The CDC feels we are not wearing enough masks indoors. Rhode Island had a primary last week, so I picked it for our weekly mundane chart. Interestingly, this week’s chart has a lot of Vertex action.

The Vertex and its shadow, the Anti-Vertex, always opposite it, are supposed to be a karmic point and here in the seventh house suggest that the following week relationship issues will come to the forefront of discussion perhaps hinting that these relationship modes are not working on the current branch and need to be pruned so they can grow more fruitfully in the future. As the Vertex is near the eighth house of other people’s money, that will be a lot of the discussion — how someone in the relationship handled those gifts, either using them selfishly and without forethought, or refusing them outright in a priggish stance of arrogrance.

Not much news out there except the Queen is still dead and it’s raining in London.

Cheers, Suki

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