talent.

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The Topocentric House System and director Ingmar Bergman

Two Argentinians, Nelson Page & Walter Polich, created the Topocentric around 2000 AD based on the idea that a celestial object should be measured like the GPS system on earth. What that means is the altitude of an object, the angle between the horizon and its distance from it, and the azimuth, the horizontal plane the object is located on, become the celestial equivalent of latitude and the longitude. An excellent diagram of this is on Marcus Antoniu’s site, here.

As the key to the Topocentric is being born at the poles, like Sweden Norway and Argentina, to highlight its capability, i am going use director Ingmar Bergman, who is not related to actress Ingrid Bergman, though late in her life, she did star in one of his films. Of course Misses Bergman and Garbo are also eligible for this layout, be I already did them, and I do not like to retread my work and Liv Ullman, who he had a long affair with, and a daughter, Linn Ullman, was born in Japan and not Norway so I doubt her chart would be very enlightening.

The private life of Bergman

Bergman was born on July 14, 1918, in Uppsala, Sweden, home of historic Uppsala Cathedral, the son of a Lutheran minister. He attended the University of Stockholm, where he was an active member of the student theatrical group and in 1942, after debuting as a Shakespearean director, he was appointed to the Swedish Royal Opera.

Despite his many romantic entangelements, he was married five times, all but the last ending in divorce; she died. He had had nine children from his mistresses and wives, the eldest being Lena born in 1943 to his first wife, Else Fisher, a Swede born in Australia. Then there was Ellen Lundstrom who lasted 5 years. They had Eva, Jan and pair of twins, Mats and Anna. The third marriage in 1951 to Gun Grut for eight years, and they Ingmar jr in 1951.

Faro lighthouse
Faro Lighthouse By Axelode – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Number four was Kabi Laetei, an Estonian concert pianist, who left her husband for him and they had Daniel in 1962 during their ten year span. They must have been a modern couple for during their union, Japanese born Norwegian Liv Ullman had their daughter Linn in 1966 in Oslo. They split in 1969 and in 1971 he married Ingrid von Rosen, which was his last and longest marriage, after she and Jan-Carl Count von Rosen, nephew of Goring, parted ways. Bergman and von Rosen had Maria, but she was actually born in 1959 (shades of Wild Strawberries for this one ) when Miss von Rosen was married to the Count and her to Grut, who obviously divorced him though he did not Interesting isn’t it? Speculation is he never acknowledged Maria as his own but let her grow up with the Count’s other three children as his own.

Miss von Rosen was died in 1995 from stomach cancer, and perhaps that intercepted Cancer in his Campanus chart was portending not only a problem with motherhood and children but also her deep loss. Whatever, Mr. Bergman outlived her, and did not marry again, dying on on July 30 2007, at eighty-nine in his sleep (Uranus in the eighth house a long and eventful life) in Faro Sweden where they are buried together. Faro, an island in the Baltic Sea, of less than 500 people, incidentally has an asteroid named after it.

Bergman in Morinus

Morinus gives the fifth and eleventh houses with Scorpio and Taurus are interceptions but really affects no major planets. Mars in the fourth, in its fall, reminiscent of Bergman’s movie, Fanny and Alexander, while Uranus in the eighth house is shades of the Seventh Seal — chess with Death anyone? Well actually Bill and Ted’s Great Adventure did a spoof on that with Twister vs Death, but the original was classic.

Bergman in Placidus

Brother Placidus is similar to the Morinus at Uppsala. Here Venus in Gemini is intercepted. This shows up in several layouts but notice how the Placidus cusp layout changes Bergman’s Jupiter in Cancer, where it is exalted, from the twelfth, where it was in domicile, to the eleventh though on the cusp of the twelfth so by angle it sorta gets there.

Bergman in Campanus

Campanus for the director makes the sixth and twelfth houses intercepted i.e. Capricorn and Cancer and also the the eleventh and fifth house. This layout makes the Sun, Neptune and Jupiter all intercepted, and interesting aspect of such a strong willful man. Perhaps Scenes of a Marriage is represented in this chart, though his last wife Ingrid was a Capricorn and so two should be noted here, thus Wild Strawberries appears fleetingly as well, see above for rationale.

