C102 Alan Leo’s Welsh optometrist Dr. Aenon

Seeing Aenon

Alan Leo writes up this optometrist in his magazine way back over 100 hundred years ago,,, noting the preponderance of  Aries, Taurus and Gemini planets highlighting the head and throat area of person.  Of course, Mr Leo used the Placidus format  for all his charts; I have taken the liberty to update that format to a more modern Koch format, and you see that those preponderances all gather around the tenth house.   Obviously, Leo’s optometrist, whether his own personal physician or a friend is unknown, was a gifted physician.

First off,  for the nameless opto, I am calling him Aenon, Hebrew for “his eye”and pronounced EE-non. I think this is more respectful   than the impersonal “Opto”, while  also making him memorable and tangible as an  individual.

Dr. Aenon is a fanhandle pattern with the Moon and Saturn less than any major aspect pattern, but within the orb of a luminary conjunction.  This makes his Saturn his focal determinator — hard work and frugal — but in the fifth house next to the Moon inventive and daring in his work supported by his preponderance in the 10th house of aspirations.

The good doctor’s ascendant is 04 Leo 48, which is also tied to the first house in the Koch format.  Sepharial, an associate of Leo’s that the esteemed astrologer himself often used, gives the symbol of “a snake coiled around a tree, its head raised ready to strike.”  Sometimes, those symbols, any symbol really, while picturesque, are perplexing, so it is best to read the short definition below to understand it and the catch phrase becomes a shorthand to the more complete definition.

                         His  Subtlety

This degree Sepharial states  1 From The Aries Press, Chicago, Illinois,  copyrighted in 1943 but herein referencing the 1972 edition of the “Degree of the Zodiac Symbolized, pg. 76, that was published in  a small yellow book.   denotes

“a person of scientific powers and learning  capable of carrying out the most elaborate researches with patience and intelligence.  There is within the mind a certain degree of cupidity and cunning, which when wisely directed, can be of great use to his fellowman.  But there is also though a keen sense of rivalry and competition; a love of personal advantage and one-upmanship,  he will use subtly not easily discernible to his fellow.  Because, in spite, however, there will be a moderate success in life.  Above all, it is a degree of Subtlety.”

The ponds of reflection

Dr. Aenon has nothing in the first house, but his second house starts with Regulus at its cusp, suggesting some amount of financial success  in his chosen career.  In the fourth and tenth houses, Scorpio and the corresponding Taurus are intercepted.    While the eye-man  has nothing in Scorpio, and upon reflection Dr. Aenon has little in water overall:  just Uranus  19 Cancer 05 in the twelfth, suggesting work in a modern field, and with the North Node right next to it,  repeating the idea  he would be fortunate in the field.

Unfortunately, Uranus in the twelfth, like  in the chart of Reverend Martin Luther King, signifies confinement, working in small spaces, under restraints and difficult situations.  In both cases, this was not problematic for either man, and in Dr. Aenon’s case, as Uranus is  opposite the Moon in the sixth house suggests instead of being detain he would hold an official position there — like holding a prominent position  in an asylum, hospital, prison, work-house.  This aspect would include even  his working in  faraway places from home, remembering  that in his lifetime the 300 mile round trip from Cardiff to London, 2 This link, to a blog, documents Welsh travel and tourism through the 18th to 19th centuries.

                                                                            Neptune reshapes

Neptune, recently discovered just 20 years previous to his Dr. Aenon’s birth, is  closest to the Midheaven noting accuracy, while Mars part of the preponderance in the tenth house of aspirations and dreams at 12 Taurus 42 highlights his surgical mastery. This could mean, according to the College of Optometry’s site, that Aenon was on the forefront (remembering that Uranus) of opthamalogical science, which was just starting at the turn of the twentieth century.  It was a major break in the history of optical treatment, as they were the forerunners of what is now LASIK eye surgery to treat cataracts or just free people from the bother of spectacles by physically reshaping the cornea.

