On Sunday 20th, it’s New Year’s Day for the Zoroastrians, those happy Sun worshippers in Iran.  For the rest of us, it’s just Spring, the beginning of all things — at least the zodiac with its bias on Aries thinks so. Mars rules Aries, rams jutting horns. The Sun is exalted here. Odd isn’t it? It rules Leo but it is exalted in Spring — I guess its revenge over Old Man Winter. “I’m back.”

Aries colour is red because the blood runs faster, so the Ancients say, in the heat of Spring. The daffodils are soon to bloom and robins will pick out the insects from our lawns. Already here, in the Endless Mountains, the hawks, vultures and eagles have returned and the chooks run in fear under the coop until the mighty predators are gone. Soon the weeds will come.

Spring comes to Kiev

Officially Spring is born at 15:33 PM in Kiev according to the first chart. They run about 7 hours ahead of Philadelphia, so they still have time to wrastle with winter. With the Sun in Libra, in its fall but not oopsoite the Ascendant, its possible the tide will turn in their favor. The preponderance in Pisces suggests a lot of work, but also funds are needed. It is not impossible.

Spring has come to Kiev

Spring comes to Philadelphia

Spring arrived at 11:33 this morning in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the nation’s first capitol. It’s been downhill ever since. Using an Aries Chart with midpoints.
Finally, we have Spring in the Campanus format. Europeans should use the first set. The rest of us, pick your poison. The ascendant, or Lord of the Chart, is under the glare of the spotlights, a smiling television actor accepts an award. Inwardly, he has already decided to quit the show, lest he become irredeemably typecast– a problem for all us one day or the other.

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