Exactly where was Putin born? In Saint Petersburg per TASS or in Sochi? As a Colonel who is a son of a KGB Colonel, I do not believe TASS, so that’s the first problem. Now that I’ve said that, where was he born? And then of course, when?

It started at the Olympics

When the Soviets held the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Krasnodar, Russia it was chosen by the Little Colonel because that was his hometown area. It was also incredibly warm and the snowmaking machines had a horrendous time keeping up, but that’s a minor issue. The major problem is TASS has Putin born in St. Petersburg the royal town of Peter the Great and other Russian tsars.

Sochi, on the other hand, is not famous for anything, and is 1486 miles away. As for the time, I am guessing it’s fixed too, but to fend off any argument I am using for the both the “official” and my rectified for the invasion of Kiev.

Where was the hometown?

Most likely Leningrad, the name for St. Petersburg after the revolution. Why? Because of his father’s position in the Politburo. As for Sochi, that maybe where his father’s familiy originated, and was the historic homestead, but I do think that TASS got that right: Putin was born in Leningrad-Petrograd-St. Petersburg.

Now that the place is settled, we must deal with the time. TASS-Pravda-Izvestiya gives Putin has an ascendant of 03 Scorpio 10. Rounding up as Alan Leo and Marc Jones insist makes it Scorpio 04.

The Sabian Symbols gives this degree the symbol “old-fashioned ceremony, a candle is lit.” That works as VV, Vladmir Vladimirovich, has discussed it often that his mother snuck him away to a Russian Orthodox Church to be baptized against his father’s will. This degree clinches the propaganda well. Perhaps they too looked at the symbols, it would not surprise me. Those guy don’t let much get by.

Elementally, this Putin is an airhead and planetary wise, a rimmed bucket with a Mars handle in the second house of acquisitions, and personal resources. Pluto is at the top of the chart, a degree away from the midheaven, showing popular acclaim is his greatest wish. Alas also the South Node is nearby as. and suggests he is tactless oaf.

Marc Jones called the South Node, “forward opportunities,” and at 18 Leo 37 we get the symbol of “a clubhouse built on a floating barge.” Jones writes this is symbolic of the cooperation of life with those who will put more into living than just floating aimlessly along. Instead there is fellowship and support from others.

Official Putin time.

Same Place, Different Time

This next chart is a proposed chart. It too has a Mars handle to his bucket, I have rectified him to a 28 Capricorn 00 ascendant with his Mars exact to the Galactic Center giving him intense willpower. Venus in the ninth at Scorpio could suggest a love of the tradition Church of Russia via his Mother, but also highlights his liaison with his second wife, the sexy ice dancer.

.I like this chart because everything is in the eighth house — other people’s money and resources. One cannot help think of the Ukraine. His south node, or Forward Opportunity, is according to Martin Goldsmith, Power Plays — 17 Scorpio 34.

His planetary pattern as a Capricorn rising is a Bucket again, but this time with a Jupiter handle. So should we call Putin Mr. Moneybags?

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