#J162 Julietta Judy Canova, the Hillbilly Comic

A direct descendant of Antonio Canova, the neo-romantic sculptor, who was famous for his Three Graces the English critic John Russell praised as being the epitome of beauty. That’s a a good joke for a gal who made a fortune looking ugly — I doubt great grandpapa would have approved. But her Sabian ascendant suggests she definitely learned a thing or two from him because it is ” a sculptor at work in his studio and under his skilled hands a lovely form takes shape, ” suggesting the ability of a woman to learn an eternal mark on the tablets of time; negatively reminding us that our pretentions could be too ambitious.

In Jones 1000, they have Jacksonville, but it’s really Starke, which seems to be a small town outside of Jax so the difference is minor. Born on November 20, 1916 she was the youngest of three children, all whom their mother pushed to go into show business. I’ve rectified her to 27 Scorpio, placing her ascendant right in the middle of her Sun and Mercury with plastic Sagittarius in her first house showing her ability to mimic all she heard — Jones did not have a time. Seems to have been a talented but difficult lady. Nevertheless she was married four times and that’s not counting the engagement to ventriloquist Edgar Bergen that Charlie broke up.

You can listen to this article here.

Uranus is her guide

Her unaspected uranus in the third house gives her a genius for her a highly unconventional, brand of comedy; her nickname was Judy of the Ozarks. She got herself two awards, the Moon in the twelfth house shows her career would be varied, and it was. Her first award was for her screwball, slapstick comedy, Saturn in Leo is exalted and gave a lending hand, and it would seem Lucille Ball learnt alot from Canova. Her other award was her years on radio, that Uranus highlights, on the Rudy Vallee Show. But that kooky planet also made her career go in leaps and bounds and by the 50’s it was over–just when Ball’s took off. Still thanks to Neptune, semi-sextile Pluto, she got a nearly a forty year run, Pluto quarters the Neptune 165 year cycle.

Jupiter in the fifth in Aries no less, gave her a breezy and optimistic flare; she was a natural entertainer. The opposition to Venus was her secret her both in its rulership in Libra and accidentally exalted in eleventh house! While she didn’t mind looking ugly, or playing the fool to get a laugh, she was really multitalented and good-looking.

Her Moon in Virgo accidentally in its detriment suggests while popular she was uncomfortable in Hollywood who probably looked askance at her success — the elitist view that Canova played to the crowd. Mercury is in its accidental detriment in the twelfth suggesting she had to conform to the Studios rules and was not particularly happy about that and next to her ascendant this was very chaffing to her, the Sun completing this triad. This is probably why she had to go with smaller studios instead of the big MGM and Paramount megahouses. Of course this fed back to her sextile Moon in Virgo where the MGM/Paramount stars snubbed her and why she felt out of sorts with them.

Top the Heap, so what went wrong?

Judy Canova a blast from the past that most have neve heard from was a real trailblazer in 30's Hollywood.  Read this and find out why.
With a lot of planetary water planets in water signs, Judy’s earthly comedy was cathartic for her fans. She allowed them to laugh at themselves, secretively in a movie house. Thus in the thirties this was raucous good humour, as everything in water had progressed to mutable fire. By the fifties though, ; the progressions were now in elitist cardinal earth, are people were disowning low brow comedy and wanted something more ennobling like drama, at least at the box-office, or it could be as simple as she was getting old and the young Judy ingenue role stale. Probably it was bit of a both.

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#572 A hemophiliac, Prince Leopold of England

Prince Leopold was the eighth child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and the youngest of their sons.  He was born April 7, 1853, and delivered with the aid of chloroform, administered by the Royal accoucheur, Dr. John Snow.  He was the first of the Queen’s children to be born with her under it;  Beatrice who followed four years later and was the last of the line, also received it as the Queen was trying to popularize the drug.

; Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany; Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, Duchess of Argyll by W. & D. Downey
by W. & D. Downey, albumen print, 1868

The safe arrival of Prince Leopold didn’t silence opposition to obstetric anesthesia altogether, but the Queen’s heartily expressed enthusiasm for pain-free childbirth helped make chloroform use respectable.

