Joseph P. Kennedy III is Congressman of Massachusetts’s 4th district, Barney Frank’s old district, which runs from the Boston western suburbs to the state’s south coast, was picked to give the official Democratic Party response to President Trump’s State of the Union. His father, Robert Kennedy jr. was the Congressman for the Massachusetts 8th district making him the fifth generation Fitzgerald-Kennedy to go into the family business of American politics.

JPK III and his wife Lauren Ann Birchfield.  They met at Harvard Law.  She is from Texas.

He was born October 4, 1980, nearly coinciding with his great great-grand-father, death on October 2, 1950. John P. Fitzgerald but called “Honey” Fitz, promised his constituency, Massachusetts 11th district, that a vote for him, would ensure that his Irish Catholic descendant would make it to the presidency. His grandson Jack Kennedy, filled that same seat thanks to Honey’s ardent campaigning. While grandfather did not live to see his daughter Rose’s son make good on that promise, Jack Kennedy right after his inauguration, told the cheering fans back home that indeed, “The promise was fulfilled.”

Ah the personalities that make up American politics.

Rectifying Joe

Joseph P We rectified him to 19 Capricorn with the keyword of “Ability” and putting his Neptune in the twelfth house of big government. His granduncle had that visionary planet in the tenth. house just like his granduncle, the late President John F. Kennedy, but Joe has it in Sagittarius like his grandfather Bobby, and opposite the Senator; both have it intercepted and both were bundle types. Actually the comparisons between the two men is striking.

The family business

The septile in the younger Kennedy’s chart picks up the kinship to his grandfather, while the preponderance of Libra in the ninth house, shows how much his career choice was steered by his family’s encouragement.

Download JPK and RJK biwheel here.

The August Senatorial Primary

Based on his primary running again Senator Ed Markey, one has wonder if the misspelling of Worcester, a major Democratic city outside of Boston, was not unintentional — I do not think his heart was in the race. That said, he did win both the town and county, thanks to swift maneuvers from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) but with Venus at Regulus (and conjunct Trump’s ascendant which made it an interesting choice for the rebuttal), does not give him much of the stomach for the killing fields of politics.

I suspect he is happy being a Congressman, at least for now and at 40 he has time to watch how best to use all that he commands. In the meantime, he likes his job and seems to prefer time with his wife and growing family (currently the Kennedy’s have only daughter Eleanor).

Neptunian dreams

His ascendant Capricorn 19 , shows that while an idealist he has a strong commitment to his family’s liberal ideology. His Mercury in the tenth house in Scorpio, is not the best placement for someone who much talk off the cuff and makes rely on teleprompters and speech writers. But his Uncle Ted, the Senator from Massachusetts, had a similar handicap, and polished his delivery so it was forceful and pointed, relying on his superb retinue of speech writers to write the message.

The Senator’s package was so successful that his career soared after the 1980 DNC convention for the reelection of Jimmy Carter, that many felt Ted had stolen Carter’s thunder in his concession speech. Rousing and passionate, the final lines of “the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die” got thunderous applause and Barack Obama liked the idea he bestowed it on 3.6 million chain migration children when he created his “Dreamers Act” because they are “just like us”. Trump not missing a beat, mentioned it in his State of Union changing the emphasis that “Americans are dreamers too.”

Venusian charm

With several planets in Libra, in the ninth house of legislature and law but that ruler, propitiously in the seventh house, is intercepted. Joe’s bundle temperament type, makes him rely on himself than those around him a sharp contrast with older Kennedy’s exuberances. Still both generations do have that determined “intensity” but with Joe it is more like slow smolder.

But he is a Kennedy and that counts for a lot, at least in Massachusetts. Whie the the two planets that contain his bundle — the Moon and Neptune — are more suited to Mohandas Gandhi than an American politician, Joe has the ambition to (Mars in the tenth) to make it all come together, when he is ready to pull it all together.

This was originally published February 2, 2018.

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