Mutual Reception & the making of Alice in wonderland

Down the spiral rabbit hole with Mutual Reception

Mutual Reception (often abbreviated as MR) is when two planets are in reciprocity, for the two planets are in each other’s essential dignity like the Moon in Aries, the Sun in Cancer or as in Havelock Ellis’s chart the Sun in Aquarius and Saturn in Leo. In his case, they are in the same house as well and in opposition. It does not outweigh other aspects, like the opposition or grand trine, but adds a nuance to the chart.

In Ellis’s chart it shows how he picked a field with children where he would be the only and unchallenged authority in his field.  Lewis Carroll’s MR  on otherhand, is the relationship between  Saturn in Virgo in the 9th and Mercury in Capricorn.  Here we see that Lewis Dodgson, Carroll’s real name,  wanted a hobby to challenge himself (Saturn in Virgo) creatively  (Mercury in Capricorn) while shaking up the  other’s perception of things (Saturn semi-sextile the North Node in Leo, rule of gambling and children).  This way not something available to him in his day job as a mathematics professor.  But at the time, daguerreotypes were becoming the rage, and did deal concepts of optics, thus it was an application of his own field.  Taking pictures would be a good venue to complete that dream, alas some people, not the families btw, found his pictures of children disturbing and howled pornography, so that idea failed.

         Carroll’s Second Sailing

Is it a rabbit or a worm hole? Dunno, but its definitely a portal to another place.

With photography a dead end, Dodgson had to come up with another method that would fulfill his creative goals.  To get his ideas across and step out of his own humdrum life, he thought upon another avenue, — a literary endeavor would work.

Mercury is right in the middle of his semisextile of Mars in the first, and Neptune, just discovered in 1846 was the ticket.  Writing a children’s tale would be safe, playful but very different as he was not planning on a run of the mill Mother Goose story, but instead of a real child entering the world of make believe and interacting with it.  To mix realities was differently different, as it had never been done.  The more he thought of it, the more Dodgson became convinced that was thing especially as Mercury was quindecile Venus in the  first house and then sextile Jupiter in the third of communications.

While Pluto did not yet exist, at the time its existence was speculated in scientific circles, of which Carrol was part of, , and was then dubbed Planet X.  He decided he could make a name for himself of just what X would be , and how someone could inadvertently find it, down the rabbit-hole, which incredibly resembles a worm-hole and was this something he created, or something that was speculated upon? 

Most believe, that while Planet X’s existence was speculated at the time, the wormhole theory was something of Lewis’s own.  

Coming full circle.

Mutual Reception occurs when the two planets are in each other’s domicile (ruling house), exaltation, fall or detriment. Traditionalists have it applied to Faces and Terms as well, but the MR must always be in the same type:  you cannot mix and match faces and domiciles, falls and terms.  What that means you cannot have a mutual reception of Sun in Aquarius (its detriment) while Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius, is in the “face” position in the sign of Leo.  Both planets must be in the same type.

A last thing about a Mutual Reception in a chart is that in those chart  you will not find a FINAL dispositor because MR  — an agreement between the two planets — creates a circular relationship or should we say a “wormhole” effect that never ends?

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Trump fires Mark Esper, Secretary of Defense

President Trump announced on Twitter Monday that he has fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper and will replace him with acting secretary, Christopher Miller.

“I am pleased to announce that Christopher C. Miller, the highly respected Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (unanimously confirmed by the Senate), will be Acting Secretary of Defense, effective immediately,” the president said in a post. “Chris will do a GREAT job! Mark Esper has been terminated. I would like to thank him for his service,” Trump said in a second tweet.

Esper has had a rocky relationship with the president, exacerbated after he resisted Trump wanting to call out active-duty troops to quell protests in Washington in June. He also butted heads with Trump over wanting to rename military bases honoring Confederate leaders. And the graduate of West Point and Harvard, and ex-executive of Raytheon Corp., also wanted to rename military bases honoring Confederate leaders.

None of this is a surprise looking at this natal chart, for with the South Node in the eleventh house of the public, Esper was not really cut out for the job. Chances are comparing it to Trump’s like many in his administration, he got his post based on recommendations.

A bucket with a Saturn handle, one can see his interest in the military, but with Uranus opposing, it is more in revamping the old methods and not as the T-square to the midheaven (00 Sagittarius 08 “a group of old veterans in their uniform reminiscing of days gone by” )suggests, supporting them. In short, Esper and Trump were a mismatch.

