C333 Richard Rorty is redefining the pragmatic

Richard Rorty, was an American pragmatist in favour of “bourgeois liberalism.”

It is a phrase that shows up everywhere from the Chinese Communists using this phrase derogoratily to expunge too successful shopkeepers to Newark Mayor Ras Barkara claiming getting rid of the police is a bougeous liberal ideal. Rorty was the son of nonacademic leftist intellectuals who broke with the American Communist Party in the early 1930s, sometime after Rorty was born in 1931 (noticed Pluto at the Ascendant). He attended the University of Chicago and Yale University, where he obtained a Ph.D. in philosophy.

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JFK : A delayed birth certificate

The JFK Presidential Library says that all health and birth data for JFK are closed.  OK, so that is off limits, but do they have thing better than the birth certificate released when he entered the US Navy for World War II.? If so, what would be that horoscope for President? Alas, that idea was a no go, though they do have the birth certificate on display.

Astro.com gives a 15:00 time based on Jack’s “memory” and is rated an A by Lois Rodden.  Rather amusing is his father’s occupation of “banker” and not “bootlegger,” but by then Joseph Kennedy sr. was in FDR’s cabinet as Ambassador to England and so it was obviously sanitized. That is an ongoing problem with charts for politicos — the information on them is sparse and often, at least initially, misleading. It is only over time, and more probing, that things come to light. US AG Bill Barr’s chart is one that fits that category, but then again so does Bill and Hillary Clinton’s –his was rectified by an astrologer — and over the years Joe Biden’s details have officially changed.

No matter what anyone claims about astrology, based on the lack of a real birth certificate, remember Barack Obama’s issue of Where is the Birth Certificate he was so tardy in reproducing one? — it seems in reality they all believe and thus are wary. How else can you explain it?

Back to Jack

Despite the late release of Jack’s birth certificate, it’s all we have, so we will use that date and time.  This time, 3 in the afternoon, gives Kennedy 20 degree Libra Ascendant by rectifying his location to his exact home address at 83 Beals Street, Brookline, Massachusetts, now a US National Historic Site, instead of the Brookline hospital which is what my research most use.

The house that Jack built. JFK was born here on May 29 1917. It is now a US Historic Site.

Viewing the Chart

He has little fire in his chart,  but Neptune in the Tenth House right next to the Midheaven, suggesting he was a dreamer about the president’s role for his country and there is no doubt that is his dream of the NASA space program and the great race to the Moon. The low fire may also be tagged with his suffering from Addison’s disease, that affects the adrenal glands and adrenaline.

Saturn rules the adrenal glands with an aspect to Libra that President Kennedy has:  his Saturn is at the Tenth House Cusp and is square his First House (Libra ruled by Mercury) Ascendant.  Saturn rules Capricorn, found on the fourth house cusp, but just his Part of Fortune lies therein, at 29 Capricorn 22 and that at the very last degree. 

jfk delayed.png
His bucket with an Uranian handle in the fourth, shows one how well he got along with the media, but also his vociferous attacks against Cuba and the Soviet Union and then Viet Nam and China. Kennedy was early on the lookout, after Eisenhower dropping the ball when China invaded Tibet, of the Communist China menace. He and LBJ were also the last Democrats to feel that way.

Behind the part of fortune

It has the Sabian Symbol of a “Secret Business Council” in a mahogany paneled and magnificently furnished room suggesting the hidden forces that perpetuate the self forward. Negatively, and since its ruler Saturn is opposite it, tells of the massing of inner potential in an emergency. Could this be the closeted tete-a-tete for the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion?

Mrs. Roche calls it a “Power Play,” while Dr. Gordon “a degree of commanders, leaders and presidents.”  He writes that while Saturn in the Tenth House indicates aspiration and accomplishment (Kennedy’s Saturn is on the Tenth House Cusp) it is also unlucky for anyone who tries to thwart him.

