Today of course is the memorial for the victims of 9-11.

The chart for the attack is on the site under 20 years gone, see it here. I have no heart for the progression but I thank God all the time, I was on vacation that week and missed it. If only everyone else had been so lucky.

Another Airplane Caper

I don’t know why but the post got clobbered again.

Reading Great Unsolved Crimes by Louis Solomon, the first crime is the Thanksgiving hijacking of Northwest Airlines on November 24, 1971 in Portland Oregon. The chart is for when the hijacked D.B. (dirt bag) Cooper jumped out with his sport parachutes at Woodland, Cowlitz Co., Washington. He was never caught despite winter hunters, an Army detachment from nearby Fort Lewis patrolling the area almost immediately afterward, and so got away -free with 200,000 in ten dollar bills.

The coolest thing about this chart is Venus is conjunct the Galactic Center showing obviously the “heist” but also since it is filled with semi-sextiles and sextiles after the initial quincunx, how easy this was for him. As Saturn is in the midheaven I suspect he was a former pilot and very experienced at what he was doing and with that preponderance in Sagittarius a thrill seeker.

1971 Thanksgiving Caper.pdf

The Week

Queen Elizabeth II reposed this week. Her son, King Charles III, is on here, where I rectified it after pouring through lots of newspaper clipping and articles. It includes his marriage to Princess Diana but not to Camilla. I will be putting up her natal chart later today.

The following weeks chart is based in London and not in the States, and for 6 PM since there is a lot happening there right now. It is also in Campanus format as C.E.O. Carter, the soliticitor cum astrologer and founder of the UK Astrological Association preferred charts in that format. I guess he liked interceptions.

Alioth and Zain

While not shown, both the Vertex and Venus are conjunct Alioth, at the root of the tail of the Great Bear, the oldest constellation known. It is the only fixed star in aspect this week. It has a mixed heritage. Ptolemy attributed Ursa Major to Mars and said when in aspect it gave the aspecting planet a quiet, prudent and suspicious nature.

Vivian Robson says the kabbalists is associated with the Hebrew letter Zain and meaning weapon (perhaps why Elbert Benjamine took it as his nom de plume) and tarot Trump “The Chariot,” thus making it an interesting appearance this week. Finally, Alioth-Zain also appears in a verse in the 119th Psalm as “To take courage and hope from Word of God“. 

This chart is an hourglass planetary pattern with just Mars and Saturn of the old crew seen, besides Uranus and Pluto of the new. The part of fortune is 26 Leo 01 or the symbol of a rainbow forms in the summer rains.

The Midterms

And finally, my chart shows that Biden will get an early birthday present this November and keep the house.


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