The US. Geological site discusses the deadliest eruption in US history thoroughly. Click here. This essay will discuss the astrological aspects in play that day.

The Warrior of Albion

The eruption gets the poetic symbol of “the Warrior of Albion” from the Hyperion Symbols; Albion  is an alternative name for the island of Great Britain because of the white cliffs of Dover (Alba is white in Latin). Conjunct the ascendant is the Moon in Cancer, at home, and full of fury and anger because the first house is the natural ruler of Aries, the warrior god.

The symbol seems almost too perfect for the tragedy as Washington State is our most northern state though if one looks on the map it would seem that Maine holds that honor but actually Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota all have more northern latitudes as measured by the vertical distance, in degrees, north and south from the Earth’s equator, which is marked at 0 degrees.

The Moon is then inconjunct Neptune in Sagittarius, the planet of earthquakes is at work, opposing his natural house in the twelfth where Venus exalted in the twelfth here in Cancer is holding court. Interestingly the South Node at 24 Aquarius 33 is a sextile away creating a yod to the Moon with its head at 21 Capricorn 33 in the seventh, apropos as the destruction while a great geological opportunity for those watching far away was also lethal for those close by.

The chart itself is tough to classify. There is no grand trine to be found, but calling it a see-saw seems odd with the distance between the Moon in the northern hemisphere of the chart a mere 20 degrees away from Venus in the southern, but it is because the hemisphere really starts with Mercury at 04 Mercury 11 that is right next to the Sun in the eleventh — everyone is watching this show– the charts falls into place. While Jones calls this is a see-saw, the shifting sands of Jansky’s hourglass work well here, as mountain cycles on and off for five days before falling back asleep his dastardly work done..

The Sun opposes the earthquake god, telling him to Neptune to stop, the mountain is in flower and there are people nearby, but the golden god is eclipsed today conjunct as he is asteroid Phaethon who tells the sunny one this scene is too hot to handle, by an all too powerful Moon. The silvery orb is reigning supreme, aided by asteroid Siwa and the great malefic himself, Saturn, a sextile away who himself is in his fall in the fourth house, as they spew out all the collected debris and dust of the past hundred years chanting the dirge, Fear and Mayhem to everyone! For today, our work has just begun! And so the golden orb loses its battle, but before he gives up the good fight, he tells his messenger, Mercury close at hand in the eleventh house of publicity and fans, to warn Vancouver “This is it.”

Neptune is too busy to gloat. He is working away in the sixth house of servants and health, opposite his natural home where Venus has hoarded everything which Saturn is giving away, as he turns to asteroid Requiem at 20 Sagittarius 27 to tally his list. One, two three… too slow Neptune shouts, Ten, Twenty, Twenty Five, Thirty, Thirty-Four, Thirty-Six…Forty, Forty-Five…Forty-Nine, Fifty Requiem catches his breath and continues …fifty-five, fifty-six, fifty-seven — it is a sad day indeed.

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