Charubel says that 30 Capricorn is an “arrow in flight” and has an aspiring and ambitious nature impelled by the strength of a force behind him (his father Joe P)  for the attainment of high or long-term projects.  That fits as becoming President is not a sudden whimsy — it takes long determined planning.  Charubel states that “heredity and training count for more than what is usual in this case by ultimately it is a degree of “decline.”

The Kennedy Assassination Papers

There are a billion theories out there why and who killed Kennedy. President Trump mentioned this one during his campaign.

In the meantime, Trump said he would release the Kennedy papers aka the Warren Commission findings, but the UK Independent has a different story.   The Dallas Morning News, one must scroll all the way down on the first page of their website to find it,  thinks that the CIA may try for a last ditch injunction against releasing the data.  We believe the suppression of the data will succeed for there are too many people (the Bush family implication is rather suspect and there are many older Americans who always hated George sr. for it) who are still alive.

While waiting for the news to break, get a hold of Who’s Who In The JFK Assassination: An A to Z Encyclopedia and get familiar with the characters, or peruse the Mary Ferrell Foundation site and draw some of your own conclusions.  The papers, btw, are supposed to be released on Mrs. Ferrell’s birthday.

That did not happen.

Download JFK birth data

Notes: This was originally posted on Sabian Earth, October 25 , 2017, in remembrance of the horrific assassination of President Kennedy.

Gaslighting Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman a quiet shocker

Ingrid Bergman, the Swedish beauty, and successor to Greta Garbo, had a tendency in Hollywood films of always playing soft, romantic women; delicate orchids too fragile to face the cold winds of reality and protected in a hothouse run by a domineering, cruel husband, until suddenly a bracing wind blows into her perfumed and warm rooms and makes her wake up with a tenacity and ferocity that would make Mary Shelley proud. It’s always the same, this time Casablanca (an Oscar nomination), another time Gaslight (an Oscar win), and still another in Notorious (her best performance). Of course there is her Broadway role as Joan of Arc, whom she adored, or For whom the Bell tolls, (an Oscar nomination against Gary Cooper channeling Hidalgo in the fifth that is sextile her Uranus) all stellar performances where she entices us in like a spider, and then socks us with that black widow punch.

She was born in Stockholm, Sweden like Greta and Inger Stevens, who succeeded her as the Swedish femme fatale, on August 29, 1915 during World War I and named for the royal princess. Sweden despite its strong ties to Germany, Sweden was neutral during the War. It made its first declaration with originally with the Austro-Serbian conflict on 31 July 1914, after Prince Ferdinand of Austria’s assassination, and then again on the 3rd of August when Germany entered the fray, so the ties to Germany were strong and like many Swedes, including the Royal family, Ingrid was half German, her mother Frieda Adler Bergman was born in Hamburg and Swedish, her father Justus. They had met when the Adlers were on holiday in Sweden, it was common because of proximity and he had been entranced by her great beauty, I guess it was in the genes.

When the movie making craze hit Stockholm, Justus turned to photography shop and photo lessons: he was really a painter by trade, but he needed to impress the Adler’s he could provide for their daughter, and with the thriving film business in Sweden he thought he could cash in. As Ingrid grew, Justus encouraged her playacting skills and filmed many of them (Photographica partile her Sun) obviously taking great pride in her precocious range and beauty. His business blossomed after the War as Swedes become inveterate technophiles.

As Ingrid has a Moon in Aries, which often appears in people whose mother abandoned them in some way, in childhood. Traditionally though illness, or a chronic and lingering illness, but sometimes through her long work hours as in the chart of Kamala Harris. In Ingrid’s case, her mother signifies her mother death when she was about 3 years old in January 1918. After that it was Justus during the school year with summers in Hamburg with the Adlers. Then he too died (Asteroid Prosperina conjunct the Moon highlighting separation from nurturers) when she was thirteen in the summer of 1928 from stomach cancer just about when Pluto (03 Cancer 04 in the eleventh) was discovered.