                                                          JONES LINES

  1.              The Line of Vitality — aspect between the two luminaries and suggests how a person deal with what gives the most interest i.e. what is vital to their being.  For Aenon, this aspect is sesquiquadrate,  suggesting he enjoyed high-pressure situations where his skill and ability were tested.
  2.             The Line of Efficiency  — aspect between Venus and Mars and tells us how they approach their daily life.  For Aenon this aspect is a semi-sextile, an associative aspect.  Most likely Dr. Aenon met his wife through his work.  Perhaps she was a nurse that worked under him.Overall Aenon associated with people who could help him succeed.
  3.            The Line of Personality  — aspect between the old guard of Jupiter and Saturn and shows how a persona presents himself to his milieu.  Here we find a triseptile aspect; a rather rare aspect, and suggests that he was charming.  People found him witty and engaging.
  4.        The Line of Culture  — aspect between Uranus and Neptune and shows how well the person adapts to modern technology.
        1. Square, which is also his closest square, that Dr. Jones called one’s Dynamic Aptitude because it is how a person reacts to the internal/external stimulation he receives in life and his reaction to it.
        2. Being an inharmonious aspect, it suggests that Dr. Aenon was very touchy about his work, he did not take criticism lightly and often flew off the handle when questioned.  This made him a rather impervious high-strung person, and why he sought a position, where he was in solely in control with rather autonomous authority.
        3. While his quest for optical scientific inquiry may have been noble, and he was daring in his approach, inquisitive and insightful in his field, his bad flighty temper gave him an off-putting reputation.
        4. But then most surgeons, inventors and opera divas  are not sought for the bedside manner and charming disposition but their expertise.


  • 1
    From The Aries Press, Chicago, Illinois,  copyrighted in 1943 but herein referencing the 1972 edition of the “Degree of the Zodiac Symbolized, pg. 76, that was published in  a small yellow book.
  • 2
    This link, to a blog, documents Welsh travel and tourism through the 18th to 19th centuries.

The Charismatic Sri Satya Sai Baba

I have come to light the lamp of love in your hearts, to see that it shines day by day with added luster. I have come to tell you of this universal, unitary faith, this spiritual principle, this path of love, this duty of love, this obligation to love. Every religion teaches man to fill his being with the glory of God and to evict the pettiness of conceit. It trains him in the methods of unattachment and discernment, so he may aim high and attain spiritual liberation. Believe that all hearts are motivated by the one and only God; that all faiths glorify the one and only God; … That is the message of love I bring. That is the message I wish you to take to heart.         

Sri  Sathya Sai Baba Sri Satya Baba was born on November 23, 1926 in Padapati, India, in what is now Andhra Pradesh.   He said he was the reincarnation of Sai Baba of Shirdi  and the incarnation of the Hindu Lord Shiva.  His teachings fall under the heading of Bhakti Yoga, the path of Love and Self-Devotion, and is one of the four paths to Enlightenment.  

The goal of this practise is to reach the state of rasa (essence), a feeling of pure bliss achieved in the devotional surrender to the Divine.   Sri Baha condemned all distinction based on religious caste.  This is the website devoted to his teachings.  It is slow loading but has many free videos and books written by him for those interested that will explain his teachings better than I could summarize.

A Tree Felled

Sri Baba’s ascendant is at 28 Aquarius a “pioneer cottage is prepared for winter with a tree felled and the fuel saved.” It represents the bountiful supply nature creates in its obtaining or the richness of all native equipment. Positively it is a degree of intelligent preparation. The keyword is REWARD.

He is a fanhandle planetary pattern, as first described by the astrologer Robert Carl Jansky. with his strong handle spanning the first and twelfth house where he used his charisma to spread his message of love and peace — midheaven conjunct Neptune near to the fixed star Regulus.. Neptune at the midheaven is opposite Jupiter near the fourth house cusp showing the power and renumeration, his many writings brought him.

While his Mars in the sixth shows his tirelessness in advocating his beliefs in “peace and tranquility” though this also can be seen as his molestation of young men who were followers.