On the wings of eagles, Ross Perot

Ross Perot, ran for president in 1992 and 1996 as a populist who wanted to restore Norman Rockwell’s America. He was born on June 27, 1930 in Texarkana, Arkansas. I have rectified him to 7:28 am and an ascendant of 07 Leo 55, or a “Bolshevik propagandists” — he would have howled at that one — or the indomitable spirit of man’s enduring spirit to rise up against social and political crises. This symbol, Jones, continues, is the individual’s need to galvanize his community to see the potential of good.

Being Ross

Born Henry Ray Perot on June 27, 1930, to Gabriel and Lulu May {Ray} Perot. His father was a cotton broker and a horse trader.

As a teenager he changed his name to Henry Ross Perot in honor of his brother, Gabriel Ross Perot Jr., who died, as a toddler, before he was born. The family pronounced the surname PEE-roe, but in his 20s he changed that, too, making it puh-ROE, because, he said, he got tired of correcting people. He called himself Ross;, the media added the initial “H” at the beginning of his name, but he never liked it.

1996: American industrialist Ross Perot, he ran for President on his Reform Party ticket in 1992 and won nineteen percent of the vote but failed to win any electoral votes. (Photo by MPI/Getty Images)

His Venus in the first house shows how considerate he was towards public sentiment; being seen as agreeable was important to him.

An Eagle Scout, and like President Jimmy Carter a Navy officer from Annapolis, though he started at Texarkana Junior College for two years.. He was commissioned in the U.S. Navy in 1953, got married in 1955, and served until 1957, after which he worked as a salesman for International Business Machines Corporation (IBM).

Founding EDS

 The founding of EDS to Ross Perot's

When Perot saw he grossing more than any other salesman in the country, he left IBM to found Electronic Data Systems, originally in West Texas and then in its expansive headquarters in Plano, Texas; most of his clients went with him.

EDS Headquarters on Legacy Drive.
EDS HQ on Legacy Drive in Plano, Texas was sold by Hewlett Packard to Dallas Highland Capital in 2018. HP bought EDS in 2008.

The Perot Ticket

Perot was a tireless crusader for education and vehemently against drugs, instituting drug and alcohol testing for his employees long before it became the norm. In 1969, he became a national sensation when he tried to fly medicine and food to American prisoners of war in North Vietnam. Ross repeated that feat in 1979 he staged a commando raid against Iran after the fall of the Shah for the hostages kept there by the Ayatollah Khomeini.

In 1992 and 96, Perot ran for president to get a look “at what’s under the hood” of the government. He felt he could pare it down, make it more efficient and responsible to its citizen. He was unsuccessful both times but some attribute Trump’s successful run as a populist candidate owes a lot to Perot’s initial attempts, though that’s rather dubious as Perot and Trump did have fairly different agendas. All they had in common was outsiders running against the Washington bureaucracy, for the Deep State agenda, that is enough.

Like Trump twenty years later, this article in the American Thinker tells how the Washington Establishment attacked Perot because he questioned Bush Family politics, a real no no amongst entrenched mainline Republicans. But the article does hint at what Perot had to fight against. That understood, Perot struck a real chord in many Americans, particularly veterans.

Ross Perot and wife Margot, son and four daughters.
Ross with his wife Margot and their children, Nancy, Suzanne,
Carolyn and Ross Perot, jr.

The Ross that Roared

Perot is a bucket with a Saturn handle in the sixth house of work and service. Saturn as his focal determinator gives Perot the ability to see the forest for the trees and think long term; his Mental Chemistry supports this long range vision he implements with a meticulous almost tactical approach.

His Line of Vitality, the luminary aspect, is vigintile giving Ross an innate understanding of how he can self-affirm his dreams and goals.

Chemical Efficiency

His Line of Efficiency, Venus and Mars, is square giving him a hair-trigger temper, he did not suffer fools gladly, and had an explosive reflex to events around him. This was seen in two attempts to bring humanitarian relief to American POWs chronicled in Ken Follett’s On the Wings of Eagles or even his decision to leave IBM and start his own company when he became the top salesman for the Southeastern district. With Efficiency squared, Perot got irked by not doing anything, and so did.

His Mental Chemistry is how he will act upon this itch. For Perot, his Moon is very fast but his Mercury is very slow, so while the itch wants scratching, Perot starts scouting out a solution and then after coming up with one, looks for support.

