Originally our destination was Richmond, but then I saw we were just there in March, so I threw that out.  Trying again via our random site, we got Phoenix.  Here is the Richmond chart with 3 oppositions, including one to the Midheaven coming from Saturn in  the third.   

Our header images is Daniel Ridgway Knight‘s Women Washing Clothes by a Stream.

Phoenix Rises

Our Moon is fast so things are happening quicker than normal, and Uranus, while no longer our focal determinator, is alone in the house of brief communications – it is also opposite the week’s midheaven creates a T-square to Jupiter in the first. Our Ascendant is 09 Aquarius 22, suggesting a man suddenly catapulted into popularity” because of their ability to rise above the vicissitudes of fortune because of his faithfulness to his self.

This is probably a good sign for many of us who have been having a hard time of it — things are being to swing our way but with Mars in the 7th house, opposite its home in the first, we are being separated from those things were are most comfortable and Mars’s opposition to Neptune in the first; we are having a hard time believing any good will come out of our current dilemmas.

Hang tough because Venus in Libra with no major adverse aspects, is silently working on your behalf and with a trine to Saturn in the 12th, whatever or whomever you thought was a friend, really wasn’t anyhow. Alas, everything comes out in the wash.


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