His yod spans from Mercury in the first to Mars in the sixth that is sextile Pluto (conjunct the Moon highlights the regenerative affect he had on his followers, who were mainly women. It creates the head at 10 Gemini in the seventh house, a degree symbolizing how “mind rules matter.” This was also Jack London’s ascendant and Brigham Young of the Mormon’s Moon.

Sri Sai Baha, a spiritual guru to millions around the globe,  reposed on 24 April 2011 from heart failure in his native India.  He was 85.

Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III

Joseph P. Kennedy III is Congressman of Massachusetts’s 4th district, Barney Frank’s old district, which runs from the Boston western suburbs to the state’s south coast, was picked to give the official Democratic Party response to President Trump’s State of the Union. His father, Robert Kennedy jr. was the Congressman for the Massachusetts 8th district making him the fifth generation Fitzgerald-Kennedy to go into the family business of American politics.

JPK III and his wife Lauren Ann Birchfield.  They met at Harvard Law.  She is from Texas.

He was born October 4, 1980, nearly coinciding with his great great-grand-father, death on October 2, 1950. John P. Fitzgerald but called “Honey” Fitz, promised his constituency, Massachusetts 11th district, that a vote for him, would ensure that his Irish Catholic descendant would make it to the presidency. His grandson Jack Kennedy, filled that same seat thanks to Honey’s ardent campaigning. While grandfather did not live to see his daughter Rose’s son make good on that promise, Jack Kennedy right after his inauguration, told the cheering fans back home that indeed, “The promise was fulfilled.”

Ah the personalities that make up American politics.

Rectifying Joe

Joseph P We rectified him to 19 Capricorn with the keyword of “Ability” and putting his Neptune in the twelfth house of big government. His granduncle had that visionary planet in the tenth. house just like his granduncle, the late President John F. Kennedy, but Joe has it in Sagittarius like his grandfather Bobby, and opposite the Senator; both have it intercepted and both were bundle types. Actually the comparisons between the two men is striking.

The family business

The septile in the younger Kennedy’s chart picks up the kinship to his grandfather, while the preponderance of Libra in the ninth house, shows how much his career choice was steered by his family’s encouragement.

Download JPK and RJK biwheel here.

The August Senatorial Primary

Based on his primary running again Senator Ed Markey, one has wonder if the misspelling of Worcester, a major Democratic city outside of Boston, was not unintentional — I do not think his heart was in the race. That said, he did win both the town and county, thanks to swift maneuvers from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) but with Venus at Regulus (and conjunct Trump’s ascendant which made it an interesting choice for the rebuttal), does not give him much of the stomach for the killing fields of politics.

I suspect he is happy being a Congressman, at least for now and at 40 he has time to watch how best to use all that he commands. In the meantime, he likes his job and seems to prefer time with his wife and growing family (currently the Kennedy’s have only daughter Eleanor).

Neptunian dreams

His ascendant Capricorn 19 , shows that while an idealist he has a strong commitment to his family’s liberal ideology. His Mercury in the tenth house in Scorpio, is not the best placement for someone who much talk off the cuff and makes rely on teleprompters and speech writers. But his Uncle Ted, the Senator from Massachusetts, had a similar handicap, and polished his delivery so it was forceful and pointed, relying on his superb retinue of speech writers to write the message.

The Senator’s package was so successful that his career soared after the 1980 DNC convention for the reelection of Jimmy Carter, that many felt Ted had stolen Carter’s thunder in his concession speech. Rousing and passionate, the final lines of “the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die” got thunderous applause and Barack Obama liked the idea he bestowed it on 3.6 million chain migration children when he created his “Dreamers Act” because they are “just like us”. Trump not missing a beat, mentioned it in his State of Union changing the emphasis that “Americans are dreamers too.”

Venusian charm

With several planets in Libra, in the ninth house of legislature and law but that ruler, propitiously in the seventh house, is intercepted. Joe’s bundle temperament type, makes him rely on himself than those around him a sharp contrast with older Kennedy’s exuberances. Still both generations do have that determined “intensity” but with Joe it is more like slow smolder.

