Who is Sonny Perdue?

Sonny Perdue, no relation to Frank and his chickens, is the United States Secretary of Agriculture since 2017 and grew up in  a farming family in Bonaire, Georgia. His cousin, David Perdue, recently ran for re-election for the United States Senate for Georgia against a challenge from Jon Ossoff, and lost.

Sonny, born George Ervin Perdue III on December 20, 1946, time unknown, was rectified to a Cancer 04 ascendant, that has the symbol of “a young boy learning the importance of moksha”, also called “mukti.” Moksha embodies the Hindu concept of ultimate freedom and liberation deriving its meaning from mukt or (Sanskrit) “liberation,” i.e. release from the life-death cycle (samsara) of mundane existence. It is also akin the Buddhist concept of nirvana, and often the terms are interchangeably used; but there is a major difference — Hindus believe nirvana is attained only after achieving moksha, while Buddhists believes that moksha is an end in itself.

Perdue has a sixth house heavy chart showing his dedication to farm animals and service. His chart is interesting because it has a bowl opposition between the Sun in Sagittarius and Uranus in Gemini making him a Mars bucket, but on the other hand. one could easily argue that Mr. Perdue is a see-saw temperament because of the rather neat division between the hemisphere right at the fourth house nadir. This is a chart where reading the whole thing, and not just looking at the layout, helps determine his temperament type.

Who is Sonny

Sonny is an  agribusinessman, veterinarian, state legislator, and former 81st governor of Georgia. More recently he has been touring 30 farm states since his confirmation to hear what farmers have to say.


“People believe that folks in Washington D.C. had stopped listening to rural America over the years,” Perdue said of those who came out to his town hall meetings… In fields, dairy barns, machine sheds and front yards, thousands of people turned out for town hall meetings to express their frustrations and offer suggestions.”

Sonny Perdue at his confirmation hearings.

What came out of those meetings is his idea of an AgBox, similar to the 1970’s handouts of cheese, milk and butter to food stamp recipients, except that the AgBox would be  a package of “nutritious, 100-percent U.S. grown and produced food. ” It would contain nonperishable items like shelf-stable milk, cereal, peanut butter, canned meat, fruits and vegetables but it would replace half of those recipients’ food monthly benefits.  How this would be implemented is still under discussion.

                                  The appeal of Sonny

Perdue is a fairly easy going fellow as the division in his chart shows. His Uranus is conjunct Vice President Pence’s Sun, telling us he is more tech-savvy than he lets on — he knows how to use it well though does not openly push the platform. His wife, Mary Ruff, shows up at Venus 20 Scorpio 15, and Perdue has mentioned her as the secret to his success, and also the mother to his four children (Jupiter 18 Scorpio 19).

He has an interesting yod point from his midheaven at 17 Pisces 11 to Uranus. Its foot is at Jupiter 18 Scorpio in the sixth highlighting his varied interest and social duty, and the apex ricochets back to the first house at his first house cusp of 17 Gemini 11 getting the symbol of a “Mechanics toolbox,” highlighting his practicality who uses social engagement as one of the tools to make things work.

This of course highlights his practical application of Uranus towards social problem, showing that while he could have done his tour virtually and just talked on the phone or used Skyped, instead, Secretary Perdue needs to utilize both methods: telecommunications and hands on seeing is believing to make sure that the messenger is relaying the problems accurately — many people cannot vocally express the problem to the ether as well as they can to someone who presses their flesh and stares them in the eye. That has been the not so secret ingredient in politics, and particularly American politics, since the Republic was formed.

  • Line of Vitality sextile
  • Line of Efficiency trine
  • Line of Motivation trine
  • Line of Culture biseptile
    • Uranus sextile ascendant; Neptune trine Mars

We continually review our essays for accuracy. This one was vetted on 15 January 2021 to reflect the Georgia Senate Race.

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