Ukraine leads the world in surrogate production.

As the War between Ukraine and Putin continues, odd facts have come out, and one of them is that Ukraine is the world leader in baby surrogacy.

The war in Ukraine has prevented their biological parents, in Canada, Germany, France and elsewhere from claiming babies born via the country’s many surrogate mothers.

“The number is growing every day,” said Denys Herman, legal adviser to Ukraine’s largest surrogacy agency, BioTexCom. It works with 600 surrogate mothers, some of whom gave birth to the babies being kept there. They are currently in the care of Ukrainian nannies. As Russia ramps up a violent push to take strategic cities, the fate of hundreds of surrogate mothers carrying babies, and newborns, across the country is becoming increasingly perilous. Hundreds of expectant parents are struggling to reach them.



“I don’t know how I’m going to get my son out,” said American Eileen Cornell, who had planned to travel from New York to Kyiv for the birth of her son this month. Her Ukrainian surrogate, Anna, was in the capital preparing to deliver the baby when Russia invaded more than two weeks ago. “I really do not want to give birth to a child where there is a war,” said Anna, via a messaging app…from the WSJ.

The chart for the article, which is more a proxy for a daily for Ukraine has 24 Virgo 44 for the Ascendant. From the Hyperion it gets the “Anthem of Glory” an expression of greatness in human purpose and need to be relevant. I guess that’s as good as any symbol for the innate desire to have children or in the Ukraine’s case, self-survival. Going to the BioTex site, they are called “VIRGO” centers.. Aint’ that wild.

Looking at the chart, we find we have a bucket with a Moon handle, with Pluto (large masses of people) in Capricorn leading the parade. The preponderance in Aquarius is in the fifth house of children suggesting the modern methods to parenthood, and Jupiter who is rules Pisces, is found in its detriment in Virgo – thus what mother love maybe making the Ukraine the world leader, the War is putting those babies, and of course their newly birthed mothers, in harm’s way.


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