Ross Perot's homes in Dallas and Bermuda
from the RealDeal. Upper left the n 8,200-square-foot mansion on a 16-acre estate worth a reported $21 million in Dallas on Strait Lane. The bottom left is their home in Bermuda , Tucker’s Town, Bermuda where his neighbor was r New York City mayor and fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg who also this year decided to run for president.

The Line of Motivation, Jupiter to Saturn, is in opposition and the Line of Social Significance (Uranus to Neptune) is inconjunct.

Medically, Neptune in the Virgo in the second house is trine Saturn in the sixth, with a sextile to the eighth house cusp Aquarius. This does suggest that he would live an old age and contract some vague blood cancer; Ross died July 9th, 2019 in Dallas Texas from leukemia. His wife of 65 years, Margot, and their five children survive him.

J#85 How to write by Arnold Bennett

Arnold Bennett was a 19th century writer. His most notable short story piece is The Idiot, the same name as Fyodor Dostoevsky’s longer piece. I do not know if they influenced each other, but the tale is available online at His greatest works were the highly detailed novels of the “Five Towns”—the Potteries, in his native Staffordshire (Saturn in the fourth house) somewhat in the vein of George Eliot’s Middlemarch, where he so aptly painted the life of a way of life that has long vanished from the industrial scene that it is almost a historical case study.  One of his books, Anna of the Five Towns,  was reproduced by BBC Radio 4 here.

Bennett learnt his craft the old-fashioned way, from the intensive study of other writers he enjoyed (Mars inconjunct Moon).  In Bennett’s case they were the French realistic novelists, like Gustave Flaubert and Honore de Balzac, both two writers who emphasized detailed description of people, scenes, and events so much so that not only the characters but the whole milieu in which they find themselves comes to life from the page.

The only aspect in declination Bennett has is Venus-Jupiter, which is found in its rulership, highlighting the strong love of his hometown’s major craft that once was the finest in the world — English dishware. This pride is also revealed by Uranus in Cancer in its essential house the eleventh, perhaps telling us he felt he was its literary ambassador: enjoy your tea in Meakin and read about the people who made it possible.

He was less successful in his plays, although Milestones (1912), written with Edward Knoblock, and The Great Adventure (1913), adapted from his novel of five years earlier, Buried Alive (1908), both had long runs and have been revived.

Bennett is a Bundle that just has a Saturn handle making it into a bundle-bucket. The handle is opposite his Midheaven which though in the same sector, is not really near his Mercury in Gemini. His Part of Fortune and Sun finish the grouping, showing his insistence of making a successful go at writing. The opposing Saturn seems to anchor the group in the Fourth House of Scorpio but also casting a rather sardonic eye above.

The Ruler of Scorpio is right next to his Ascendant in Leo giving him a fierce pride in his work and yet with so many planets in Common {Mutable} Signs it tells us he was more agreeable than he would let on, pulling everything that came near him like a crab to its stomach and letting out just choice morsels.

Here’s a good review of The Idiot. The story itself runs about 3 pages.

arnold bennett 1867.pdf


C125 Enfant Terrible Director Roman Polanski

Polish-American-French director Roman Polanski  was married to actress Sharon Tate (C126) when she was brutally murdered by Charles Manson and family. Prior to that he was considered a “Young Turk” with his movie with Mia Farrow, and John Cassavetes in the ghoulish Rosemary’s Baby. Later on, he made the movie Chinatown with John Huston, Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway, and the two movies have more in common than most think .In this essay, Celestiology explores how Polanski burst onto the Hollywood scene, and how he utilized his past in Nazi Poland to make these classic films.

Roman magnetism

Polanski was born August 18, 1933 in Krakow, Poland to a Jewish father and Catholic mother but was raised agnostic. I rectified Polanski to 10 Cancer 52, a degree that E.C. Matthews calls “magnetic.” French author Georges Sand & Broadway showman George M. Cohan had the same degree for their Sun.

Polanski’s childhood is marred by World War II and the Holocaust. Its effect on his vision and life is undoubtable; it left a deep psychic scar (Pluto in Cancer conjunct the Moon) that he exploits well for his career (Moon semi-sextile his Part of Fortune).

A talented director, “Rosemary’s Baby with Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes is often credited with being the godmother of the Satanist horror genre; while his other notable Chinatown, has Faye Dunaway, John Houston and Jack Nicholson, in a perverse movie, melding corruption, murder and a long held taboo – incest.