Albert wrote that “Leo was jolly and fat” and “no beauty, ” and that set the tone of how the Royal parents treated him — he was left to the care of nannies until his father died on December 14, 1861, at which point the Queen became very taken with her last boy as solace.  She wrote that he was “abnormally pale” but tall and it was after she became close to him that she started to notice he “hemorrhaged” easily.  By the time he was a teenager, the family realized the problem.  He was the first of the British Royal family to have the problem.

The comparison of his chart to his second cousin, the Tsarevich, is an interesting one.

Leopold, the Duke of Albany, is Bowl with a lip that is formed by the Line of Personality –Saturn in the Ninth House at 16.57 in a week inconjunct aspect to Jupiter in the Fourth at 24.27 giving an interesting emphasis to Jupiter at its throne in Sagittarius.  Jupiter rules the bloody as the thought is that an excess of it gives enthusiasm, here in the Fourth House of maternal inheritance, it would agree particularly as Saturn is in the natural house of Sagittarius and lending an almost fatalistic hand to the Duke. As Aries rules the head and governs the Red Ray of Blood, it hints that he would die from a fall to his head & probably die from bleeding profusely from an inherited familial disease especially as Mars is also found in the house of its Lord.

The Duke also has a prominent stellium in the Eighth house of Legacies and Death with his Sun and Mars the Lord of Aries on its Throne there as well.  As Aries rules the head, it does hint that injuries to the head could be fatal to the Duke particularly if while he was travelling (the Sagittarian connection).

Like his cousin the Tsarevich he has a few septiles in his chart.  The first one shows up between Pluto at 0.56 Taurus and his North Node at  21.42 Gemini in the Tenth.  The others are the larger bi-septile aspect both types that according to Emma Belle Donath¹ suggest a “personal sacrifice”.  One at Mercury at Taurus 08 in the Eighth House to Jupiter in the Fourth at Sagittarius 25 and then from Jupiter again to Venus at Aries 09 Aries in the Seventh.  Mercury has a Virgintile to Venus that has no ominous overtones at all but instead suggests like his older brother Edward, was quite the ladies man.

leopold birth
The Duke’s chart via Kepler Software

When he died, February 21, 1884 at 3:30 according to his mother’s diary, the Duke of Albany had one Septile active, this time from Jupiter and the Galactic Center to his MidHeaven at 18.25 Cancer, a Hyperion Symbol of “Guitars and Mandolins” embracing the duality that is  life and the North Node having moved from the Tenth House of aspirations to that of the Ninth and long journeys.

leopold progressed
The Duke’s Progressed Chart to approximate time of Death


His son, Charles Edward Leopold, his Royal Highness Prince Leopold Charles Edward, inherited his title and became the second Duke of Albany, Earl of Clarence and Baron Arklow.  The Duke, called Charlie, was born at Claremont House, near Esher Surrey, on July 19, 1884. He was the first cousin of King George V (Edward and Leopold were brothers) as well as Kaiser Wilhelm II.  He was forced by Grandmother Victoria to take over the House of Coburg-Saxe and Gotha, despite his many protestations at age fifteen.

Charlie married the niece of Empress August of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenberg, Victoria Adelheid (Adelaide) and had five children including a daughter who married into the Swedish Royal Family and brought hemophilia to that Royal family.  He and his family remained loyal to the Kaiser during World War I while his sister who was married to the British Queen Mary’s brother, the Duke of Teck stayed on the British-Allied side of the Great War.

The Second Duke and his family remained loyal to the Kaiser during World War I while his sister who was married to the British Queen Mary’s brother, the Duke of Teck, stayed on the British-Allied side of the Great War.  It, of course, made lots of headlines.

  1. Minor Aspects between natal Planets, Donath, Emma Bella.  c. 1981, American Federation of Astrologers.  Tempe, AZ.
  2. Queen Victoria’s Gene Haemophilia and the Royal Family, Potts,  D.M, c. 1999, Sutton Publishing.  London, UK.

Seeking perfection Jerrold Nadler

Congressman Jerrold Lewis Nadler was born on June 13 1947 rectified to 3:30 in the afternoon in Midwood Brooklyn according to his Congressional site but since his father was at that time a poultry farmer in nearby rural New Jersey why Jerry was born in Brooklyn and not in Jersey seems odd.

The family relocated to Brooklyn after the father’s bankruptcy and Nadler received a traditional Yeshiva education focused on studying the Talmud (the book of Law) and reading the Torah (the five volumes or Pentateuch, or the 5 books of Moses). He graduated from Stuyvesant High School in 1965 and ran for student government president in a campaign organized by his good friend Dick Morris (November 28, 1946).

