Outlawing Apartheid?

On February 2, 1990 President Frederik W. de Klerk lifted a 30-year ban (the previous Saturn cycle) on the African National Congress,and promised that Nelson Mandela, who has been imprisoned for nearly 28 years, would be freed soon. Saturn weights heavily on this event. De Klerk’s moves were disclosed in a package of sweeping changes he announced in a speech at the opening of the South African Parliament.

While this has been dubbed as de Klerk outlawing apartheid though i could no comments that at the time it was dubbed as such; perhaps that is the hindsight view.

Apartheid’s start

Apartheid was a relatively recent prohibition into South African politics — it was instituted after World War II around 1948 when the current political party came to power. One must wonder whether ex-Nazi’s fled to the riches of South Africa, like they did to South America, to try and regroup.

The ANC on the other hand, has been established in South Africa since 1912, prior to World War II, and originally was the South African Native National Congress. Its primary goal was voting rights for Coloureds (persons of mixed race and black Africans) in the Cape Province.

The year 1923 saw the party renamed as the African National Congress, as more militant Communists, then called Leninists, took over the party as it wanted to embrace all black tribal Africans. The conservatives, those who disagreed, left. This new rebadged ANC revived under younger leaders and the ANC Youth League, founded in 1944, attracted Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo, and Nelson Mandela, all who were far more militant than the moderate leadership.

After apartheid became official in 1948, the ANC a began sponsoring nonviolent protests, strikes, boycotts, and marches and the ANC grew rapidly.

The DeKlerk – ANC Map

There are few planets below in the northern hemisphere, just Jupiter and the Moon. Jupiter in the fourth in Cancer must the USA; the Moon must be the South Africans, particularly as Pluto opposes though the arc is very wide, as this map shows that DeKlerk’s actions are based on economic motives: he was worried about further economic sanctions.

The preponderance in Capricorn is startling, and starts with aggressive Mars at 12 Capricorn 41 and ends six planets later and in another house with diplomatic Venus next to persistent Saturn in the eleventh of public approbation. The midheaven of hopes and dreams capture the critical degree’s idea of “enthusiasm” well.

The ascendant of 17 Pisces 50, In a boulevard of sunshine the promenade of
wealth’s Easter is seen and- in poorer quarters put on an equally brave show. Captures well the “high moments in life where man triumphs after years of bondage by dogged determination” and a little help from his friends. It gets the keyword of Improvement.

The pattern type is a Wheelbarrow with Jupiter and the Moon pushing forward the agenda of a free South Africa.


This was originally published February 15, 2019.

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