Incident: Plane Crash: Aaxico Airlines Flight 1422
 Date + Place: April 23, 1965,  14:23 PM PSD Seattle, WA
ISAR is putting out this general puzzle.  This is their example.
  •                Using whole sign houses, Mars (accidents, explosions, impacts), Uranus (unexpected, all of the sudden) and Pluto (the planet of death) are conjunct the AC (identity) in the first house.
  •              The AC is the midpoint of Uranus and Pluto.  The ruler of the AC is in the 8th house of death conjunct Eris (discord). Saturn opposes the AC.  The asteroid Niobe (is the 71st asteroid to be discovered, on August 13, 1861 and suggests egregious pride), and the fixed star Zosma (unreasonable pride) are conjunct the AC.
  •               Zosma the star on the back of the Nemean Leo that was crushed by Hercules, is opposite Saturn.  According to astrologer Vivian Robson it renders one “powerless” in the face of greater strength.
  •             The moon is slow.  Jupiter (Long distance travel) is conjunct the MC (public image) but in its detriment in Gemini. The south node is ruled by the detrimental Jupiter.  Hades (an asteroid that tells us of deep dark despair) is in the Ninth House  making the whole event ghastly.
  •            This chart is the poster child of a plane crash.  This is just a ‘quick and dirty’ example and obviously not an exhaustive breakdown meant to give an idea of how the challenge works.

aaxicoMy Verdict for the Crash

I looked at the chart with the Koch house system because that’s what I use.  I did not use their asteroids either, but Arabian Parts.  Astrologer Grant Lewi used neither Arabian Parts, Asteroids or TransNeptunians.

My verdict is that the Aaxico plane crash was a landing on the strip with no clearance  from the Tower from faulty communications (blue arrow) because of inclement weather (black arrow to the Jupiter in the 9th).  I could see that no one came out alive:  Pluto 13.55 Virgo opposite Saturn 13.56 Pisces conjunct Chiron was not in a sympathetic mood.  The exactness of the opposition is startling; its outward express is as well:  the Part of Fortune 12.15 Gemini (two wolves devouring a carcass).
For whatever reason, I saw the Sagittarius at the fourth house with the South Node as a Landing.  I consulted no Symbols.  The Arabian Part of Commerce & Communication was  20.22 Leo in the 11th House, which suggests there were no “communications” with the Tower.  I checked that one because I was curious.
Actress Hedy Lamarr


The Part of Battle at 6.58 Aquarius (powers are hidden) is right next to the Moon 04.07 Aquarius (great promise unfulfilled) was inconjunct the Uranus 11 in Virgo  at the twelfth, that came up just yesterday in a conversation  about  “radio waves” and  actress Hedy Lamarr.  Give a nod to serendipity.
My reason for why this happened was wrong.  Understanding that black arrow &  the planets to which it is conjunct are key in this chart.    If you do use Symbols, they add value.
When you are ready, read the FAA report here & tell us how you fared.
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