I lost the notes for this week. I am recreating this post without them, thus everything will be rather general. This week’s chart is based in Tucson, Arizona. It has a grand trine in air with a lot of action in the tenth. Mars is in a mixed position — in its detriment in Libra because it rules Aries but exalted in the tenth house. It would seem mistakes will happen and recovering from them will be graceless, if they happen at all. Frankly I saw that happen in my own life that week — doctors, like weathermen, do not apologize for false alarms: the rest of us should be so lucky.

Fixed Star Arcturus

On top of that, Mars is conjunct a few fixed stars. The closest one is Arcturus, which was linked to god Enil, he of the wind air and storms, in Mesopotamia thus he was very much a weather god. This aspect would encourage tumultuousness. Johannes Bayer in 1603 Latinized Arcturus to Alpha Bootis, because it is the prime star in the constellation Bootes, so if you run into that name you can rest assured it is the same. The important thing is Bootes is the constellation while Bootis (of Bootes) is the star.

Arcturus is an impressive star as it an orange-coloured giant star 36.7 light-years from Earth. It lies in an almost direct line with the tail of Ursa Major (the Great Bear). Arcturus, the Greek appellation, derived from its position as “bear guard.”

Fixed Star Spica

The next one is Spica, a bit further away but it has a large orb. It name is from Latin, meaning “Head of Grain”). Some writers historically used it for what we now attribute to the asteroid Ceres. Spica is also called Alpha Virginis, because it is brightest star (Alpha is always the brightest star) in the zodiacal constellation Virgo and also one of the 15 brightest in the entire sky. It has a an apparent visual magnitude of 1.04. Spica is a bluish star; spectroscopic examination reveals Spica to be a binary with a four-day period, its two components being of the first and third magnitudes, respectively. Spica is much further away than Bootis at 250 light-years from Earth.

The effects of the Stars upon us

Since the prime directive in astrology, is what we find above wreaks havoc or fortune upon us in earth. Thus here we see that whatever is on the rise, will have a sudden fall, like Uncle Joe in the White House as his poll numbers stay in the 45% thanks to the media machinations, but still nowhere near popularity he needs to keep his power, and thus his directives pertinent, beyond November.

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