The weather has been swell. I guess that’s why so much news is hitting the wires.

The big one of course is the FBI, the American FBI has a million dollar bounty on President Trump and his connection to Putin. Alas no proof ever came up and went unfulfilled.

The Yankees woke up and seemed to be wining tonight’s game at Cleveland, the current score is 4-2, and so bring the game home to Yankee Stadium — something which definitely in their favor but none but the bluest expect the Yankees to win. Down the Turnpike, the Padres have come to Philadelphia.

Having watched the Padres against the Dodgers, it does not surprise me that the Horary is favouring San Diego but that was wrong as the Phillies won. But now in retrospect, that was wrong as the Phillies went onto the World Series and San Diego went back to the coast.

I did another for the Fall Classic, but after the Padre fiasco I had no faith, and so wisely kept my pen shut.

October 16 Chart in Baton Rouge.pdf

Horary Playoff Games of Padres vs Phillies.pdf

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