The site has a nice write up on the Solstice and how it is getting longer, albeit by a few seconds, each year. This year our winter solstice is t 4:48 PM on the East Coast, subtract for the rest of the country, add for Europe and so on. The ascendant 19 Gemini 59 according to Martin Goldsmith’s The Zodiac by Degrees, but the degree is the same in the Revised edition, A worker fills compartments in an automated, self-service cafeteria with a variety of sandwiches. He wonders whether his superior new sandwich will find favor with the public. It is also the North Node of Sly Stallone, that will help his new series Tulsa on Paramount+ some because this degree is all about perfecting one’s talents.

That idea is picked up with the square to Neptune at 22 Pisces 44 in the tenth, and the trine to Saturn in the ninth, thus this is a good time for you to think about what you want to improve or master and put your shoulder to it — it will probably pay off particularly if you decide to team up with sometime with a different set of skills so you can focus on what you want. On the downside, because Mercury is opposite the Black Moon, you are more sensitive to criticism, especially regarding creative pursuits. Foreknowledge is forewarned, so keep that in mind.

One interesting aspect is the Vernal Point partile to Jupiter in Aries in the tenth. Often the Vernal Point is also called the Aries Point, as it marked the exact beginning of the vernal equinox. Thus, that it is up north in Capricorn’s house this time, but being next to Jupiter re-iterates the message of self-improvement and making dreams real. So with New Year’s next week, find something you really want to do or be — if you persevere and don’t let yourself get discouraged at the first tussle, you have a good chance of making it real.

Best of luck

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