He is married with one son. The rest of his biography is here.

The Congressman is a Bucket with a Jupiter handle in the first house highlighting his intemperance with sensual pleasures. His Moon opposite Neptune does not help but encourages him to overeat when overworking or anxious. as Cancer which the Moon rules rules the breast, chest and stomach.

This opposition though, from the 6th to the 12th house highlights how once he gets an idea from his work, he pursues it with zealous ferocity, particularly if it deals with issues from the 12th house (where Neptune,. the modern ruler of the 12th, is found. This opposition is rather karmic, as he always wants to right the wrongs of the individual/community/country against his perception that capitalistic business is rigged against the average citizen (in his case his father). This probably explains his strong criticism of President Trump, a former businessman but myopic because of the amount of Democrat millionaires in Congress itself. This uneven application of justice is problematic in his life and career, but he is certainly not alone.

The Congressman has a stellium in the 8th house highlights his desire to get control over the uncontrollable whether it is his weight or the many forces of nature or politics as he resents anything beyond his own grasp. This stellium suggests that despite his vengeful nature, he is good with money.

Nadler’s ascendant is 25 Libra [HS] a Rabbi throwing dice on the Tree of Life shows his dsire to seek knowledge of the perfection proceeding from the Deity so that he may at least have indirect contact with its true Being. This is supported by his Mercury in Cancer in the 9th house highlighting his moody approach to this quest.

A rather striking note is that both Congressman Schiff and Nadler had fathers that were unsuccessful in the private arena and it is that inner anger that makes them such intense critics. In Nadler’s case, he also symbolizes the age old dichotomy between King and Parliament (see John Locke) or Executive privilege being unaccountable to Congress. America provides for three equal legislative branches in a series of checks and balances: Presidential, Congressional and Judicial in the first three articles of the Constitution. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has also been a large critic of these statements. Nadler is also outraged that Trump is dismantling the bureaucratic establishment as he believes that should be the sole source of American citizen’s income; Ginsburg champions John Anderson’s “fair voting” allowing certain people greater share in the electoral process and universal suffrage. However Trump’s inquiry turns out, this see-saw argument is will predominant world politics for a long time.

These aspects remind us of Maximilien Robespierre. A quick biwheel of the two shows many similarities including an exact trine to the ascendants. The Robespierre chart is taken from Astro.com unchanged.

Union Man, Terence V. Powderly of Scranton

Terence Vincent Powderly was one of twelve children born to Terence and Madge Powderly in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, where his father owned a coal mine (the relics of this are visible on Route 6, Congressman Joseph McDade highway). Young Terry was near sighted and deaf in one ear because of yellow fever. He married Hannah Dever from Scranton on September 19, 1872. Shortly thereafter he was a 3 term Republican mayor of the town. Mrs. Powderly died in 1907. In 1919, Terry married Emma Fickenscher in D.C. We could find no listing of children from either marriage.

Powderly is a Bucket with a Jupiter 19 Leo 25 RX handle in the first house. Astrologer Marilyn Waram writes that this position is “identified with the Puer AEternis or cult of youthful perfection for the native will hold onto one idea until something better comes along. Provisionality is a wholesome attitude in philosophy and belief systems, but not in
relationships, careers and general life goals”. * His life exemplified that as Powderly seemed to always be able to pick himself up and start all over again doing better each time, Jupiter being conjunct the Ascendant encouraged his adventurous personality and zeal to break the rules because of his personal and individual interpretation of Truth, and when questioned cry Foul!
Mars in fifth house house at 16 Capricorn 16 shows his ability to be good administrator of the KoL, but because it is in the 5th house, made his vision rather grandiose. Creating a yod from Neptune in the 7th to Mars in the 5th with its foot at Jupiter, makes the apex at 2 Aquarius or his Sun at 02 Aquarius 55 in the 6th ( an unexpected thunderstorm showing how when his dream at KoL were not easily acquired, he jumped shipped to greener pastures, keyword is Accident.) The Hyperion Symbols highlight this problem in even starker images , of Riders breasting a hill at full gallop, with the keyword “Control.”
South Node in Pisces conjunct Venus hints at the depth and purpose his friends, particularly female (fellow Irishwoman Mother Jones comes to mind), bring to him.

