Labor Day Chart, Covid for Hal Willner and Stay Awake

I was thinking this Labor Day I should do something a bit extra since a lot of updates to the charts occur but I never note them, Dolly Parton’s new book with James Patterson made me laugh, and whether the progression to the chart shows that. I do it for myself, but never publish them out. Seems to be a mistake.

I this will happen every week with the current weekly mundane chart attached. This week’s chart is Hal Willner. He was a victim of Covid two years ago in April 2020. His bio is on the New York Times. . Eventually he will be posted at post #308, right after Michelle Obama at 307 and before Padre Pio at 309.

I found out about Willner while looking for Stay Awake, I have the album on vinyl somewhere but in the meantime there was a song I wanted to hear. On the side are all the tracks listed individually.

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