The Iola Register of Iola Allen County Kansas (the town lies diagonally between Emporia Kansas and Joplin Missouri) of all things has a great record of the when Liberty Enlightening the World, better known as the Statue of Liberty, was presented to America from the peoples of France on October 28 1886. America donated the base; France of course the actual statue via the sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, who was naturally on hand to make the official presentation.

The weather was grey and rainy, as it is today, nearly 134 years later, and that seemed to put a damper on the planned fireworks, though the marching bands and the various marchers did not seem to mind.

The retinue started at the Grand Army Plaza up near Central Park at 58th Street and Fifth Avenue, and stopped at Madison Square on 34th Street, for the ceremony. President Grover Cleveland did the honors of welcoming Lady Liberty to the country while Chauncey Depew the commencement speech. His committee had been in charge of organizing the event, and commissioning the base, which was made of the newest technology at the time, concrete, instead of brick or stone. French and American flags flew all over the place, and the Register’s account is quite rousing.

After all the speeches, the parade continued to Washington Square Park, (where a replica of the Arc de Triomphe resides and starts Fifth Avenue in Greenwich Village) over 2 miles away, and then down Broadway to just below Wall Street at the Battery Park Post Office where it ended. Imagine a parade going for nearly 6 miles! Frankly, I have never seen one that long, but then she deserves it.

The Register only reports what time the parade started, not when it got to its destination at the Post Office or the time of the Cleveland presentation. The paper does remark that the parade should have gotten to Madison Square by 1 pm but was late: no time noted.

After this long day, the base and the Lady were united on the island, after a French frigate carried her across New York Bay, and the two were forever united on the newly named Liberty Island.

Lady Liberty Parade Chart

This is an odd chart. There is no unifying grand trine so all of those patterns including our own Prism are out. The Wheelbarrow looks good but it has two planets in one hemisphere and Wheelbarrows only have one, but still it resembles that most of all. There is no cosmic cross.

If we go with the wheelbarrow, and we will have to until we know more, the fifth house is obviously the hopes and dreams of the population of France making the great and creative gesture. Saturn in Cancer in the seventh is then America, gratefully accepting the gift from the country we owe the most gratitude towards, France, though technically not the Republic but the King. Perhaps this the explanation for the preponderance in Scorpio starting in the tenth and ending in the eleventh house, as a way to assert that the Republic was continuing that original agreement and also bridge the two French political factions into one venerable tradition..

The preponderance in Libra in the tenth highlights the balance of friendship and competition between the two countries but also the hopes continued alliances. France for her part was walking into the ill-fated Franco-Prussian War.

The ascendant at 17 Sagittarius 24 is at a critical degree and suggests “enthusiasm.” but it Charubel that nails the symbol “a woman holding scales in one hand and sword in the other.”


Our header image is from Carol Highsmith who donated it the Library of Congress. Nice job.

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