Joe Biden gives his FIRST State of the UNION 13 months after his Inauguration

Biden’s speech comes amid the biggest military crisis in Europe since the Cold War as Russia continues its assault on Ukraine after launching an unprovoked attack on the nation. It also comes amid record inflation and spiking consumer prices, and as many Americans feel fatigued during a pandemic that has stretched into its third year.

Biden’s remarks will provide an opportunity to tout his achievements from the first year of his administration — including the national vaccination program, the Covid-19 relief law and the bipartisan infrastructure law — while also addressing the challenges the nation is facing and lay out what comes next. The President is facing some of the lowest approval ratings of his presidency just months before midterm elections that will decide which party controls Congress. …from CNN.

Why Russia wants Ukraine

Russia is the Bear, represented by Saturn, in the fifth and in Aquarius, which is rules, but in its detriment here. Uranus is in Taurus in the seventh. Uranus rules natural resources which square the Bear shows the importance of the price of oil to Russia’s belligerence towards the Ukraine: money.

Biden’s speech though was all about Biden’s new pick for the Supremes, which is happening after forcing out Breyer – marching on his house and bullying him into retiring is in my mind being forced out. It is unfortunate our drive-by media reports little of these shenanigans.

Is like the Biden wanting Ketanji Brown

The bullying of Breyer, Mars conjunct Pluto–Breyer got lots of letters from Democrats to resign for the good of the Party, his house was sieged and finally if none of that was enough to make you wonder about the tactics they used to get him out for following him and his wife around town, shopping, visiting friends, going out for the evening, would get on anyone’s nerves. So Breyer resigned.

Folks, we have a smug little bundle.

The mob rule of Mars and Pluto are partile Venus, the new Ketanji Biden wants to be on SCOTUS. With all going on in the world, Biden takes this point in time to speak to the country about a new Judge. Kiev burns and Biden sings the praises of Brown, and refuses to send in ammo or declare a No-Fly Zone . Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

Back to the chart. So the lord of the chart, the ascendant, is in Libra in the first house where Venus is estranged from its normal lord (Libra) nor cares for her present one, Aries. There is some antipathy and stress here. The ascendant, rounding up as is the modern way, we get 26 Libra, which is just one degree off from the critical degree of 27 in Libra. That’s rather too close for comfort and makes for an odd timing for the State of Union address.

Venus for propaganda

Venus, in the meantime is trine the North Node in Taurus in the eighth house where the Node will do, or say, whatever it has to get the job done. This is strong as Venus is in the fourth house, hence the trine. Dr. Koparkar calls the 4-8-12 triad the “Untouchables.” Nothing gets in their way to get what their way as they are very practical and materialistic and so Judge Brown will put on the charm and the eager Press will drum up some lovely stories of her goodness and light.

Her marriage, probably a sham based on her chart, will be extolled as a model and the backbone of her success. As Uncle Joe mentioned Putin right off the bat, this would also pertain to Putin and his sights on the Ukraine–he is Untouchable because who can stop him? Most of Europe who gets their oil from him? (They should have listened to Trump who told them that was a mistake but after he left office, we did the same and are no longer energy independent but get 40% of our oil from Vlad the Bad.)

General Jack Keane is a former four-star US Army General, former Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Army and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient. He is a national security analyst, primarily on Fox News, and serves as chairman of the Institute for the Study of War and as chairman of AM General.

As for Kiev? It’s looking like the Prague Spring of August 1968., for while America was partying and getting down with sex and drugs and rock and roll, Eastern Europe had Soviet tanks run down their major streets . But none of these concerns the US—of course until it does. In the meantime, have some varenyky with your borscht, and be outraged.1 Woody Allen in Annie Hall at Paul Simon’s Hollywood shindig.

Download the chart of Biden’s state of the Union.pdf


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    Woody Allen in Annie Hall at Paul Simon’s Hollywood shindig.
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