Perhaps this was a large reason for her turning to film (Cyrallus the asteroid of healing through art, partile her Ascendant both inconjunct her Uranus), to recapture that magic time with her father for surprisingly Pluto, that planets of distant fans and the populace at large, is her focal determinator. It is also part of her stellium in Cancer filled with all the heavies of the astrology: Saturn, Mars and Pluto with Neptune in the same house but a semi-sextile away offering some helpful impressions.

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Montgomery Clift unforeseen honors unfulfilled

Monty Clift and James Dean were the young turks of the 1950s Hollywood Scene. but only Monty made it out of the decade, though only just. James was the more petulant and angry of the two; Monty was the sensitive “artistic” type that women wanted to mother. Only when Monty got out of the 1950s was he able to play something against type, in Trial in Nuremberg,

Clift has several bios to his credit. One by Patricia Bosworth, and another by Robert LaGuardia , both who seem to to specialize in Hollywood bios. I read part of the LaGuardia the earlier of the two, by about 3 years and if one likes Monty and enjoys these type of books, his is rather good, though it has no pictures.

While nether Clift nor Dean won Oscars but neither did Marlon Brando, a third of this set, for Streetcar named Desire, but then again neither did Henry Fond for Grapes of Wrath, Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind, but if Monty had, it would have been for his performance in From Here to Eternity as Prew the bugler. His romantic lead, Donna Reed, is a rather Phyllis Thaxter look a like that his family expected him to marry 1 Robert LaGuardia’s Monty: a biography of Montgomery Clift; Avon Books, a division of The Heart Corporation, NY, 1977 and perhaps why the two work together so well on screen — they do have a certain romantic dynamic that is striking.

Elbert Benjamine has October 17, 1920, C.S.T., 41N15 95W57 for Monty Clift’s birth in Omaha. but the coordinates for Omaha are wrong. Jones does not list the 4 time Oscar nominee.

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    Robert LaGuardia’s Monty: a biography of Montgomery Clift; Avon Books, a division of The Heart Corporation, NY, 1977

Declassifying Kennedy, something to do during lockdown


While waiting the JFK assassination files, commonly called the Warren Commission findings, to be released, I decided to look at his birth chart, wondering what we may find. We all need something to do during this lockdown. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting bored.

The JFK Presidential Library says that all health and birth data for JFK are closed, that’s probably because of the Commission, but they do have on their site his birth certificate stating he was born at home. Oddly enough, it was not created until 26 years old.  Astro.com gives a 15:00 time based on Jack’s “memory” and is rated an A by Lois Rodden.  It is wild as she gives no one that much leeway in the ratings.

We will use that date and time.  Kennedy gets a 20 degree Libra Ascendant rectifying his location to his exact home address at 83 Beals Street, Brookline, Massachusetts, which is our header image.  When he was ten years old, the Kennedy’s moved to New York City.

He has little fire in his chart,  just Neptune in the Tenth House right next to the Midheaven, suggesting that he was a mystic and dreamer about his role as president for his country.  The low fire may also because he had Schmidt’s syndrome, a very rare combination of Addison’s disease and diabetes. .

Saturn rules the adrenal glands which is square the Libra (ruled by Venus often implicated in the sugar disease) ascendant. His Saturn, while near the tenth house that the planet rules, is actually in the ninth house that is ruled by Jupiter in the seventh. The ringed planet is in its detriment at 29 Cancer 10 (symbol ” A son of the American Revolution” à propos as all presidents are, but here with the meaning of “smug superiority,” perhaps hinting that he was born with a silver spoon — his family was wealthy thanks to Joseph sr. being a bootlegger during Prohibition.

Opposite the great malefic is his Part of Fortune at 29 Capricorn 22 “a secret business meeting,” highlighting a gift for clever planning (saving his men during WWII got him a medal) and wise administration. Mrs. Diane Roche calls this symbol a “Power Play,” while Dr. Gordon writing in 1929 says it is found in “commanders, leaders and presidents.’