Bergman in Equal

The Equal of course has no interceptions and does resemble the Placidean in many ways, at least planetary. Cuspally, it is close to the Placidean as well, and this could account for some favoritism towards the monk’s method. This layout seems to sing Autumn Sonata.

Finally, Bergman in Topocentric

Finally, the Topo. It follows the Morinus and Placidus layout but the house cusps are very different with the twelfth house being very small with just his Moon in Cancer there. And while the fifth and sixth are intercepted. Now Venus in Gemini is intercepted, and interesting take on his sexual liaisons. Cuspally, it is similar to the equal but with interceptions — that seems to be a popular motif. Let us finish our tour with the superlative Winter Light.


At one point, early on after abandoning the Koch, I went to the Topocentric and some charts on the old site are still in that format; they and their essays are being converted over to the Morinus when they get moved here. All the Charts referenced are here in one pdf.

The incredible Mr Limpett, Don Knotts

Jesse Donald Knotts has all the elements of a Splay Temperament Type — a Grand Trine in Fire, no oppositions and a charming personality. Asteroid Hebe partile Pluto shows how he imbued his characters, Barney Fife in the Andy Griffith Show with his fake bravado and child like wonderment that was as hilarious as it was embarrassing.

Asteroid Photographia (HS pioneers going west for a new frontier) conjunct his ascendant is surprising; Knotts was not a handsome man and the black moon Lilith nearby suggests this bothered him, but his plastic features took on a form and function of their own (Saturn at 27 Libra keyword Enchantment) that made him one of the most popular comedians of all time.

Haven’t a clue what time he died, this is just for study.

His ascendant 14 Gemini gets the Hyperion Climbers above the timber line, where his physical comedy (Terpsichore in Virgo) is enjoyable if not surprising like this scene from The Incredible Mr. Limpet (asteroid Poseidon conjunct his Moon in Aries in the eleventh) where his dreams and exasperation take a very unexpected turn.

Don had two children with his first wife, his college sweetheart. Daughter Karen continues the comedic line while sonTom became an electrical engineer. Born in Cancer, Don died from lung cancer in the sign of the fishes, appropriately enough, on February 24, 2006 in Los Angeles. Thankfully we have reruns.


Loving Marianne Williamson

Marianne Deborah Williamson born July 8, 1952 at 3:53 am in Bellaire, Texas, a suburb of Houston, to conservative Jewish family. Her father Samuel was a WWII veteran and after the War an immigration lawyer; her mother a homemaker for her family. Marianne is currently running for President as a progressive liberal against Joe Biden, using the Kabbalah Tree of Life as her platform in effort to showcase Tikkun awareness, including their slogan of “Love and Awareness.” After her unsuccessful bod for president, she became a columnist for Newsweek online, ostensibly for her political savvy.

She has never been married and has one daughter. Her ascendant, 23 Gemini 58 gets the [HS] symbol of an “avatar taking human form,” and is a see-saw temperament type. McClung writes that this is “giving without condition to the future state of being.” That works well with her campaign slogan of “Think. Love. Participate.”


  • This post was updated on March 13 2021 with her latest endeavours and replacing the missing chart.

RIP: Astrologer Donna Cunningham

Astrologer Noel Tyl has announced on his eponymous website that astrologer Donna Cunningham has reposed on her 75th birthday in Portland, Oregon. He gave her details on July 5, 1942, at 7:40 in Onawa, Iowa, a town found on the outskirts of Decatur, Iowa north of Omaha, Nebraska.  Mr. Tyl’s data is similar to the Vedic AstroSage. Since we published this, Mr. Tyl has reposed too, as has her friend Donna van Toen.

See the source image

 Our sympathies to her friends and family and many readers.  I could not find an online obituary.  A list of her books are at Alibris.com; we recommend at least The Consulting Astrologer’s Handbook, though we are partial to her 1983 book, Healing Pluto Problems.

In this latter book, she discusses Amelia Earhart,  Mohandas Gandhi, Sigmund Freud, Madame Marie Curie, the discoverer of plutonium, several abuse & incest cases and finally psychologist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.  Many of those people Celestiology did too, but we did not use her research.  I think they are just popular people to analyze.

Her website is at Skywriter.


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