Some call the later movie the last of the film noir genre that ran from the 40s onward. and the perfect metaphor for the corporate disintegration of naïve America. I think the reason Chinatown is so powerful is that takes away the magic of Rosemary’s Baby and Satanizes the old developer, as played by John Huston, the director, while Faye Dunaway, who is his unwitting daughter, is a good update to the earlier Farrow ingenue. In both cases, Rosemary’s Baby and Chinatown, there is a “baby” whom the mother seeks to protect from more of the father’s evil and the two work as tableau — the young Farrow eventually becomes complicit with the Coven, to save and nurture her baby, while Dunaway, years later, realizes that very mistake and tries now to run away and free her child from evil about.

The last that are worth seeing were both done after the Tate murders can be seen as the obverse of the first set: Macbeth and Tess (of the D’urbervilles by Thomas Hardy) His exile to France changed his works, for their acceptance of the enfant terrible left him with few challenges; it’s hard to rail against the machine when it is so accepting.

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C157 The retiring of Day-Lewis

Sir Daniel Day-Lewis has announced that his final act will be with the “Phantom Thread.”  He discusses this with the Greek Reporter in Athens.


Mr and Mrs Day-Lewis

Day-Lewis is married to Rebecca Miller.  They have two sons, Cashel and Ronan and have been married 22 years meeting on the set of the Crucible, the famous play by her father, Arthur Miller.  Sir Daniel has another son Gabriel, from his relationship with French actress, Isabel Adjani.

daniel day lewis.png
Daniel Day Lewis natal


progressed day.png

2015 shot of the Day-Lewises

It would seem that this timing coincides with his Second saturn return as the progressed chart shows his ascendant’s lord in the eighth house of death which overlayed to his natal gives us an square showing the crrentl tension in his life and the need to do something new.  His ascendant concurs as it is also in the Eighth House of Sagittarius squared his Uranus and Mars giving him a strong need to express himself.


Gabriel Day-Lewis and Sir Daniel

Saturn is strong in his naturn chart, not only his ascendant but the handle of his bucket composition giving him a strong focal determinator there that directs his actions in unprovoked  ways.  It does make him suspicious of “outsiders” so that his lack of disclosure about his reasons is not out of character — he prefers to keep the world at arm’s length and since he has a many planets in the Northern hemisphere, despite his acting, he is an introverted person.  This is not uncommon in performers, Jack Benny, & Carol Burnett both had this setup in their natal charts though in neither case would have any one guessed.

His Neptune is conjunct his midheaven and opposite his Sun ensuring that whatever his next act is, it will be one that shows his depicts his social obligation in profound and “mystical” ways.

Neil Gorsuch and the Supremes

Judge Gorsuch’s chart was put up on the site rectified.  You can download it here.judge-gorsuch


Who is he?

Judge Gorsuch is a rara avis — he is a Westerner appointed to the Supreme Court and an Episcopalian.  All the judges nominated in the past thirty years, indeed since Justice Stephen Breyer, who hails from have been from the East Coast and either Roman Catholic or Jewish. He originally clerked for the first Coloradan Justice,.Byron Raymond White.

That said, the Judge has Eastern based chart, the majority of his planets are in the Eastern portion of his chart.  This tells that us that he relies upon his own resources and abilities and not opportunities. With so many planets in the Northern Hemisphere, this makes him an introverted thinker, unlike the extroverted Anton Scalia he is replacing. [We will be uploading Scalia’s chart for comparison shortly.]

His mother, Anne Gorsuch, was the EPA chief under Pres. Ronald Reagan. She had a rather controversial outing and was soon replaced by William Ruckelshaus.  Her son, Neil, despite all the leftist outrage does have some liberals praising him; others want a total boycott of his nomination.  Chances are with a  blemishless record, his nomination will pass.

                               The Judge’s Temperament

Judge Gorsuch is a bucket with a Saturn handle at 12 degrees Aries, handle.  As it is located in his eighth house, he is concerned with his judicial legacy, & probably why his personal life is beyond reproach: he believes what he practices..  It is also conjunct the asteroid Chiron, telling us that he thinks that the law to be therapeutic, and cathartic and not punitive:  that someone by going through the legal system one is ultimately purged of their mortal sins and cleansed.  This is probably a good philosophy for a Judge and in line with its historic value not only in the US Supreme, John Marshall, but biblically (Book of Judges:  Deborah, Gideon and Samson) as well.

Comparatively, Scalia is a Splash temperament type with his Part of Fortune and Jupiter in the eighth house, suggesting that the late judge had a rather social collective attitude towards the justice system.  That is in tune with Judge Gorsuch’s historical view but  we are not sure  at this  point how unique that is at this juncture; we just have not done enough of the Justices to know.

