Senator Booker started his career working for the Urban Justice Center in New York City, from there, jumped over to nearby Jersey and now is back in his hometown of DC. Does he have any other changes of address in the future?

With his degree from Yale Law, Cory’s first job was in Urban Justice, but quickly decided to run for a seat on the Newark City Council in 1998, where he surprised many by defeating a longtime incumbent, Mayor Sharpe James, himself originally from Jacksonville, Florida. Booker ran on a law and order ticket, and claimed he would clean up Newark and make it a liveable city again. With all the money that Prudentiall Insurance was pouring in to revitalizaing the city, rebuilding an opera center, putting in the Double AA baseball team the Newark Bears , named for the old 1937 team, (they folded the same year that Booker went to Washington) , those were word that honey to the voter’s ears; James on the other hand ran on his personality and being a known quality.

Cory, mother Carolyn, (his father had already passed from Parkinson’s) unknown, Veep Biden, unknown, brother Cary when Cory was sworn into the Senator by Biden October 13, 2015.

The newcomers in Newark did not buy that song and the race was the focus of the acclaimed documentary Street Fight (2005), highlighting the race of Booker against the incumbent Sharpe James. Booker attacked James’s salary of more than $200,000, his boats, his two vacation homes and his 1980 Rolls-Royce. ”We invested well and we’re very frugal,” James responded said. But Mr. Booker pointed to Newark’s deficiencies in education, health and crime. Booker did not only claim he was better suited to move Newark forward his Twitter magic made him a household word. All of this catapulted Cory onto the national scene, and a second bid, in 2006, was very successful. As mayor, he garnered national attention for initiatives on gun control, a major issue of his (see Mars in the 10th house in Sagittarius highlighting firearms in his car

After assuming office, Booker sought to combat an epidemic of drug abuse, and he took up residence in one of Newark’s most crime-afflicted areas. It was a great start to a political career culminating in running for mayor of Newark, but was defeated in 2002.

Cory’s Next Step

When Senator Frank Lautenberg died in 2013 from pneumonia, a special election on November 14, 2014 to fill Lautenberg’s U.S. Senate seat was held, and Booker won handily. Looking at the chart below , that was no surprise, he garnered a lot of financial support (2nd/8th axis) from large corporations (Mercury in Gemini in the 8th – business assisted by Saturn (established companies) in the 7th partile Venus the booty) and did not have to spend it all (he actually kept 25% of the haul) to get into the Senate (12th house preponderance). That war chest, helps with future senatorial bids and why once in office, incumbents always win.

After being sworn by then Vice President Biden. Sen. Booker is the first African-American Senator to be sworn in since the election of Barack Obama. Many feel that his Twitter popularity was a major help, but so was according to the AP his “fund-raising potential for the Democrat Party”. 1 . The article continued the speculate as to how “Sen. Booker Congressional career would play out, ” and whom he would “choose to emulate.” After the morning oath, the House had a roll call and then Cory met with with President Obama for lunch.

Another Oxford Rhodes Scholar

Booker is not the first New Jersey Senator to be an Oxford Rhodes Scholar. That honor go to Senator Bill Bradley, who was also a former professional basketball player for the New York Knicksm but he is the first black senator from the Garden State.

Booker’s natal chart progressed to the Special Election. As it was a state race, the outcome was based for the New Jersey capitol, Trenton.

Cory was born on April 27th 1969 , time unknown, in Washington D.C. His parents were the first black sales executives for IBM and were based in its Federal Division. He has one elder brother Cary Booker II and both boys attended Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan growing up near IBM’s headquarters at Armonk.

He attended Stanford University, where he studied political science (B.A., 1991) and sociology (M.A., 1992). He was awarded a Rhodes scholarship to the University of Oxford like former president William Jefferson Clinton, where he received a bachelor’s degree in history (1994). Upon his return, he attended Yale Law School, earning a doctorate in jurisprudence in 1997. He has no doubt a very prestigious resume.


Birds on the wing

Celestiology has rectified Senator Booker to an Aquarius ♒ 04 ascendant. The Hyperion symbol of Birds on the wing, highlight cooperation as paramount to facilitate anything worthwhile. The keyword Kent McClung gives is Safety that illustrates Cory’s cautiousness in his public life. While Cory is like John F. Kennedy, who also has Neptune at his midheaven, Cory on the other hand, has never really relayed his dreams to his constituency or when he was running for President the country at large. He was inside tentative and reserved and this led to him leaving the race early on.

This tendency could because his Neptune is opposite Mercury the Senator does not like being pinned down by them, they are another form of restraint, and if anything, Booker’s chart shows a strong dislike of checks and curbs on his behaviour. This has led many to suggest he is homosexual — he doesn’t even like to get pinned down with a partner, until recently with Miss Rosario Dawson, and his flippant comment “So what if I am,” does not help the matter.

His ascendant is also inconjunct his moon, suggesting he plays to the gallery and “mugs it up.” This is a good example of where he dared the Senate to throw him out for breaking senatorial rules. It did not happen and Senator Booker knew that and it made for good talking points but it also made many look skeptically at him just like his call for “Defunding the Police”,. contrary to his strong law and order position in Newark.

Booker: ‘I’m knowingly violating the rules’ and am releasing documents

The Booker Chart

Senator Booker is a see-saw temperament type, as if one couldn’t already guess. His Neptune is right near his Midheaven giving him a good voice and pleasing appearance his North Node is in Pisces in the 2nd house highlighting his need to become more compassionate and less flippant with others. While he is methodical and detail oriented in his work, his emotional distance from those around him, particularly women, as Venus is conjunct, make him seem uncaring and distant.

Celestiology’s rectified chart for Senator Booker.

His Line of Vitality is trine showing how easy things are for him, and that he takes that for granted, and not work as hard as he should.

His Line of Efficiency is trine suggesting he procrastinates on everyday things; he is not very attentive day to day and only wakes up when something inspires him or is urgent. While this makes him a good firefighter, without follow-up, things will quickly fall into disarray, again.

His Line of Motivation is sesquiquadrate showed in the clip above that he is highly aggressive and often baits others. That does not always work out to his advantage as the two planets cover the third and eighth houses ,so his taunts are often ignored like a gnat and his grandstanding becomes tedious. It also makes him enwrapped in his own snares.

The last line of Social Significance — or how Booker interacts with society is sextile between the eighth, other people’s money, and the tenth, his dreams, houses. The eighth house shows up a lot with this four Sabian lines and tells how he relies heaving on shows on he relies on networking and the social constructs of politics for his advantage.

Marc Jones wrote that people born from 1962 to 1971 work best with others because they are so receptive to ideas.

The transits of Cory

His current transits are below

His progressed chart to around Election Day 2020, see the yellow wheels above, do not look like he’s going anywhere. The stellium in the sixth house with Virgo is suggesting he needs to work hard to overcome his tendency, shown best by his opposing part of fortune at 25 Pisces 02 ala Sepharial, he is too “assured in his success” and “he walks through life fully suited in armour with a regal bearing.”


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