                             Railroads, coal and Carbondale

Railway unions were among the earliest trade unions organized on any scale in the United States. The Knights of Labor founded by Uriah Stevens was a first, it was a secret organization like the Masons, but Powderly, the next leader, brought it public 1879. Membership grew quickly, reaching approximately 700,000 by 1886 when Powderly united all “producers”  — anyone that constructed a physical product in the course of their workday. They  rejected “non-producers” — bankers, lawyers, and academics.

There is a local fund to restore Powderly’s home in Scranton. In the meantime, it is closed to the public and part of the National Registrar.

The  Haymarket Square Riot in Chicago, Illinois May 4 1886, led to the Knights of Labor demise. Another ongoing problem was that Powderly was unable to bring the organization’s membership together and his own Catholic diocese issued warnings against associating with him. An economic depression (called the Great Upheaval) worsened overall conditions; Powderly resigned and took up the law.

Powderly is in the rear standing. Seated is Mother Jones and Max Hayes, who unsuccessfully challenged Samuel Gompers for the presidency of the American Federation of Labor. Hayes also was the editor of the Cleveland Citizen. Picture from the Charles H. Kerr Publishing Co., Chicago Illinois, a socialist publishing house dedicated to documenting the great fight.

Next we hear from him from Washington, D.C. He became great friends with Mother Jones and fought for religious tolerance of the labor movement. Terry died June 24, 1924 in D.C.


  • Waram, Marilyn, the Book of Jupiter, ACS Publications, c. 1992.
    • Ms. Waram has another fine book The Book of Neptune, also at biblio.com

J07 J. Donald Adams NY Times book reviewer

“Sometimes I think the ideal library is composed solely of reference books. They are like understanding friends—always ready to meet your mood, always ready to change the subject when you have had enough of this or that.”

― J. Donald Adams

The Treasure Chest

James Donald Adams was a New York Times Book Reviewer who also edited many volumes of poetry and literature.

Adams can either be Time or Degree

Dr. Jones unintentionally has two ascendants for  Mr. Adams, which causes a conundrum. When I first reviewed them, I went with the time-based ascendant and ignored the tabular listing. Overtime though, the most I read about Adams, the more I became convinced it was off and had to be adjusted, so I changed it from 28 Scorpio to 22 Sagittarius. Only the rectified chart is mentioned here. The original two are over here called Jones 007.

Mr Adams’s obit is  from the New York Times, naturally..   76966967.pdf

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William Barr, AG again

Something about Bill Barr

William Pelham Barr was born on May 23, 1950, in New York City. He earned his bachelor’s degree in government from Columbia University in 1971 and his master’s degree in government and Chinese studies from Columbia University in 1973.

His father, Donald Barr, was headmaster of the prestigious Dalton School in Manhattan, his mother a housewife. He is the second of four sons. He is married to the former Christine Moynihan, a librarian. Her relationship to the late senator from New York, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, is unknown.

The Barrs have three daughters, Mary, Patricia and Meg, the eldest Mary Daly, age 41, previously worked for the Department of Justice where she was a former federal prosecutor. She left her job the day before they swore her father into office. Her husband, Michael Daly, also an attorney, still works in the National Security Division of the Justice Department.

Barr and Robert Mueller are long-time personal friends.   The Barrs live in his native Manhattan are worth about at least 24 million dollars based on his SEC filings when he took his current government post.

Barr credentials

Barr worked at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, when the head was George H. Bush, and while working for the CIA, Barr earned his law degree from George Washington University in 1977. He clerked for a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

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Our gal Rachael from Guam


Rachael, a friend of ours, recently asked us for some career advice.  We always rectify our clients; chart and for her came up with 29 Pisces, a prism that takes facets of reality and fashions it into a way to measure her potential.

a most famous prism album cover.jpg
A famous prism

The prism, is a dual edged sword for Rachael as it inverts images so that they are not viewed correctly but instead with Jupiter right near her ascendant —  and her focal determinator as the handle of her bucket —   she has the most optimistic view of her problems possible.  Her yod is a handy tool for  offsetting the problem using Liz Greene’s suggestion of the natural sextile of Neptune and Pluto as the base.  This makes the head, as astrologer Joan Kellogg calls it —  at 16 Libra — symbolically a  a boat landing washed ashore — in the seventh house of relationships and opportunities.