                                              Line of Culture

The Judge only has the Line of Culture in chart, that is the aspect between Pluto 23 Scorpio and Uranus 24 Virgo.  It is conjunct, almost exactly.  Pluto, found in his second house of resources, tells us that he is a man who has the utmost probity in his life, symbolized by  “A jewelry shop”assuring us he has an array of talents that he directs towards his larger vision.judge and wife.jpg

The Honorable Judge and Mrs. Gorsuch

Uranus the other pair in this cusp is part of the earth stellium in Virgo.  It has the symbol of “Mary and her little lamb” suggesting the Biblical proverb of “having a child’s eyes to enter the Kingdom of God,” 1

We wish him and his family, all the best.


  1.  That verse comes from Luke 18 v. 16-17

But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.  17 Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.

C168 Friends with Shaker Sister Frances

from her obit:  Sister Evangeline Annie Carr, better known as Frances Ann Carr, passed into eternity Jan. 2, 2017, at her home (The Shaker Community), surrounded by her community and loved ones, following a very brief battle with cancer.

Sister was born in Lewiston, March 13, 1927, the sixth of seven children born to Herbert and Margaret (Rourke) Carr.  Following the loss of her father, her mother placed Frances and her little sister Ruth with the Shakers on Aug. 26, 1937; she was ten years old

She attended Shaker School, where she graduated, and learned all the arts and crafts the Sisters taught, but these did not really interest her as did cooking. She became head cook when she was 21 and served in that capacity for over 50 years.

She officially joined the Church on May 11, 1948. Over the years, Sister assumed many duties and offices. She served as a caretaker for several young girls and always kept a love for children. The Church appointed her a Trustee in 1988 and Eldress in 1990. She served in both capacities until her death.

Sister was a founding member and driving force behind the Friends of the Shakers. She also was a founding member of The United Society of Shakers, Inc., which incorporated our museum and library, and served as its president until her death.

Over the years, Sister Frances authored many articles and several books on the Shaker experience. She also lectured all over the country. She had a fine singing voice and was the driving force for a collaboration of the Community with the Boston Camerata, which produced two recordings and many public performances.

the Sabbathday meeting house at New Gloucester

She was the public face of Shakerism for decades, serving as our goodwill ambassador. Countless television and radio stations interviewed Sister Frances, and she was a part of many documentaries made about the Shakers because of her welcoming spirit that drew many people to her. Read more about the Sabbathday Shakers here.

She had a deep interest in the welfare of children and the disadvantaged of all ages. She turned no one away in need & strived to live by the words of the Christ, “In as much as ye have done it to the least of these, ye have done it unto Me.” (The Gospel of Matthew chapter 25.)    Her passing leaves a large hole in our life and our hearts, but also draws us closer to God, knowing that she is with Him.

Her parents predeceased her as did all of her siblings. She is survived by her Community members, and many nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews. She was close to her nieces, Linda (Carr) Harmon, Wendy (Carr) Furlong and Frances (Yeaton) Riley, whom she was proud to have helped raise.

The Shakers were founded in England in the 1740s and moved to America in 1764. At one time, Maine was home to three Shaker villages – in Gorham, Alfred, and Sabbathday Lake. By the 1930s, the remaining Shakers merged their resources in New Gloucester.

                            The Map of Sister Frances.

We rectified Sister Frances’ horoscope to a rising 09 Cancer 00 based on the above obituary published in Portland Press Herald.

Her temperament type is a bucket with a Saturn Handle in the Seventh House of partners and relationships, showing how much being part of a long established Church like the Shakers meant to her. She has one opposition in her chart from Saturn at 08 Sagittarius to Mars in Gemini 11, that divides her chart almost in half between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres but is united by her T-Square shown on the site map.

That square is from the Southern Saturn to Jupiter, also creates the Line of Culture, suggesting the importance of the Shakers in recognizing her great talents: cooking and her great love of the community is then squared again to the Northern Mars in the First House highlighting her enthusiasm and energy in all her undertakings, but also her natural prudence and thrift.

What is most remarkable in this chart is the preponderance of planets in Pisces, the sign of Universal Love in the Southern (top) part of her chart.  They fall in her Tenth house depicting the good Sister’s place in society, and and her ambition which in her case, shows how she wanted to spread the Shaker philosophy and conviction to the world at large hoping to attract others.  That last bit did not seem to work as only two Shakers–Brother Arnold Hadd and Sister June Carpenter—remain.  Our thoughts are with them.

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