Today, May 15, 2022, is one busy astronomical day. Let’s start with the Aphelion, as it occurred at 9:07 EDT.

The Aphelion is a lunar phase when the Earth or another planet is farthest away from the Sun; perihelion is when it is closest. This morning’s aphelion was with Venus, the ruler of Taurus, though in unfriendly Aries below. This could be the source of the upheaval in the news.

The chart below is for Washington DC, but perhaps it should be the prison breakout in Texas as the stars point heavily to a period of violence and upsets. Or maybe that’s the chart because of the ongoing war between the Ukraine and Russia? Perhaps as the stars are pointing to such great upset, we are seeing it here on earth. Well, that’s how it is supposed to be according to the first astronomers/astrologers the Babylonians nearly 4K years ago.

Gonzo Loose!

For the Aphelion we see a boldness, the prison breakout perhaps, and journeys by land? The convict, Gonzalo Artemio Lopez (Is this the shades of Breaking Bad and Gonzo rearing its head?) broke out this morning from a Texas prison and thought to be heading back to Mexico via San Antonio — a trip made by land. Will DEA Agents Hank Schrader & Steve Gomez or their real life counterparts apprehend him? Or is this a job for the Texas Rangers? Perhaps he gets lucky, and escapes.

The last convict escapee was apprehended only because of a phone call from someone in Indiana that saw the Whites. That was easy enough as he was six foot nine. I do not think Gonzo will be so conspicuous but with a 50K price tag on his head, no doubt Texas will be watching.

Over in Europe, Russia and Ukraine are having a land locked war. But for those of us neither on the run or amid conflict, the charts are recommending carefulness.

The Galactic Center near the seventh house cusp is shifting the emphasis away from us and towards others and that can work both ways, — Gonzo and the War being dangerous to those in its path, and opponents wanting to stop them. Sudden breakups may occur in our relationships, or a new job prospect. Right now people are shifting jobs all over the place and taking advantage of opportunity. Many companies have stated they are over-staffed: Home Depot, Amazon, the Meta Universe (Instagram and Facebook), and Apple are all saying they are fully booked, as they have learned to get along with less.

While on the other side of the tech universe, Netflix and Twitter have told their employees they are no longer running the bandwidth; the users are now in control. Both have told their errant employees to get used to the idea or leave. Tough love abounds.

A Flowering Moon Blooms Tonight

Next in importance comes the Full Moon. That actually occurs on the sixteenth of May at 12;16 am but is close enough to day’s happening. I am not breaking it out. I am changing the location to the Alamo and San Antón Texas to make it more interesting. No point in getting the same chart twice.

Did you see that? Eclipsing in Sao Paulo.

The eclipse is no doubt the most important thing today. This is a total lunar eclipse visible from Sao Paulo Brazil in the Southern Hemisphere. Perhaps we should all watch the 3% on Netflix in its honour? If you don’t know it, a review is here.

As for the eclipse, it will start at 9:32 PM and terminate at 2:50 AM thus encompassing the Full Moon. Sao Paulo is 1629 miles or 2621 kilometers south of the equator; Havana Cuba is about the same but north.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon moves into the central part of the Earth’s shadow that is called the umbra (Latin for Shade). It can only occur when the Sun Earth and Moon are exactly or closely aligned, and the Earth is in between the Sun and Moon or on the night of a Full Moon. The type and length of the lunar eclipse depends upon the Moon’s proximity to either of the nodes of its orbit. On the chart below, we see the Moon is thirty minutes away from its south node, and Venus is opposite the Midheaven.

All four charts are shown together below. Pick your poison.

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