Charubel says that 30 Capricorn is an “arrow in flight” and has an aspiring and ambitious nature impelled by the strength of a force behind him (his father Joseph Sr.)  For the attainment of high or long-term projects.  That fits as becoming President was not a sudden whimsy — it takes long determined planning and wise administration of one’s image.  Charubel states that “heredity and training count for more than what is usual in this case by ultimately it is a degree of “decline.


In the meantime, President Trump is supposed to be releasing the Kennedy papers. The UK Independent differs from Roger Stone (see the book cover to the right) on what happened. The Dallas Morning News, thinks that the CIA (where the Bush’s learned their trade) may try for a last ditch injunction against releasing the data.  It seems that the DMN got this one as despite the hoopla it did not happen.

While waiting for the news to break, try to get a hold of Who’s Who In The JFK Assassination: An A to Z Encyclopedia and learn who are the characters. Or peruse the Mary Ferrell Foundation site and draw some of your own conclusions.  The papers, btw, are supposed to be released on Mrs. Ferrell’s birthday. That too did not happen. And finally there is Six Minutes in Dallas by Josiah Thompson that gives a mind numbing account of the assassination as he proves that Oswald could not be a lone gunmen.

Download JFK birth data

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin – Jesuit


Father Teilhard de Chardin is in the center of the group

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was born on May 1st, 1881 to Emmanuel and Berthe-Adele Teilhard de Chardin. His mother was the great-grandniece of Francois-Marie Arouet, more popularly known asthe French auteur-philosophe Voltaire.

He was the fourth of the couple’s eleven children and was born at the family estate of Sarcenat near the twin cities of Clermont-Ferrand in the ancient province of Auvergne.

The long extinct volcanic peaks of Auvergne and the forested preserves of this southern province left an indelible mark on Teilhard. In his spiritual autobiography, The Heart of Matter, Father de Chardin writes about the hills and valleys of Auvergne that they

…molded me.   Auvergne served me both as a museum of natural history and as the wildlife preserve. Sarcenat in Auvergne gave me my first taste of the joys of discovery to Auvergne I owe my most precious possessions: a collection of pebbles and rocks still to be found there, where I lived.

(translated in Claude Cuenot, Teilhard de Chardin, Baltimore, 1938, p. 3.)

Teilhard developed his unusual powers of observation which was especially fostered by his father who maintained an avid interest in natural science. Teilhard’s earliest memory of childhood was not of the flora and fauna of Auvergne or the seasonal family houses but a striking realization of life’s frailty and the difficulty of finding any abiding reality

March 10, 1937, New York Times

During his five years at this boarding school, Teilhard exchanged his security in stones for a Christian piety largely influenced by Thomas a Kempis’s Imitation of Christ. Near the time of his graduation, he wrote his parents indicating that he wanted to become a Jesuit. That  training provided him with the thoughtful stimulation to continue his devotion both to the scientific investigation of the Earth and to the cultivation of a life of prayer. He entered the Jesuit novitiate at Aix-Provence in 1899 & developed the ascetic piety that he had learned in his reading at Mongre.

But just two years later, in 1901, an anti-clerical movement rose in the French Republic, & the Jesuits and other religious orders were expelled, so the novitiate moved to the English island of Jersey for refuge.

His timeline is here at the American Teilhard Association site.  Download Father-Teilhard de Chardin‘s chart here.


                                           Father’s de Chardin’s Map


Father de Chardin’s temperament type is a Fan Handle a variation of a bucket with an Uranian handle located in his fourth house of home, monasteries & gardening. This was important for the priest, as it shows the tear between two careers, the first in his beloved archaeological paleontology and the second in his love of God.

Zipporah Dobyns in her “Node Book” says that the nodes found in the sixth and twelfth house are typically found in religious persons.  See the yellow circle above for the Dragon’s head.  The tail is not shown.