But he is a Kennedy and that counts for a lot, at least in Massachusetts. Whie the the two planets that contain his bundle — the Moon and Neptune — are more suited to Mohandas Gandhi than an American politician, Joe has the ambition to (Mars in the tenth) to make it all come together, when he is ready to pull it all together.

This was originally published February 2, 2018.

C190 Maybelline won't be true for Chuck Berry

Maybelline wasn’t true for Chuck Berry, but then again neither was Chuck.  He died on March 18, 2017.  His obit on Billboard  gives a fair account of his life, read it here.  While the New York Post fills in the details.  We are highlighting Chuck’s 1958 publicity shot taken from Rolling Stone’s 500 Best RnR songs of all time — Johnny B. Goode rated number seven.

2011 Chuck and Themetta

Themetta and Chuck Barry, 2011.  When he died they had been married an incredible 69 years.

Chuck Berry the Chart

There is a great joke in Back to the Future where Michael J. Fox at his parent’s high school prom, listening a black group plays, gets sick of the music steals a guitar, goes on stage and plays “Johnny B. Goode.”  The next cut is to the ban leader talking to his cousin, Chuck and we hear him saying “You know that new sound you’ve been looking for,” and then puts the phone in the air and lets Chuck hear his greatest hit.  Watch it here.

Continue reading “C190 Maybelline won't be true for Chuck Berry”

2001 & Stanley Kubrick

When Astrotheme has questions about a person’s birthtime  they give everyone the standard 12 o’clock high. For Kubrick that works out well, as he was born at 11:55 according to our rectification. Again, like Errol Flynn,  it was a movie that prompted this —   this time Room 237 the movie about a movie film, one of those cerebral talkies that are a akin to a literary discussion. For those who are not aficiandoes of the Shining, Room 237 is the mysterious room in the movie that the child Danny is told to avoid — at all costs.  For movie addicts, Room 237 is almost the Holy Grail — lots of inside baseball discussions about scenes, props etc.

Sand painting

I read the book last year and was amazed at how much was not there. I then checked some old book reviews and they panned it too — the book is just awful. What Kubrick does in that movie was what the book should have been. Nevertheless, Room 237 does give some good hidden meanings to the film like equating the American Indian slaughter to the Holocaust by pointing out all the Holocaust and Native American motifs throughout the film. It’s definitely a film goers film.  (Here’s one hint — all the luggage piled up helter skelter in the lobby like the baggage that was thrown off the trains by the Jews arriving at the death camps.  Another is the Navajo sand paintings that decorate the lobby.)


Other popular movies by him are Spartacus with Kirk Douglas,  Dr. Strangelove,  2001:  A Space Odyssey, Barry Lyndon, Full Metal Jacke, Clockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise.

                                                                              The Kubrick Chart

As or Kubrick’s chart, Uranus in the Sixth is rather apropos for him as he was unique and idiocyncratic.  Saturn in the second house makes sense as he wasthe scion of a wealthy family in the Bronx – unlike Ralph Lauren’s family also in the borough, but  who had less money. Next in the Tenth House is Venus + the Sun a propitious aspect for a director; actors and actresses tend to have just Venus. the Sun there gives Kubrick a stronger  willful attitude towards the industry — sort of like Orson Wellles — the enfant terrible of the 1940’s. Jupiter in the Seventh House shows a lot of marriages — he had four.

the shining art.jpg

As for his temperament type, Kubrick yearns to be a Splash but he only has two out of the requisite three oppositions.  Next up is the Fanhandle, that does have the required midpoint at the top of the chart and really does resemble a bucket but really Kubrick’s Southern bowl is more of a bundle — everything is closely tied up together full of energy and inversion.  So choosing the Fan pattern for Kubric, we see that the two distinct p;oints in the second house vy for notice against the other eight.  The handle is forever focusing Kubrick’s energies, telling us with the Moon right on the first hosue cusp the pressure he felt of having to be better and quicker and more symbolic than anyone else in the industry while Saturn on the near the third, his desire to make his father proud with his accomplishments as well as getting peers accolade.

