The incident

ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research, put up a challenge using he Aaxico Airlines Flight 1422 on April 23, 1965, at 1:23 PM PSD at Seattle, Washington.   They did not at the  time specify which house method to use; they chose Whole Houses.  Below is Campanus while the download is in Whole.

The Chart

The verdict

  •       Using whole sign houses, Mars (accidents, explosions, impacts), Uranus (unexpected, all of the sudden) and Pluto (the planet of death) are conjunct the AC (identity) in the first house.
  •            The AC is the midpoint of Uranus and Pluto.
  •         The ruler of the AC is in the 8th house of death conjunct Eris (discord). Saturn opposes the AC.
  •            The asteroid Niobe (is the 71st asteroid to be discovered, on August 13, 1861 and suggests egregious pride), and the fixed star Zosma (unreasonable pride) are conjunct the AC.
  •               Zosma the star on the back of the Nemean Leo that was crushed by Hercules, is opposite Saturn.  According to astrologer Vivian Robson it renders one “powerless” in the face of greater strength.
  •             The moon is slow.
  •       Jupiter (Long distance travel) is conjunct the MC (public image) but in its detriment in Gemini.
  •       The south node is ruled by the detrimental Jupiter.
  •       Hades (an asteroid that tells us of deep dark despair) is in the Ninth House  making the whole event ghastly.
  •            This chart is the poster child of a plane crash.

My Interpretation

Having just read Iris Goldstein-Jacobsen’s Black Moon Lilith book, I saw a different scenario.

Pluto to the Black Moon to the Midheaven was a Grand Trine in Earth, with Pluto opposite Saturn in the seventh and Jupiter, in its detriment, at the Midheaven.  I felt that the pilots were arrogant thinking this was a regular landing, and not paying attention and so misjudged the approach.

The problem is, unless one did weather-horoscopy one did not catch the inclement weather and thus their hubris would be fatal though the Grand Trine was not particularly favourable.  Nonetheless, I was wrong but I do not agree it is “poster child.”


Aaxico Crash 1965


The FAA verdict

On April 23, 1965, at 1423 P.s.t., an AAXICO Airlines, Inc., Douglas DC-6A, N6541C, crashed on the west slope of Mt. Rainier, Washington. The accident site was 40.2 nautical miles southeast of the Seattle ‘VORTAC, on the 125° radial, at an elevation of 10,200 feet m.s.l.
The aircraft was being operated as Logair Flight 1422A, on a Visual Flight Rules (VFR) flight from Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington, to Hill Air Force Base (AFB), Utah.
All five crew members received fatal injuries as a result of the crash.
The flight was attempting to obtain an Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) clearance when it struck the snow covered glacier.  The aircraft was destroyed by impact. There was no fire.

Probable cause:

The Board determines that the probable cause of this accident was the improper correlation of the aircraft position with respect to obstructing terrain while continuing the flight on a VFR flight plan in instrument weather conditions.

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