On February 24, 2021, Colonel Vladimir Putin invaded neighboring Ukraine.

Most believe, and we agree, this is the first step in his march in restoring the great land empire called the Soviet Union. Putin was a KBG Colonel and son of a KGB Colonel. Perhaps we should refer to him as the “Little Colonel,” a tribute to “Little General” the French Grand Emperor Bonaparte.

Mundane Charts and Patterns

While, typically, planetary patterns do not work with mundane events; Marc Jones created them for individuals and there is an extant work that he was thinking of applying them either horarily or mundanely. In the past, Celestiology has tried that and found most are too nebulous for mundane event charts. Still, there is one place they do rather give the taste of the event and that is with buckets — those bundles or bowls with a sole planet in the opposing hemisphere.

I imagine the same would be true of the Locomotive, that they would highlight the events single minded purpose, but in all the years of doing mundane charts for the site, I do not think we have had a single care of one. Splashes are truly very person oriented. Splays, on the other-hand, are better called by their look than by his name, and they, while I haven’t seen one in a while, do happen. Here I propose the term “birdsfoot” picking up Jones’s description in the “Guide to Horoscopic Interpretation.”

Another suitable planetary pattern for events (the mundane chart) is the hourglass. Marc Jones originally called “seesaws” but in using and applying them over many charts the idea of the seesaw does not hold; while Robert Jansky’s theory of “sifting sands of objective” does. Thus when Russia invaded Ukraine, we got a Moon — fear, dread and death — in the ninth house of legal affairs on an international level, thus public opinion, and international commerce, mergers and acquisitions, all became highlighted.


Our header picture is of St. Michael’s Cathedral in Kyiv under attack by the supposed religious Little Colonel. Do not join the Russian Orthodox groups on Facebook — — Moscow monitors them. I am told Telegram is the best,. I am not there.

Chart for Putin Invasion from Ukraine

Our chart is a deviated bowl mundane chart or a bucket with a Moon handle. I prefer the Moon handle, because of the proximity of the Moon to the midheaven, but the deviated bowl is rather appealing because of the empty second house of material prosperity, which with all the bombing from Russia is being destroyed. But if Putin’s desire is for the land where the riches reside, i.e. the second house, then the people and the buildings are moot. Seems to make an exemplary case for the deviated bowl doesn’t it?

Fixed Stars of the invasion of Ukraine

While the M&A typically shows up for business charts where one company buys another, for the Ukraine chart it works rather well particularly as the Chinese Fixed Star HAN conjuncts it, which is a rather mean spirited planet to have right now in the international charts. All of this matters as China has already told Russia, that with all the money they have gotten selling lousy Chinese goods to the US they can back Putin in their gambit so Putin has no worry of running out of money or ammunition — China will supply.

The Fixed Star Algol is conjunct the North Node, that I have already said represents Ukraine. Algol is a very negative star and absorbs the negative feedback it receives, so as the Ukraines fights Putin, this antagonises him to fight all the harder.

The Fixed Star Acrux is conjunct the Part of Fortune as is Alphecca.

Acrux and Castro on the horizon

Acrux is not viewable from most of the Northern Hemisphere as it is part of the Southern Cross that dominates the Southern Hemisphere sky just like Polaris does the Northern, so its value to this discussion is totally from an occult perspective. An odd note though on Acrux: the late Cuban Communist leader Fidel Castro was born with Acrux rising at his Sun, and thus Acrux has gotten the nickname of the “spoiler of wealth,” for obvious reasons.

In the meantime, China, as projected from the June eclipse last year, has made its move on Taiwan. I have yet to see that anywhere in the drive-by news, which is basically blacking out Ukraine in favour of the Trucker convoy heading to D.C. I will be honest and admit I have ignored that incident.


P.S. It seems WordPress is muddling Post by Mail. Sorry about that, so I am going back and correcting them now, 3/3/2022. My apologies for this inconvenience. Luckily, the email “sent” folder has the whole thing, so I am cutting and pasting it back in.

Fun times are to be had by all.

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