Well if he was worried about the latter, Room 237 would solve that problem but then with Neptune conjunct Regulus in the eleventh house of publicity, he knew that.

If you are a Kubrick fan or just love the movie,  watch Room 237 here.

Here’s a highlight of the movie for those who just are wondering. https://graphics8.nytimes.com/video/players/offsite/index.html?videoId=100000003370038

Braveheart: Robert the Bruce

Traditional Fiery  Image of the first King of Scotland


Robert I, the King of Scotland, was born on July 11, 1274.  He is better known in history as Robert the Bruce, who reigned as the King of the Scots from 1306 until 1329 AD;  a productive twenty-three-year reign.  His claim to the Scottish throne was  his descent from David I of Scotland from his father.  He was the firstborn of Robert de Brus, the 6th Lord of Annandale (Scots-Celtic) and Marjorie (Scots-Norman), the Countess of Carrack, daughter of Niall, Earl of Carrack, through which he inherited the Earldom of Carrick.

A new image for the King of Scotland, Robert the Bruce

In the spirit of rectifying history, above is the traditional image of King Robert — florrid skin and bright red hair.  Alas, that got knocked back this week, when The UK magazine, The Week, reported that the real representation of our Braveheart is a lot closer to this, stockier and darker…..

And now the chart

                                        The Map of King Robert I


For King Robert’s chart we are using data from a Scottish historian, and only the seven theosophical  “sacred” or Hellenistic planets of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  Neither system uses the “modern” planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and Theosophy’s Sacred spheres are different from the Vedic ones.

With so few planets on the chart, it is hard to get a real idea of what his temperament type is — with  just seven planets almost everything falls into a bowl, bundle or bucket, so to determine what it truly is, we cheated  and added the modern generational ones in.  By doing so, (see below) we discovered that he was most likely a “wheelbarrow” temperament type with Jupiter and Pluto being the handles to his spade-shaped Southern tumbrel.

This makes Jupiter in the fourth house of patriotism and filial duty, to  be as important as his ability to transcend petty tribal squabbles by his pragmatic vision and physical bravery.  These two skills made him a unifying force because he was an impressive figure that people could respect.

modern robert the bruce.png

Jupiter at Pisces 01 is opposite the Fixed Star Regulus that is conjunct modern day Neptune, the other handle that supporting the  Wheelbarrow.  This shows that his vision of a free & independent country was grand but also self-aggrandizing, as that of course was the only venue for him to become its king.

His Ascendant is 07 Scorpio that E. C. Chambers says is “fearless and unflinching”.  The Neptune in the Regulus degree tells us that he definitely had his eye on the prize, the Kingship of Scotland but the catch is that probably was not readily apparent with so many planets hidden in Cancer.

His Part of Fortune, considered in the Medieval Ages in which the King lived, his destiny,  is 28 Capricorn that according to Eric C. Chambers shows up in so many charts of “Rulers and those who have dominion over others.”  That supports his midheaven at 15.10 Leo a degree that shows up in “born leaders” whether or not they are successful in their endeavor.

Statue of Robert the Bruce at the site of his great victory, Bannockburn, Stirling, Scotland. c. Encyclopedia Britannica

The good King died on the seventh day of June 1329, like his father, from leprosy¹, contracted during the hardships of his campaigns. He was buried at Dunfermline Abbey, Dunfernlime Scotland²  & succeeded by his son, David, born 5 March 1324  by his second wife, Elizabeth de Burgh.  He had two older sons, Nigel (Neil) & Robert but both were  born out of wedlock and not eligible for the kingship.  His union with his first wife resulted in two daughters, Marjorie Stewart & Margaret Glen.



