The hit, by Muhammad Atta and gang, on the WTC officially 8:46:40 according to Columbia University’s Seismological Center located up in Morningside Heights probably about 8 miles away from the scene.

The major focus point on the chart is of course the Ninth House ruled by Jupiter where he is in his detriment in money-making Jupiter. The only tight aspect to him is Pluto in Sagittarius in the third depicting the mob that attacked. Mars in Capricorn must be Atta himself, the mastermind of the whole thing, as this was well organized, Black Moon Lilith in the sixth house shows the strike against business, and labour opposite the Sun in the eleventh highlights the desire, on the part of Atta, to make a “big splash,” while Venus opposite Uranus where it is the modern Lord (Saturn the traditional one is a trine away from from Uranus in Aquarius while a sextile from opulent Venus) shows his plans of using American’s products (Venus) against it.

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Our header picture is of the largest fleet in history that came to rescue — the Arabian part of Goodness of Soul — for them, and all the EMT workers and volunteers that salvaged what they could of a dies horribilis.

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