Melania Trump was born Melania Knaus in what was then the artificially created Yugoslavia, and is now Slovenia on April 26, 1970.

We have rectified it 02 Scorpio for her rising — keyword is Absolution, probably hinting at her strong Roman Catholic faith and a turning from the jaded world of fashion to philanthropy. The symbol itself is evocative: is a beautiful bottle filled with perfume lies on its side, slowly dripping out its contents on thread worn carpet, suggesting her desire to share generously the many gifts she has gained.

Melania’s train

We could not resist using the photo of Mrs. Trump’s twelve foot wedding train here, because she is a Locomotive temperament type as outlined in Jones’s The Guide to Horoscopy. She a Grand Trine in Earth, Uranus in the eleventh, her atypical career path to First Lady as a model, to Saturn in Taurus, her marriage and attraction to an older man, and finally culminating with her Moon in Capricorns, or childhood dreams of what she may become.

Her part of fortune at 05 Cancer 51 in Sagittarius — A pioneer family sets up a new homestead as the wife arranges stuffed animals in the nursery, and her husband builds a high fence around the house. It would seem walls were in her destiny.

Opposite her Moon at 09 Capricorn 59, it would seem the clarion call of  fertility — two captains arguing about the course of the ship — was a major part of the  decision to get married to Donald J. Trump sr. (appropriately enough, in January 2005)  and have children (Barron William Trump born March 2006).

  • Her Line of Vitality, the aspect between the luminaries, is trine, giving her long life and robust health.
  • Her Line of Efficiency, the aspect between Mars and Venus, is conjunct, making her a steadfast marriage partner.
  • Her Line of Motivation, the aspect between Jupiter to Saturn, is absent.
  • Her Line of Culture, the aspect between Neptune and Uranus, is a biseptile, highlighting the difference in age between herself and her husband and her adaptation to a new country and culture.

Official Portrait

Our header image is the First Lady’s official portrait. It shows her in a Dolce & Gabbana black Burlington blazer.


I originally published this post on January 26, 2018, on the old site but was updated for this on in December 2020.

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