  1. From the Encyclopaedia Britannica c. 1911 entry on Leprosy.
    1. Leprosy is a  parasitic disease believed to be an infective bite by the bacillus leprae, a microbe, discovered in 1871.  Previously this disease was thought to be a form of skin tuberculosis, as lepers often have that as well and it known by the skin lesions.    The essential characteristic of leprosy is the great multiplication of cells that resemble syphilis.  These new cells vary in size, distorting the person’s appearance & can be up to as much as 400 % greater in size thus making the face a grotesque.
    2. The disease’s  appearance is often slow and can be delayed up to several years, so the cause and outbreak are often not well defined.  The skin where the leprotic cells appear are generally symmetrical and bright copper red — giving the face the look of a lion (perhaps this is the explanation for the red glow of the traditional portraits, as a romanticized view of his leprosy?).
    3. Lupus & psoriasis were  often confused and many people with the two autoimmune diseases were also sent to leper colonies where by proximity the contracted the deadlier disease.
    4. The word “lepra” means scaly in Greek and was known as early as 4,600 BC in Egypt.  Every municipality throughout Europe, had a leper house but  Scotland, for reasons unknown, have the greatest outbreaks. By 1911, only Spain still had active leprosy cases  because like Scotland,  it is mainly coastal with a craggy shore, and little forest or inland areas.
    5. Leprosy is  rarely congenital it is communicable.  Isolation is the best recourse but often impracticable .  Scrupulous cleanliness, sound nutrition and good clothing go far to combat this disease, like many others..
    6. While it is on the wane in Europe, it is still prevalent in India and the coastal countries of Indonesia, Burma and Siam.  (Mother Theresa was a well known Roman Catholic nun who cared for lepers in Calcutta, and eventually succumbed to the disease.)
  2. Andrew Carnegie, the American philanthropist was born in Dunfermline and spent large sums for the Abbey’s restoration.

                                                     the passing of King Robert of Scotland

  1. Robert the Bruce’s proposed natal chart is the inner green in the bi-wheel below, with his supposed death the purple outer chart. He died at Cardross, Dumbartonshire, Scotland. Notice how his repose part of fortune meets his natal Jupiter exactly in the fourth house — as though now with the birth of legitimate sons, and the unification of Scotland, his job was done.
death of robert the bruce.png

There is no marking in Cardross of the battle nor where  the King fell. A grave mistake in our eyes.

C182 Media Man: Stephen K. Bannon

Bannon a man of all places

Bannon is almost mythic.  He was a Navy SEAL, an investment banker with Goldman Sachs, a Hollywood filmmaker, producer of many Seinfeld episodes, which he owns, Breitbart publisher and now a senior advisor for President Donald J. Trump.

The Biosphere 2 layout

After a few years at Goldman Sachs, Bannon, in 1990, launched his boutique investment bank, Bannon, and Company and helped Huffington Post go IPO.   In between Goldman and being bought out by Societe Generale,  he ran Biosphere II after its initial failure because scientists had created a glut of organic material like peat and compost in the soil inside the domes that set off an explosive growth of oxygen-eating bacteria.  Bannon was integral to rekeying focus on how to balance that bacteria, so the Biosphere project could be sustainable and successful.

From there, he became an executive producer of several big hit movies ranging from the Oscar-nominated “Titus,” starring Anthony Hopkins, to the Cold War documentary “In the Face of Evil,” and underwrote many of the early episodes of Seinfeld.

Investing new media


andrew breitbart.jpg
Andrew Breitbart


He met Andrew Breitbart when the latter, also a resident of Southern California, was launching his eponymous news website in the early 2000s. The two joined forces, and the networked Bannon provided office space and investors.

Following Breitbart’s sudden death on March 01 2012 in LA,  from heart failure at age 43, Bannon took over as executive chairman of the website and oversaw its relaunch. Today, Breitbart News draws about 21 million unique visitors per month and has podcasts on itunes.  It was a central web force in generating animosity toward House Speaker John Boehner, driving the Speaker from office. When Bannon joined Trump’s White House, Boehner focused his wrath on the two bemoaning Bannon’s mistreatment.

