Early voting has begun and already the lawsuits are in. This is a pathetic statement for the home of freedom, and a way to make Americans distrust the process; that seems to be working. Hear header picture is from the Epoch Times.


Tom Brady is divorced because, as the fashion magazine Vogue reports, the Brazilian supermodel Gisele does not want her ‘children” around such a dangerous and violent sport. I guess when they get married 13 years ago she had no such qualms. Dividing the property went well: Tom wanted just the mega mansion in Florida that is estimated to be worth $17 million; Gisele took a condo in New York City, Miami, and an estate somewhere on the islands. Rumours say the two time retiree ex-Bucaneer Gronk is her new main squeeze. With the game on, Tampa has turned the tide and the tight end has scored a field goal. Tampa has won.

The Astros, as expected with their stellar pitching killed the Phillies. While the New York Yankees’ Don Larsen of 1956 no-hitter stands: watch it here. It is still is impressive that the Astros could pull out three pitchers to make another; It’s hard to stand up against such a force and their previous manager, Joe Girardi, fired back in June, warned them that was their Achilles heel.

The Beaver Moon

The Beaver moon is at 100% right after the eclipse. It is called Moonset. I put it at the Eclipse on this page and also back on the Eastern Seaboard for a view of the elections. It would seem that the dragon lady of New York Governor Hochul will be looking for a new job. This new moon is incredibly favorable for Lee M. Zeldin with the new Moon’s Uranus exact to his part of fortune and trine to his Mars. I used to have Hochul’s chart, but I have lost that – a pity.

As the eclipse has a lot of action so it will be a second post.

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