The trial against the two men who ran theGhost Ship” warehouse where a 36 died in a fire in Oakland, California ended Thursday with a mistrial for one of the defendants and a full acquittal for the other.

           Not fit for human habitation

Oakland had declared the warehouse unfit for habitation but Derrick Alameda and Max Harris saw it as a way to make easy money renting to artists at below market prices. 

There were n fire sprinklers had been installed or lighted exit signs put up by the Duo so when partygoers who tried to flee by descending the narrow, unstable makeshift front stairs from the second floor couldn’t move fast enough to escape.

Prosecutors contended the defendants committed nine violations of Oakland’s fire code, including not obtaining permits for assembly, storing vehicles and failing to provide fire sprinklers or fire alarms. Police showed up on multiple occasions in calls to the warehouse, and video from their body camera footage showed Almena telling them no one lived inside.

Looking at the Chart

Ascendant is Virgo 06 a merry go round assisted by Jupiter and the PoF at 18 Libra two men placed under arrest is at 20 Aries 57 in the eighth and the story could end right there but Jupiter is involved and so the question is Who’s Got the Money? The T-Square terminates at the Moon/Venus suggesting that negligence so the blame will go to the one who has the most cash.

The defense also introduced the theory of arson as a cause of the fire as there was no “official cause” but the problem there is who would gain? Particularly as this happened when there people in the place.

Arsonists do not want murder charges, they just want to burn a building. But we know the cause, it was an old decrepit building with bad electrical, faulty wiring — Gemini intercepted at the Midheaven opposite the Sun in Libra (in its detriment) where Saturn right next door is exalted.

So is Max Harris and Derick Almeda guilty? Sure they rented out a building unfit for living and then pocketing the money and doing nothing to bring it up to code.

Is Oakland guilty for non-inspection? That’s difficult to answer since the Duo lied to inspectors, so to avert that they would have gotten a warrant to search the place.  As this is Oakland how easy that would have been is anyone’s guess. 

The final tally:  Harris and Almeda walk scot-free, 1 From William Tyndale of  all people who created the first non-Latin Bible and was burnt at the stake in 1536 for it.    and 36  people dead.  I cannot find if Oakland was sued for damages.


Updated 7 September 2021


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    From William Tyndale of  all people who created the first non-Latin Bible and was burnt at the stake in 1536 for it.
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