The Chartbannon chart.png

There is no known birth time for Mr. Bannon’s birth date of November 27, 1953, in Norfolk Virginia, so we have rectified it to 10:59 AM that is 02.07 Aquarius  the essential lord of which is Jupiter &  Pluto.¹  It has a poignant symbol of a “Deserter from the Navy”   that Marc Jones writes “symbolises his independence carried to the point of rebellion for the sake of the immediate liberation of the spirit.”  But on a deeper level, the Ascendant falling in the Twelfth House suggests that Bannon undermines his own success — perhaps pushing it too far.

He is a bucket with a Jupiter handle, making him an experience junkie who captures activities that have started by others and then brings them to consummation. Jupiter is dignified by term giving his handle extra prominence and as it is a semisextile away from the Lord of his Chart makes it and Uranus work in tandem in seeing and capturing opportunities almost preternaturally 1 Or at least Rob Reiner thinks so about Bannon’s capitalization of Seinfeld.

cross cut sequoia tree
Vintage cross cut sequoia tree

Another rarity he has, is his Unaspected Saturn in the Ninth House suggesting that he decides on imporant issues in an all or nothing manner, when he senses that his aim isin peril.  Click here to read more about Bannon & Unaspected Planets.

His 03 Aquarius Ascendant suggests he is an extreme individualist, with a disregard of the consequences and constraints of the societal polemic on his actions.  This makes him a demanding personality that “does not flourish into responsible action”¹ until the native gets his “wake up call.”  That call would literally be his separated Moon, ruled by the Archangel Gabriel, and exact to fixed star Regulus at 28 Leo, that called him out of  his selfish stupor.

             Leo 28 is a tree felled and sawed and a symbol of employment of the lesser for the greater good and the individuals ability to rise in a crisis to the center of attention by pressing forward the functions and necessities valuable to overall life.  The Keyword is Immediacy and suggests positivitely man’s enthusiastic emphasis to mobilize those around him, but negatively tells of popular disregard by of other’s  lack of vision.

libra 16
Image of Falling Swirling Autumnal Leaves

On the other side of the “gap” is Bannon’s Mars at 16 Libra “a boat landing washed away” that heralds the sudden awakening which from the many accounts online — there is no written biography of him — suggest happened about thirteen years ago when he became a born-again Roman Catholic thanks to the efforts of actor-evangelist James Patrick Caviezel.

                                             A stellium of planets dominates

Cancer 23

The Uranian literary society is the semi-sextile to his Pluto / Moon conjunction in his seventh house.  This agreement between the three planets is not to Bannon’s advantage; chances are his partners have a hard time living up to his expectations, and he is far too critical and exacting for their peace of mind.  Perhaps this aspect is the reasons for his two acrimonious divorces.

Sagittarius 06

That sextile in the partnership house brings us back to the Part of Fortune of the Autumnal Leaf and the square his Sun at  06 Sagittarius for a continuing game of cricket.  Like Sir Donald the great batsman himself, Mr. Bannon learns from his mistakes as squares are strict teachers that force the native to do their work otherwise boxing them into a Sisyphean world of endless sorrow.  Alas not everyone shows sportsmanship in losing or the willingness to learn from them,  but Bannon can.

Comments?  Suggestions?  Let us know.


The Morinus House System, proposed by Morin De Villefranche, a seventeenth-century astrologer, the astrological houses are divided equally onto the equator thus separating the Rising Sign from the Rising Degree.  Australian astrologer David Cope fixed that problem with his Meridian system.  Both systems can be used in any latitude unlike the Porphyry, Placidus, Koch and Regiomontus.  See our article on House systems for more including an example chart of Wendell Willkie here.

Thus the ascendant is not always either on the cusp of the first house or in the first house and two, there are not any intercepted houses.  Author Tracy Porter from a post in 1996, likes intercepted houses and writes about their value here; we disagree and have dropped them mostly.


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    Or at least Rob Reiner thinks so about Bannon’s capitalization of Seinfeld.

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