March 12 2022, Volnavakha, Ukraine

Volnovakha, on the Eastern border to Russia has fallen to Putin and his forces today at 9:47, the mayor announced and the New York Post reported.

Looking at the map, all the areas in RED are now putinized. The United Nations has reported 1,581 civilian casualties, including 42 babies — including 579 killed and 1,002 injured — since the Russian invasion began 17 days ago. Ukraine’s Office of the Attorney General said 79 children have so far been killed during the invasion, but these numbers are hard to confirm. Still, the place definitely is in shambles as the video below shows.

The Moon’s handle dominates the Chart

The ascendant for the chart is 18 Gemini 17/ It’s planetary pattern is a bundle with a Moon Handle.–the bundle is because Ukraine is slowly retreating into itself for protection while the handle of the Moon shows the fear that is afflicting the populace.

Gemini 19 gets the Hyperion Symbol of the Horn of Africa , or how far someone must travel out of their way to get to their final destination. The keyword here is Journey. In the sixth house of the chart, the Asteroid House supports that idea. The trine to the Moon completes the Grand Trine of Water, which supports the Moon handle of emotions running rampart and no simple solutions in sight.

Asteroid Industria is square House, as both home and industry have been destroyed in the Russian wake,. It has a sextile too Jupiter too, hinting at too much time on their hands and thus encouraging their fears all the more., as does Bacchus opposite the Moon in the seventh house. These are not constructive aspects and show the effects of war has on the population.

The Volnovakha chart is filled with tears and emotion, with the Moon living in the second house emphasizing the need to protect Ukraine’s true resources: its children, and people within its borders, not thrown to the winds and dispersed throughout the world. Again, like the previous chart for the Surrogates, we get a preponderance in Pisces and Aquarius, though the Aquarius one this time is far larger.

Edwin Starr on WAR, quality is dodgy, but it is the original.

Fighting in the area continues to prevent a Russian encirclement, Donetsk governor Pavlo Kyrylenko said on Saturday. Chart is for the FALL of Volnavakha this morning, Saturday at 9:37 at Volnavakha, Ukraine, adjusted for LMT btw. The place looks like the South Bronx; it achieves the same effect.

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