The McKean facts

Representative Andrew John McKean was born in NYC to New Yorker mother, Elly nee Mayer (1916-2016) , and an Iowan father, Lloyd George McKean (1919-2006) of Scot Presbyterian descent. His great-grandfather was the Honorable John McKean (b. 1835 in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania that lies between Youngstown and Pittsburgh) and was originally a Democrat prior to the War between the States but became a Republican following armistice. The Judge and his brother first settled in Jones County, Iowa (the county seat is Anamosa and it lies diagonally between Dubuque in the North and Cedar Rapids in the South) in October 1854.

Welcome plaque to Jones Co.

Andrew McKean went to SUNY at Oneonta, one of the New York State colleges located between Binghamton and Albany for his undergraduate work, and then University of Rhode Island where he received a Masters of Urban Affairs & Planning after which he went to the University of Iowa for his J.D.

He married Constance Hoefner in 1983 and has 4 children. He was a Republicans in the Iowa State Senate for 29 years when the Mueller report happened and he bolted sides feeling he could not support a President under investigation.

There is not much more known from all the online sources i.e. his voting record & party affiliations which would be quite helpful in understanding his motives. It does not matter in the end, McKean lost re-election to Steven Bradley, but more importantly he has his conscience.

Charting McKean

Our rectification of Rep McKean

McKean’s chart shows a western biased Locomotive with his south eastern third of the train open (from Jupiter to the Moon). This suggests that the Representative is a private man, but wants public acclaim and recognition for being a forward-thinking leader. Both statements are supported by the lack of information on his private life and his bolting right after the November 2018 elections and the publication of the Mueller report.

National Motorcycle Museum in Jones Co. Indian bikes were manufactured in Springfield, MA.

His North Node in the third house according to Isabel Hickey makes him a genial man who is “adaptable to the times” but with the South Node in the Ninth house makes his vision “narrow with a tendency to see just what is at hand.” That seems to support his party change.

  • Notable aspects
    • Locomotive Temperament Type — southeast open
    • Ascendant at 06 Capricorn – a dark archway with ten logs at its base suggesting the resources McKean has in preserving his own future.
    • His Ascendant is opposite Uranus in the sixth suggesting a reluctance to deal with the unknown.
      • This T-Square ends at Neptune in the ninth where we see Neptune’s fears of unpopularity affects his vanity (Asc) and self-will (Sun).
    • Transpluto opposite Jupiter with the same point focus at the midheaven 01 Scorpio — a sightseeing bus — highlighting his gift for measuring the temperature and interests of his constituency by being agreeable and amicable to their interests
    • Midheaven sextile Saturn makes him a hard worker and thrifty.
    • Astrological writer, Georges Muchery writes, that the Ascending Node (Dragon’s Head) in the Third House is a sure sign of the native’s good education and of his being able to live on good terms with those around him and give him harmonious relations with his brothers and sisters. This means a lot to him.
      • His North Node also suggests success in an intellectual occupations, especially in the law, literature, history or geography. The native has an observant, studious and imaginative mind; ideas flow in abundance, and they are usually good and help him to progress rapidly, as much on account of his skillful management as on account of the help given by those around him. This purpose is also favorable for travelling for further pursuit of knowledge.

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