The Uranian handle at 09.45 Scorpio has the symbol of the “Red Cross Nurse.” It depicts his  devoted caring for the land via the academic fields of botany, geology, paleontology and archaeology — all ruled by the fourth house and which at Unverisite Paris-Sorbonne he studied.  .  Uranus rules also his Midheaven, so the dichotomy of his longtime hobby and his new found career in the Jesuits became morphed via the great “rug of Earth” upon which children play (21+ Aquarius MC)

Striking of course are all those planets in the eleventh house.  They tell  us how much his friends helped him in joint careers, via letters (Mercury), unconditional support (Jupiter and Saturn conjunct almost exactly), and a great and overwhelming desire to master (Sun) his physical world and use it for humanitarian benefits (Neptune, Venus and Chiron).  None of that is surprising with his Ascendant at 21. Gemini “the barn dance” conjunct his Moon and highlighting his special desire for universal love and sympathy that would transcend the physical.

                                       Peking Man

All of this sound almost prosaic, except Teilhard de Chardin could not stop from being a scientist and so he undertook a massive project of reconciling God and Science after his co-discovery of Peking Man.

eking man, extinct hominin of the species Homo erectus, known from fossils found at Zhoukoudian near Beijing. Peking man was identified as a member of the human lineage by Davidson Black in 1927 on the basis of a single tooth. Later excavations yielded several skullcaps and mandibles, facial and limb bones, and the teeth of about 40 individuals. Evidence suggests that the Zhoukoudian fossils date from about 770,000 to 230,000 years ago. Before being assigned to H. erectus, they were variously classified as Pithecanthropus and Sinanthropus

Peking man is characterized by a cranial capacity averaging about 1,000 cubic cm, though some individual skull capacities approached 1,300 cubic cm—nearly the size of modern man’s. Peking man had a skull that was flat in profile, with a small forehead, a keel along the top of the head for attachment of powerful jaw muscles, very thick skull bones, heavy browridges, an occipital torus, a large palate, and a large, chinless jaw. The teeth are essentially modern, though the canines and molars are quite large, and the enamel of the molars is often wrinkled. The limb bones are indistinguishable from those of modern humans.

Peking man postdates Java man and is considered more advanced in having a larger cranial capacity, a forehead, and non-overlapping canines. The original fossils were under study at the Peking Union Medical College in 1941 when, with Japanese invasion imminent, an attempt was made to smuggle them out of China and to the United States. The bones disappeared and neverrecovered, leaving only plaster casts for study. Renewed excavation in the caves, beginning in 1958, after Father de Chardin’s death, brought new specimens to light. In addition to fossils, core tools and primitive flaked tools were also found.


Teilhard did not believe that progress was possible without pain.  In an essay  he had described the Christian virtue of resignation with the Cross as the symbol of struggle.  he thought that the Christian had no business to “swoon in its shadow” but instead to walk intently behind.

The Risen Christ, Teilhard wrote,  would only win the faith of the doubting scientists if He were seen to incorporate the theory of  evolution which was so often, and so falsely, opposed to Him. Teilhard rightly saw that “evolution” and “creationism” were separate issues but he found it hard as a theologian to separate them as both sides of the paleontological fence would not budge:  scientists argued for both and the Church wanted neither.  His writings were an attempt to show that evolution, development with a classification was acceptable and desired by God, but total creation out of nothing comes something, was scientific gibberish.

These arguments are still at the heart of the evolution debate today, with “evolutionists” arguing for an evolutionary creation from the unknown while believers argue for an evolutionary creation from God.  In the end, both are theories and unproven and a matter of faith.

He died in New York City, New York 12 April 1955.  He was 71.  You can download his obit from the New York Times here.






C308 An Aussie Great: Sir Don Bradman

Donald George “Don” Bradman, AC, had a career Test batting average of 99.94. This average is often cited as the greatest achievement by any sportsman in any sport, though most people outside of his native Australia barely know him. That’s strange as there was a popular video game created in his honor (see below) where kids learned to bat the Bradman-way.

As neither Alan Leo, Aleister Crowley nor Marc Edmund Jones covered his horoscope, unfortunately. We would like to correct that mistake now.

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