In practical terms, this symbol suggests that Rachael needs to take a “respite” from always thinking from her own perspective, instead reaching out of herself and listening to others and valuing their opinions.  Intuitively, Neptune in the Scorpio the house of creative regeneration, coming for astrological advice was a good first step and allows herself to get off the hook and listen to another point of view.

Answering the Question

Libra 16 a boat washed ashore
In our first edition of this essay, we did not write up our response to Rachael -- a major on our part.  Reviewing it, we saw the error and are now correcting it.  

With a new ascendant and thus a new point of view, we looked at Rachael’s career and saw the problem — currently she is in the sales service world, we recommend that she go into the traditional sales world of commodities: housewares, furniture, clothing, lumber and cars. Since she has a preponderance of planets hovering around the sixth house in Virgo we think that hard goods would be a much better fit with her overall active personality.

We constantly review and vet our essays for completeness and accuracy. This one was reviewed on Wednesday, April 3 2019.

Balanchine’s Mel Tomlinson

Rectified with 9:15 birth time for Raleigh, North Carolina. Previously unknown.


Mel A. Tomlinson, a ballet dancer of powerful, regal demeanor and one of the few performers to star with three major companies — Dance Theater of Harlem, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and New York City Ballet — died on Feb. 5 in Huntersville, N.C. He was 65. Twenty years ago he had had AIDS and was in and out of the hospital for three years before eventually getting admitted to the House of Mercy AIDS hospice in Belmont, N.C., in 1998: he made a full recovery. While there he became a phlebotomist and earned a doctorate in theology. Up until his hospitalization, just before Christmas 2018, he delivered services using American Sign Language at St. Paul Baptist Church in Charlotte, N.C.

Mel Tomlinson and unknown ballerina


“It was like watching him dance,” Ms. Claudia Folts a long time friend who collaborated with Mr. Tomlinson on his 2018 memoir, “Beyond My Dreams,” said. “It was all his hands and his face, and it was just beautiful. It was like he got to perform every week.”

Mel got a unicycle for a Christmas gift from Santa when he was 9 and loved it. He was one of six siblings, and his parents did not have the money to spare on dance lessons, so Mel had neither a formal training in acrobatics or gymnastics, but was the sports mascot of his high school. A local ballet teacher saw one of his halftime performances and offered him free classes that he gladly accepted. He was spotted by the choreographer Agnes George de Mille (her uncle was film director Cecil B.) who initially turned him down stating that there was no place in her repertoire for a black dancer, but changed her mind after Mel refused to accept that defeat and continued auditioning. Eventually, Miss de Mille hired him for her Heritage Dance Theater.

Chart Highlights:

  • Mr. Tomlinson has Mars in Scorpio, creative fulfillment, in the ninth house of higher calling and travel.
  • Mars + Saturn are sextile the preponderance in the eleventh house of Capricorn showing the great strides he made with the public and his ability to overcome preconceived notions of ballet stars.
  • His ascendant at 13 Aquarius is a tad wide for Pluto knocking on the seventh house, but if we consider it, we see his transformative ability of marrying his personality with his jobs that supports the above.
  • Jupiter in Gemini in the fourth suggests that he came from a large family and really loved the dynamic of it. It is sextile his Pluto and thus highlighting another transformation he made was making coworkers friends i.e. Ms. Folts.
  • His Moon is on the eleventh house cusp showing that his career was tied to how well he was publicly received.
  • While his ascendant is in Aquarius, Uranus in Cancer in the fifth shows how when his legs gave out from ill, the hands (rules by Cancer) became a new form of dance for him. Trine his Mars and Saturn in the ninth house, it worked for him on several levels and showed his ability to conquer whatever hurdle life threw at him with great equanimity.
  • Libra rules the kidneys and pancreas in the eighth house of death where Neptune resides. It is squared Uranus in the fifth and then again the stellium in the eleventh suggestive of problems with waste disposal. True enough, Neptune is opposite the TransNeptunian planet Hades at Taurus 02 (out of quadrature) and square Pluto highlighting this health problem.
    • Mr. Tomlinson died of pancreatic cancer
Natal Chart with Tranneptunians and asteroids.

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